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  • Why is the central government rejecting andhra pradesh special status?

    Have a query about central government conferring special status on a state? Looking out for detailed information? Find the real reasons for accepting or rejecting the special status on this ask Expert page.

    Special status: it is one of the important aspects of developing Andhra Pradesh state. But why it has abolished union government?

    The state of Andhra Pradesh has faced revenue deficit as compared to other states across the country.

    The union government has also proposed a special package instead of special status. Special status is good for governance, benefits of tax exemptions for industries, additional allowances, and other benefits are included in special status. But the union government said that we have changed their name, and remaining all are same as of special status.

    What is your opinion on this? Is special status good for Andhra Pradesh state?
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  • Special Status is very good for the development of the State of Andhra Pradesh. It will give an edge over the other states to this State. Industrialists who are interested in investing in South India will prefer Andhra Pradesh over the other South Indian States. There will be a very good scope for the State to progress.
    The question of special status is brought in to limelight by this BJP only in Rajya Sabha and the then BJP leader and the present Vice President of India insisted for the same. The BJP also promised in the election manifesto of 2014 that special status will be given to AP. Modi himself announced the same from the dais of the meeting before elections of 2014 that they will see that the Sate will be given special status. The Ex-CM of AP was also there on the dais.
    But unfortunately, after winning the elections the BJP has taken a U-turn, As Venkaih Naidu is insisting for Special Status, Amit Shah has seen that he will be sidelined from the party and government by making him Vice President.
    They started telling that the Nithi Ayog advised the government not to consider any new states for Special Status and they told that shortly the other states which are enjoying this facility will also be withdrawn at the earliest. But later it came to know that Nithi Ayog never said it. But the central government was not able to take a positive decision due to the threat from Telangana government that if they give Special Status to AP, they should give the same to Telangana also. Telangana is having excess revenue and asking for special status is ridiculous. Similarly, some other states might have asked them for the same. So they stopped giving this AP. The main reason is a threat from Telangana State only. But the central government might have taken a bold step and announced the special status but not done.
    Special Status is good if the State government is really sincere and want to develop the state in all areas instead of thinking their own mileages and benefits for self.

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  • If we analyse this problem in a logical way then it is very clear that all the states in our country are similar as regards to governance and if we give a special status to a particular state then slowly other states will also ask for the same preferential treatment. That will become a never ending process. This is the reason that the Niti Ayog has suggested not to give any such preferred status to any state. When sufficient budget is available with the state and there is no constraint why they want a special status. If they are really interested in the developmental work then nothing is needed further and progress can be easily achieved. If there is a will to progress ahead there is a way to it.

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  • Given a choice all states will go for a special status and ask more funds for its development. This is not a healthy trend. A state is capable of making developments on its own and does not require any help from the centre. Each state feels that the centre should give them prominence in one way or other. But the central Govt sees the things in a unbiased and broad perspective. All states are considered equivalent by the centre. So, Govt will not give any preferential or advantageous sops to any state and I think that it is perfectly proper.

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  • In fact, it is not a healthy trend to give any special status to any state. The state - good very mento should be capable enough to take their own initiatives with regard to Public - health, Education, Infra structural development, initiation of new industrial projects etc so that there could be real growth of the people in terms of their living conditions.
    In absence of provision of any special - status by the centre, the state would allocate its funds in different sectors in a rational way to uplift the economy of the people and any concession offered by the central with a tag of special status could slacken the ongoing activities of the states. For each and every activity, the concerned state would look forward to help of centre apart from generating jealousy within the states being deprived of such status. In that way, there will be a severe setback of overhaul progress within the states not categoriesed as special status.

  • I had earlier participated in a discussion on this issue. Instead of giving a general reply, I will try to give specific information on this issue.

    Special Category status is granted to some regions (not necessarily states) that have historically been at a disadvantage compared with the rest of the country. This decision was taken by the National Development Council (NDC), a body of the earlier Planning Commission, and was based on various parameters which are indicated below:-

    1. Hilly and difficult terrain
    2. Low population density
    3. Low resource base
    3. Strategic location along the borders of the country
    4. Economic and infrastructure backwardness
    5. Non-viable nature of the state's finances; and
    6. A sizable share of tribal population in the state
    At present eleven states have been given special status. These are: At present, there are eleven states have been Special Status. These are: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Uttarakhand. The next state in line to get Special Status is Orissa.

    If Special Status is granted, the state gets various advantages like:
    Preferential treatment in getting central funds assistance
    Concession on excise duty to attract industries to the state
    Availing the benefit of debt swapping and debt relief schemes
    Tax breaks to attract investment, etc.

    Now, why Andhra Pradesh has not got Special Status? The answer must be clear. It does not satisfy most of the parameters mentioned above. The administration does not run on emotions, illogical promises, rather it runs on pre-defined parameters and ground-level realities.

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