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  • Should I quit my Govt job and switch to software job.

    Wondering whether it is wise to change job from government sector to IT sector? worried if it will be easy to find a good job after a gap of almost a year? On this Ask Expert page find advice from experts for your query.

    I worked as a software engineer for 2 years in Hyderabad. On Dec 2018 my father passed away and he was working in Govt. sector. I got his job and joined the same company in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. After joining this Govt. sector I am facing so many problems like work culture, environment. Even my designation is General Mazdoor (But I got technical work as I have B.Tech degree). Management is very poor, they treat employee as a slave or labor. I am very depressed from the day I joined the company. Now I want to move back to IT company because there is no growth, no learning and salary is moderate.
    I left my IT company in Nov 2018 and joined this company at March 2019.
    So my question Is it right decision to quit this job and go back to IT company? And can I get job again in IT company because I have almost 1 year gap now.
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  • This is a tricky situation. Government job vs IT job.
    1. When you are in a government service you will have the security of your job. In an IT company, there is no security for your job.
    2. A government job will have a pension after retirement. But the private job has no pension.
    3. IT job working hours will be high but in government, the same may be less.
    4. Work pressures are more in private jobs.
    These four points will favour a government job rather than a private job.
    But you expressed there is no job satisfaction in the present job. Once you are not happy with the job you can't do a good job there. In such case changing the job is the only alternative. But think twice and then only you start searching for another job. DON'T submit your resignation till you get another job. Please remember a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Measure twice before you cut the cloth.
    Coming to getting a new job in an IT company, it may be a little difficult. But some companies may consider as the gap is less than a year. Start trying at the earliest as the gap increases the chances of getting a job will be less.
    If I were in your position, I will not quit this government job. With my qualification and working well in the present position, I will look for areas where I will have better working and try to reach those areas. I will start applying for other government jobs as per the procedure and I will wait in the present job till I get another government job.

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  • Hi,
    I have a few questions like did you take this job in a hurry? Before offering you a job, the job profile, and designation, etc should be known to you. Being a B.Tech degree holder that too in a job, you should have denied for this.
    Is there anyone else in your family who can take this job. As per my knowledge, this job was offered to you against your father's job, and it can be accepted by any of his sons or unmarried daughters with appropriate qualifications. So, you can think about that if you have siblings.

    In the current situation, leaving this job immediately will not be a wise decision. If you are willing to leave this job, try for IT jobs and once you crack any interview, you can resign here. It is because, in the private sector, there is no job guarantee and in the government sector, once you leave a job, it is very difficult to get it back.
    So, you have to plan accordingly. You may contact your previous employer and can ask for a favor. The reason behind this, they are aware of your work performance and can take yu back with the same terms.
    Another option is to be in the same job and look for higher designations. In government jobs, they have various internal exams and you can get higher designations after qualifying those examinations. There is less competition in these kinds of exams as they are internal only and as you are technically qualified and experienced, you should try. Government jobs have different benefits and pension is the best among those benefits.

    So, now, think and discuss with your family and then go further.


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  • It is up to you to decide which one will be better in your case. There are a few favourable facts while remaining in the government job such as security of the job, less time of working as compared to IT sector, working environment not suiting to you, less interested people to carry on their jobs etc. Certainly, these are traditional drawbacks in case of point no3 and point no4. Job - security is the special privilege while remaining in the Government job apart from Pension which you may get as per the existing formulae.
    Supposing that you are having inner passion to deliver results in IT sector and the environment is itself encouraging, it would be better to switch over the present job and your switch to an IT company would make you active and task - oriented.
    In case, you are really deserving in your assigned job in IT sector, salary would not be a constraint factor and with the time, you will get a handsome raise money wise apart from your excellent promotion. In that way, you will have mental stimulation.
    With the accumulated money, you will lead to decent retired life.

  • When you are qualified and had been working in IT Sector for more than two years, it was a terrible mistake on your part to accept the job of a Mazdoor in ECL(?) on compassionate grounds. It would be much prudent if any other member of your family would accept the PSU job and you continued working in the IT sector.

    I feel that you must re-join IT sector. But please don't leave the PSU job. Take a long leave, prepare yourself thoroughly, update your knowledge, get a good offer from a IT company and only then tender your resignation from the PSU.

    This is my personal opinion.

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  • You are having a degree in software engineering. You have some work experience also. You switched to Govt job but not feeling happy in it due to various reasons as detailed by you in your query. If you do not enjoy or like your job then there is no point in lingering the life attached to it and one has to find alternate options for career making.

    In your case you can think of pursuing some short term computer course which can add to your skill and then you can apply for suitable job in that particular area. Some of these are software testing, software development, digital marketing, web designing, VFX and animation, tally, networking, cyber security, system analyst, graphic designing etc. You can choose from the above as per your interest and then with that added certification you can try to get job in the industry.

    Please note that today there is a lot of rush for jobs in our country and people who have experience and skills in a particular work are only preferred everywhere. So, hard work is the key to success and one has to be focussed and determined in ones approach.

    The Govt job may provide you the security of job but you have to see whether you are learning there something or simply doing routine repetitive job. For ambitious and hard working people Govt job is not the end of career.

    What are your other areas of liking. Have you got interest in teaching or coaching to students or starting your own business or doing a job not related to your core area. You have to examine all these possibilities because sometimes people excel in something which they have never tried. Now a days many groups of qualified engineers are starting their own business as a start up and Govt is also promoting them through schemes like Mudra loan etc so one can think of joining some such group where there is a challenge of succeeding as an entrepreneur and if it is successful the dividends are quite handsome.

    Being a graduate you can even consider appearing in various competitive exams in our country in banking, railways, state Govt administration, civil services, PSUs etc. There is a tough competition but you can devote time for studies as per the syllabus of those entrance exams and can get success in one of them. You have to study general English, logical analysis, basic Mathematics etc to sharpen your question solving skills and if you go through the earlier years question papers you can get insight into as to what direction you have to make your preparation to attempt in these tests.

    So there are many opportunities and question is not of taking risk of losing your present job but to work hard and leave no stone unturned for your new objectives in life.

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  • 1. You have got a job in public sector which is not so easy for others. You have got it on compassionate ground due to death of you father. That compensates to a part the financial loss to the family due to death of your father. By this job there is some stability for the income flow to the family without much disturbance as you are also employed in the same organisation. If we consider it in general perspective to families in similar situation, yours is a blessing. Hence if your family is financially well and now needs stability and continuity in income, then my suggestion is, to continue with the same job, changing your mind and taking it as a positive blessing.

    2. Now comes your likes and preferences, and work environment. At the outset I would suggest you not to express your negative personal opinion about your employer organisation. As you had undergone a compulsory transplantation in the job you will feel discomfort able initially. Once you mingle with colleagues and stabilise in the job these kinds of thoughts and regrets will vanish. You should be grateful and happy that even though you are taken as a general mazdoor, they have given you technical job considering your engineering education. So they are considerate. Hence do not keep negative thoughts, but excel in your job and earn appreciation so that you will be considered for better jobs and posts in due course as and when possible.

    3. There may be openings in your own organiation jobs and posts suitable for your engineering education also. Enquire with your senior and experienced colleagues about it. Then apply internally for them complying the due formalities and procedures.

    4. In case you are sure that you cannot continue with this job for valid reasons of present and future income, present and future job satisfaction, job environment etc, then search for suitable opportunities remaining in this current job and informing or taking NOC from the current employer for better prospects.

    5. I see that you quit your job in Nov 2018 and were without a job until you got this job . What was the reason for that?

    6. In case your family is financially okay and you can take risk leaving this job and take up a new job, then you can do so. Simultaneously try to update your knowledge in the software field and if possible take some relevant short term course also.

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