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  • Need help regarding Switches and DHCP Server

    Are you in doubt about DHCP servers, switches and dynamic IPs and how to configure and attach them? Just see what our members having experience in the field have got to say about this.

    My doubt is, if I configure a network switch and then configure DHCP server in Windows, how can I attach that DHCP server to that switch to assign Dynamic IP's.
    How DHCP server and Clients which are connected to that switch will communicate? How DHCP will assign them IP's? On which port of switch, will I need to assign that DHCP Server.
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  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), which is an application layer protocol, is used by hosts for obtaining network setup information. It is controlled by DHCP server that dynamically (automatically) facilitates configuration parameters like IP address etc.

    If you want to use a DCPC server for dynamically assigning the IP addresses then a simple network switch might not be an ideal choice for this and you have to better go for a router switch which are smart switches and can do complex functions. DCPC server will also dynamically distribute other configuration parameters like subnet mask and gateway address.

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