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  • Change in examination centre from Shivmogga to Bangalore

    Wondering if it is possible to give an university exam from another center? Looking out for the detailed procedure to make this possible? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses for your question.

    I am a BSc student. I have completed my 3 years in Kuvempu university but I have a backlogs and I am currently working in BPO company. I need to complete my degree. Will it be possible to attend my exams with changing examination centre to Bangalore?
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  • It would all depend upon the availability of time. At least, you need to communicate the university officials well in advance so that they can take up for such changes. It will be safe in your case, you need to write them three week in advance with an application to be sent under registered post with an attached Acknowledgement receipt to be signed by the authorised officials. Keep it with you as a proof of having taken initiatives from your end.

  • Yes. It is possible. For attending the examinations to complete the course you have to apply by paying the required fees and you have to fill the application and you have to send it by registered post and by attaching the proof of payment. In that application you have to fill the examination centre. You can fill the name of the centre where you want to attend the examination. Automatically it will be changed.
    If you have already applied, now immediately giving the reference of your earlier hall ticket number you can request them for change of centre. This application should be sent by registered post acknowledgement due. You keep a copy of your letter, registered post receipt and acknowledgement received back for you use. If you have time you VSN personally go to the university so that your work will be done fast.
    These days many universities are taking applications on line. If your university is also introduced online means you can do the same online.

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  • Thank you Shankar sir and Srinivasa sir.

  • Kuvempu university has got examination centres in Bangalore also. So, there should not be any problem in this regard as one can appear in the exam at any allowed centre. Only thing is you have to request for this change of centre from the earlier one to the new one. In Bangalore also they have a few centres and you can find out that from their site. You have to make a specific request to them that due to personal reasons you are now not able to appear in the exam from the earlier allotted exam centre and want to change it to a new centre in Bangalore. In your application you clearly mention that your preferred exam centres are such and such and in case the university can not accommodate you in those centres due to some reasons then they should give you any other convenient centre so that you can appear in your exams to clear the backlog.

    Pleas provide your detailed address and PIN code so that they can select a convenient centre for you. To make the process easier you can send a self stamped addressed envelope to them for sending you a reply or ask them to send you email which can be used by you as proof of change of exam centre. Please contact the university and get this done at an earliest as such things complicate in the eleventh hours.

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  • I don't know whether you are a regular student or are pursuing your study through correspondence. If you are a student of Directorate of Correspondence Studies of the University, then you have a fair chance to change the centre as Kuvempu University does have study centre and examination centre in Bengaluru.

    You have to contact the University as early as possible and intimate your change of address with a request to change the examination centre to Bengaluru.

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