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  • Career guidance for post graduation

    Are you having a question about your career? Confused whether you should opt for post graduation or take up a job and there decide further course of action? On this Ask Expert page find guidance for all your queries.

    I have completed my BSc computer science but am unable to decide which course I should take for further studies.
    I know about Data science and digital marketing but still confused. Can you please help me out.
    Or should I start doing job and afterwards I should decide which course to join because I have completed my graduation in 2018 and am still confused.
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  • Start looking for a job. These days many IT companies are appointing B.Sc graduates also for their works. In fact, some companies are preferring B.Scs over B.Tech/B.E as they can pay less to B.Sc graduates. You are telling that you have completed the course in 2018. Almost a year passed. What did you do all these days? Simply spending time thinking about what to do is not correct. Something is better than nothing always. You can do some certificate courses like SAP, ERP or Tally. They will add some extra points to your CV. Join in some institutes and do these courses.
    Upload your CV in various job portals like and etc. You will receive alerts from them and go on applying for suitable posts. Enter into a job immediately irrespective of salary and other things. If you spend some more time without doing anything companies will not consider your applications.
    Otherwise, you have to go for long terms courses like M.C A or M.Sc or B.Ed. You have to think of doing one of these courses if you are comfortable with finance and other family issues.
    But go on doing certificate courses while searching for a job.

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  • Hi,
    In the current scenario of competition, I would not suggest you go for a job after graduation.
    If your family financial conditions allow you to pursue a Master's degree, go for it.
    You can choose MCA or Masters in Computer Applications as it is related to your graduation and has good job aspects after completion. This is a course which covers all the basic and specific topics related to the computer software field.
    Further specialization can be taken as per your job requirements in the future. So, it is like first enroll for the course and work hard to secure a good grade. Most of the institutes offer campus placements after MCA for the deserving candidates. So, work hard.
    Once you are placed, the company will provide you specific training depending upon your project or so.
    You can also go for M.Sc. in Computer science, but MCA is preferable.
    Getting into a job after graduations, that too in the field of computer science, further development will be very slow and the salary will be lower than expected.


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  • After doing B.Sc. in computer science, there are many options for enhancing ones knowledge and skill and primarily it depends on the interest and liking of an individual. You have to do some introspection in this regard as what is your aptitude towards career. Is it programming or data management or hardware installation and maintenance or web hosting or digital marketing or data science or animation or software development and analysis or software testing? If you can identify your area of interest, working in which fascinates you, then it will be easier for you to pursue it because a person generally works with full vigour in his area of interest.

    Anyway, if you have no such preference then we have to see a field in which good job opportunities exist. At the present juncture you have mainly two paths to follow - first is join a job and then part time go for skill enhancement by enrolling in some short term course after which you can think of swapping your job and second is go for a full term course and then apply for a job. Depending upon that a course is to be opted for a short term or full term. Let us now see what are those courses feasible in your case -

    1. Digital Marketing - This is emerging as a fast growing area of marketing through internet by approaching the customer right at their hand held mobile phones. This area has good opportunities as the advertising revenue is now being diverted more and more to internet from the traditional mediums. One has to complete a course on digital marketing either online or from some institution.

    2. Software development / Programming - If you have interest or knack for computer programming then it is one of the evergreen lines for making a career. There are many areas where computer programmers are making an important place for themselves. The field of artificial intelligence is one such area.

    3. Data Science - Many companies and industries are hiring Data Science professionals for their work related to data mining, data retrieval and data presentation for business needs. If you have interest in data handling for business presentations and decision making then this is a very good option to go for. You will have to learn language like Python or similar one for this execution. A competency in statistical analysis and visual graphic presentation of the data will be an added advantage.

    4. Hardware engineering - This is a branch which is more suitable to those who have not much liking for the software courses but have interest in installing or checking of hardware including peripherals in a computer set up and are keen to know the configuration and interconnection of all the devices there. Though this area is already crowded by the engineers and technicians but still has some scope for jobs and one can take a call on that.

    5. MBA - If your technical interests and inclinations are not up to the mark but you have a liking for managerial jobs or project management tasks then it makes sense to go for MBA degree after which one can apply for niche executive jobs in the industry.

    6. Web designing/ Web developing - These are different type of activities but if one has an affinity of working with the internet then there are good scopes here as many computer companies which are engaged in web designing or development work hire the professional for it. Many online portals offer these courses and one can learn the techniques by self study.

    7. Network engineering - Network engineering is required in all the computer establishments for connecting to the other networks and internet in a seamless manner to take advantage of real time movement of data and interconnectivity of operating systems. This is a good area and requires requisite skills to be learned. One has to learn the basics by joining a course in this branch.

    8. Database Administration/ Management - Every enterprise today have a database and it is crucial for its day to day operations. A sturdy and well managed database is an asset of an organisation. There are various courses available in this particular field and one can go for such a course before applying for database positions.

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  • While we look the the job market, it appears that there is a fierce competition and so is a case in the IT field. Though a few companies like Infossys, TCS etc have taken initiative to recruit the aspirants having degrees of B.Sc in Computer - science or having BCA degree but the emoluments being offered by them is just half of the emoluments what the aspirant would get having an Engineering degree or MCA.
    You need to think rationally regarding the benifits of having a MCA degree. This is as good as an Engineering degree in Computer - science. Both are treated at par in purpose of promotion and career - growth. Hence it would be better to join a coveted institution where at the end of completion of the course, you would be recruited in a top IT company through the Campus - recruitment. This course would cover different relevant modules like CRM, Java, C++, etc as the core domains and you will find wide applicability of the same in the MNC companies.
    On your recruitment in the IT job, the employer would decide the relevant training in your case. So your main thrust should be to get a seat in a distinguished institution for the coverage of MCA. Sometimes, they conduct written test followed by oral for the intake of candidates. Hence make every attempt to show your best performance in the said test.
    You may even join the course of M.Sc in Computer - science, the duration of which is two years. Recruiters in the IT companies select them but with a lesser pay - packets as compared to the candidates having MCA degrees.

  • Its good you have completed your graduation BSc Computer Science. Usually this undergraduate degree is three year course and the if you are opting for a job the pay will be according to the person who is a fresher. Since after completing a Undergraduate degree, the graduates are considered as the freshers and given a low salary. Its better to opt for a Post graduate like a Msc Computer Science and also opt for the computer courses from a reputed industries like NIIT, APTECH and some private computer centers where
    these provide the good course knowledge in computers also. The postgraduate course usually comes for three years and after completing gives a good package for the postgraduate students. There are course like C,C++,C#, Java, Python,HTML,DHTML, ASP,JSP,Java Script,VB Script,etc...
    Its always best to choose a parttime job while doing a post graduate course since you can acquire some industrial experience and also earn some money. Later whether you are interested you can enter into the field of the same parttime job move onto a fulltime job in the same field else choose something which interests you.
    Data Science is also a good course where there should be more knowledge about the subject and the field. Data Science is used for the Scientist since this pays high in the industry where education is a base.
    Digital Marketing is also a computer related course where it gives knowledge about the marketing in the online. Gives industrial kind of experience where there is always lot of competition. Its good tobe dynamic to learn this course since it requires computer and internet to work on it.

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