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  • Character verification for central government job

    Have may questions regarding a central government job? Looking out for recruitment related advice and information regarding police verification and whether leaves can be taken just after joining? No worries, on this page out experts shall provide you with all the required information.

    I have been selected in ESIC Karnataka as a pharmacist. The process of document verification has been finished. How long will it take to complete the recruitment process? Is ESIC a central government job? Does a regular job mean permanent job? How long will it take for police verification ? Can I get a leave right after reporting to the job?
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  • ESIC is a Central government job only. It is a good job and it is a permanent job. Already document verification is over. So you have entered into the final stage of the selection process. Police verification and then Medical check-up. Police verification may take about a month or so. That depends on the area and the people involved. Once they will send their report, you will be asked to go for medical examination. A maximum of 3 months may be required to complete this process and you will get the appointment letter.
    Getting leave for a day or two after joining may be possible but you will not get long leaves. Why you want to apply for leave immediately after joining. I suggest avoiding that. If you want you can take sometime before joining but getting leave after joining immediately after joining is difficult.

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  • Being a nursing mother of 2 months baby i need to take a leave right after joining to take care.

  • ESIC is a Central Government job and once your documentation process is over, you may be called for the final process ie the medical - interview subject to your clearance from the police - personnel from your own area. Such a report from the Police may take time ranging from a month or two. Once the organisation gets your Police - report devoid of any adverse comment against you, you will be intimated to turn up for the Medical - interview on a date specified for it.
    In the medical interview, the medical team would examine you on different aspects such as colour blindness, colour - vision, Height, weight and other medical conditions such as sufferings from Diabetese, High Blood Pressure or any other diseases restricting you for the selection. However, free from any such abnormality with respect to your health, would mean you are completely fit physically and mentally to join the organisation within a period mentioned in your joining letter.
    Yes, the job is permanent in nature and so far the leave is concerned, you can avail CL leave granted by the Organisation and other leaves will follow once you successfully complete the Probation - period.

  • ESIC being a central Govt department, the job of Pharmacist is a good job. You have to be prepared for a medical check up before you join the department. Generally all these formalities will take at least a month. As you want to take leave just after joining then you have to find out whether there is a provision of 'leave not due' so that it can be adjusted in the future leave which you will be accumulating in the specified time. There might be an office circular issued on Maternity leave and if you get hold of that you can apply accordingly for that.

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  • ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) is a central Govt organisation under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The purpose of this organisation is to provide social security to the workers and labourers working in the industries in our country. A small percentage of wages is deducted every month from the employee's salary and then their health care is insured by the ESIC through its hospitals or franchise ones. ESIC is one of the organisations which is providing all types of medical and disability services to the workers in the industries. It is a very big organisation spread all over the country and the employees are benefited by its schemes and policies. ESIC is a good organisation from job and career point of view and if you are selected in it as a pharmacist then it is a great opportunity for you.

    If you have got appointment against a regular post then it is a permanent job though there will be some formalities of probation period and successfully completing it before your appointment is regularised in the permanent stream.

    The recruitment process may take about a month time as there will be medical test and police verification before joining. You have to contact the police station under which your residence falls if you want the process to be quicker. Sometimes the exchange of documents between ESIC and police department takes time.

    Generally a fresh employee will not be entitled to any leave in the beginning itself but in extra ordinary situation the organisation can grant advance leave which is known as leave not due. There are special considerations for the pregnant ladies also. These details you will have to find out from ESIC HR department who will be giving the latest update on these facilities.

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  • Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is a subordinate office under the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment. So, your job is a Central Government job.

    Yes, a regular job means a permanent job. You have been selected to fill up a permanent vacancy in that organization.

    There is no hard and fast rule regarding completion of police verification. Generally, it is done within two months if the concerned Government office (in your case, ESIC) sent the Police Verification form to the proper Police authority. If you are in a hurry, you can check the matter with the local Police Station (whether the Police Station has received the form, or not).

    Leave is not a right but a facility in Government. The organization may or may not grant leave to an employee. However, if you properly make the senior officer understand why taking leave is necessary for you, you will get Leave Without Pay (LWP) with/without Medical Certificate (MC), as there is no other leave available in your credit.

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