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  • Career guidance for job in IT if don't want to do programming

    Are you planning to take up a job in the IT field? Searching for career related advice regarding which are the best courses apart from programming? Find advice from our experts here for all your queries.

    I have completed my BSc computer science degree in 2018 but I don't want to make my career in programming field. So which course or PG should I go for? I know about Data science and digital marketing a little bit but I am still confused about that courses. Can you guys suggest me or tell me about this course or any other course which will be suitable for me?
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  • There are many other jobs in addition to a programming job. All the IT jobs are not only for programming. There will be some support jobs and there will be some testing jobs. You can opt for those jobs. Data Science field also is a good field and you can try for those jobs also.
    Studying higher studies or going for a job depends on the individual's interest and family financial position. One has to make a decision based on the above two issues.
    You can go for MCA or MSc computers. There are many short term courses in the field of Data Science. You can do that by joining some good institute in your area. That will improve the chances of getting a job in that field. Based on the present job scenario I suggest you try for a job and join at the earliest possible.

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  • The field of computer science is very vast and programming is only one part of the whole story. There are many other branches of computer science where one can get higher qualifications and then get absorbed in the industry. If deemed fit one need not to do Post Graduation also and instead go for diploma or certificate course in these various sub areas. Some of these are -

    1. Digital Marketing - This has emerged as an important area and deals with the advertisement of material and services right at the mobile or other devices. This is the new age business strategy and a computer science person has enough scope here. One has to do a course in digital marketing either online or in an institution before entering this domain.

    2. MBA - If one has interest in managerial work then doing MBA also makes sense as after that one can apply in the industries in executive level positions.

    3. Data Base Management - This is also a good line in the sense that every industry or organisation is looking for data management and data archival in one way or other and people are required for it.

    4. Animation - For creative and productive people animation is having good opportunities and after doing a short course one can start on his own or join an animation venture.

    5. Robotics - This is also emerging as a career line with immense opportunities as automation is going to be the main thing in the coming technological projects. It is an interesting line and requires some hard work and efforts to master the understanding and techniques but one can have a good future in this line.

    6. Hardware Testing and Installation - This is for those who are interested in the hardware configurations rather than the software part. For this a good course on computer hardwares, installation and testing would be advisable.

    7. Internet and networking - This is a very general area and even the less qualified people are able to learn the various networking configuration and connecting them to internet for online working. Those who have interest in computer system interlinking and networking with other computers and peripherals can consider this as an option.

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  • If you want to achieve a higher degree, you can have either MCA or M.Sc in Computer - science depending upon your interest.However MCA would take three years to complete the same but for M.Sc in Computer - science, it would take only two years thus a saving of an year can be achieved in that way. But to be a specialist in one of the domains listed below will enhance your value in the job - market promising you higher earnings in the near future-
    1) Hard ware Testing - Most of the IT Organisations need some specialised personnels to test the confugarations before the same is handed over to Software field. A short term course from different training Institutions like Red hat or any similar institution for a period of six month would equip you to handle such testing - procedure.
    2) Certification in Oracle - You need to pass different stages of certifications such as A,B and C from the Oracle Corporation and in order to facilitate your studies, you may choose NIIT or other similar institutions for the required inputs for the said test. There is a great demand for such certifications in most of the f the software companies.
    3) Net working Training - A Net - working certification from some established institution for a period of nine months will make the aspirant be familiar with the different confugarations connected with the Networking and with such an exposure, the aspirant can make a better grip in this area.
    4) To establish your own computer-,institute for imparting training in the different modules such as C ++, Java, Oracle etc - This is another field where you will earn steady income by deploying specialist in each field. Initially the earning may not be smooth but once you show the performance, there will be huge possibility of earning.
    5) MBA in Computer - management - You will learn host of skills in the different domains and such familiarity will equip you with the latest skills in the computer field. Such inputs will make you proficient in the IT field.

  • There are many options that is open for a computer graduate. You need to find the career in the field of your interest and some options that are open to you are:

    1. Web Designing - If you have good skills in design and ongoing changes in the internet, Web designing can be reliable and high performing applications and services. Web developers build and maintain websites and applications. Though major work of a web designer is related with software and databases, you can work on the interface and visual design or a combination of both.

    2. Systems Analyst - If you have good technical expertise and knowledge about ongoing business practices, you can use it to design, modify or enhance IT solutions and integrate new features or improvements, which will help in improving business efficiency and productivity.

    3. Information Systems Manager - If you love problem-solving than you can try your chance in fast-paced IT sector. An ISM is responsible for the computer systems and solution for all IT related issues of a company. This may require an experience in problem solving such as in technical support or operations, before becoming a manager.

    4. Database Administrator - The work of a database administrator (DBA) is the performance, integrity, and security of a database. They are involved in the planning and development of the database, as well as troubleshooting. If you possess good communication, problem solving skills and like new technology then you can try it here.

    5. Application Analyst - As the name , an analyst has to integrate, safety, and availability of all data and applications as part of organisations information systems. You need to work closely with IT and system developer. He is are responsible for the administration, monitoring, and maintenance of software and its applications. One need to act as a focal point to fix application and systems issues on an immediate basis.

    6. IT Consultant - If you are aware of the latest technology and need of the hour, you can use it as an IT consultant. You may be provide guidance to clients with regard to technology and IT which can enhance major business development through IT.

    7. Further studies - As you mentioned, you are not keen in programming, you can do your masters in science, MCA or even MBA which will open more doors. You can complete MBA in the field of your liking like HR, Finance, Marketing, etc.

    Some more options availables are Cyber security analyst, Games Developer, IT trainer, Technical author, Network engineer, VFX artist/ designer, Forensic computer analyst, etc.

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