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  • Is studying MBBS in Malaysia a good option?

    Keen to study MBBS abroad, in Malaysia? Let our education experts guide you in understanding whether this would be a good study abroad option for MBBS and what all to expect for taking it up.

    I would love to study abroad. However, I cannot afford to go to the US for higher education. I heard Malaysia is one of the best study abroad destinations and the cost to study in Malaysia would be less compared to the US (approximately less than 45 lakhs). I also consulted one of the Malaysia Educational Consultants.

    I would like to get some advice on this regard. Would Malaysia be a good and inexpensive option to pursue MBBS?
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  • It would be a wise destination to proceed for Malaysia especially the Taylor's Unversity or Mahasa Unversity for completion of your MBBS course because of the following favourable points for undertaking such assignment.
    1) The ratio between the student / professor is less meaning thereby there is adequate attention from the side of professors to look into the study - activities of each aspirants.
    2) Students are encouraged to take part in the group discussions in the various subjects such as Pathology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Surgery, Cardiology etc so that they develop strong concept in the related subjects.
    3) The attending Professors have wide experience in teaching backed with the practical experience of the related subjects.
    4) While going for studies in Medicals in Malayasia, students develop the patience of hearing the cases of patients, working in critical conditions, taking of spontaneous decisions seeing the condition of the patients.
    5) The entire environment is conducive for better learning.
    6) In case of any doubt relating to subject - materials, students can freely talk to their professors in order to alleviate their doubts.
    7) Expenses for the studies are relatively cheap as compared to England, USA or other Europian countries.

  • Yes. There are good medical colleges in Malaysia and you can study your MBBS there. The cost of study there may be more than what we spend in India but definitely cheaper than many other countries like the USA. Russia and England.
    The following are some good institutes there.
    1.University of Malaya: It is the only Malaysian university which is ranked in the Top 100 in QS World University Rankings 2019 and the rank of this college is 87.
    2. Sunway University: It is also a world reputed university. It is in the top 2% of universities in Asia.
    3. Sunway College Kuala Lumpur (KL): It is a globally recognised institution. This college is affiliated to Sunway University.
    The education is good and well-experienced faculty is also available in all the above three institutes.

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  • Malaysia is a good option for low cost MBBS degree but there are some other countries which are also having low expenditures for this academic pursuit. Some of them are China, Philippines, Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc. In most of these places if you have 50% score in your class 12 you are eligible to apply.

    Comparatively Philippines seems to have the minimum cost about Rs 25 lakhs. One will have to clear MCI screening test for getting admission to Philippines medical colleges for MBBS. Country wise some of the prominent universities/ institutions for this are -

    Malaysia - Monash University and MAHSA University.
    China - Jilin Medical University and China Medical University.
    Philippines - AMA School of Medicine and Angels University Foundation.
    Poland - Medical University of Lublin and Medical University of Gdansk.
    Ukraine - Bukovinian State Medical University and Donetsk National Medical University.
    Russia - Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University and Ryazan Medical University.

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