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  • What to do when your Mobile got wet due to fall in water and not working?

    Facing a problem with damage to mobile by falling in water? Wondering what to now to get it into working condition? Our ISC experts shall provide you with suggestions to resolve the issue.

    A couple of months ago I purchased a Redmi Pro Note 7 mobile for my daughter. Yesterday she visited a hill station to view the waterfall there and lost her balance due to which the Mobile she was holding fell in the water. It is now not in working condition due to high moisture content.

    How to get it back into action? Or shall we need it to be taken to service centre as it is under warranty?
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  • Water and moisture can create short circuits or leakage of electrical currents in the mobile phones and it can damage the delicate electronics and other parts. If water goes in the mobile, never try to put it on as it will further complicate the situation. It is always advisable to take it to the authorised repair and maintenance agencies who will open it and dry up it under the slow heat and admissible blower air. Until it is fully dried up nothing else can be done. Once it is dried up then the technician will check for any deposits which are generally left out after the water is dried up. There are special solutions for cleaning the inside of a mobile phone and the technician will clean it and then only put it on it for testing. In many cases if the quantity of water entered is small this procedure makes the phone ok. In case the phone still does not work then the technician will run the diagnostic or use his experience and knowledge to replace the damaged assembly or board or part in the mobile phone.

    Many times it is difficult to get the exact part for replacement and here comes the experience of the technician handy and he will try to put an equivalent one and try to put the mobile phone in working condition.

    If the water entered in mobile is in very small quantity like a mobile phone exposed to drizzling rain then many times just opening its cover and wait for it to dry up for 6-8 hours helps in getting it back to working. Never put on a mobile when water has entered it. Even if it is working, off it and wait for it for a few hours to dry up and then put it on. This is a very important thing to observe.

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  • Yes. There are many chances to get our mobile wet and the chances will be more in the rainy season. The first you should remember is "Never put on the mobile when still wetness is present in the mobile" This is very important.

    Once the same problem happened to my wife's phone. I have taken it to my laboratory. In my laboratory, there is a hot pan where we can control the temperature very accurately. I put on that and fixed the temperature at 80 degrees centigrade and once the temperature came to that level I placed the phone on the pan and kept it there for just 5 minutes and taken out. Then in kept in my room for 30 minutes and then I put on the phone. The phone started and worked well. There is no problem. Even in our kitchen also if we put that wetted phone for 2 or 3 minutes it will get dried.
    But many may not like it. In such case take it and give it to the showroom person. He will dry it and then clean it and give you back. The drying depends on how much wet is your phone. But the phone will not go waste.

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  • My sister's phone had similarly fallen in a river on a trip. One of the resort staff was very helpful. He opened the back of the cover and removed the SIM card and battery carefully, then placed everything on a soft piece of cloth on a table to dry in the sun (it was not very hot sunshine). He said to leave it like that till the next day so that it would be completely dry by then. The next day he put back everything and the phone started working! In fact, the phone was functional for a good many years. Maybe your daughter could try the same thing if not done so yet. Note, though, that this was not a smartphone, but a Samsung edition of the earlier simple mobile phones.

    I am not sure if it is advisable to apply heat to it in the way suggested by Dr. Rao. Heat may damage little electronic bits inside the phone which are not visible to the naked eye and may cause problems later. I wonder - did that phone have a long life after exposure to the hot pan? Some people also think that blowing on the phone parts help. Actually, though, this could spray the water to other parts as well, so this, too, is not really advisable.

    As for the warranty, you need to check what all is covered by the warranty and it is best to take it to a Mi store's service center only to get it properly fixed. Refer for customer support, list of service centers in India and their warranty statement: Their hotline serivice contact number is 1800 103 6286.

    For future reference, learn how to take care of your smartphone during the monsoon.

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  • Moisture entrapped in the mobile would cause a circuit breakage and hence one cannot put the same in operation unless the issue is resolved. First of all we may try our selves to let the mobile remain idle condition for a day or two keeping the same in a dry atmosphere so that the moisture evaporates with the time and even if the problem exists, we have to offer the same a slight heat by means of a cotton swab already kept over a heater. The swab will absorb the heat of the heater and finally it will be transmitted to the mobile. This operation has to be repeated till there is complete elimination of moisture.
    In case, such an operation fails, it would be better to approach an authorised mobile maintenance shop. The person entrusted for the job would open up the mobile and would adopt drying procedure to eliminate the moisture. He would then examine the circuit and any flaw if found, would be replaced by him in order to restore the function of the mobile.
    It would not take much time and one should insist the shop - keeper to deliver the same within the same day after the maintenance - job.

  • My wife's phone worked for a long time. It is my expereince what I mentioned here. After that, I had a big discussion with my electrical Engineer and he confirmed me that electronic parts will not get damaged so fast for heat. In fact, he says many times when they do soldering the temperature will rise but it will not give any adverse effect. For making this dry we should not go to high temperatures and the time should not be more also. Open dring may give good results as long as the wetting is not that severe and only superficial. But making it a little hot will ensure the evaporation of complete water and get the article dried. This is my personal experience and the summary of the discussion with an expert on the subject.

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  • The best thing you should do is not to switch ON as that will ruin the mobile. What one should do is to open the back cover and put out the sim card and the battery and wipe the moisture by a cloth and put it in the sunlight or can use a hair drier for moisture removal. If then too the mobile doesn't work then get it checked at the repair center.


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  • When the phone is well protected by a good case, then immediately removing the case can prevent more wetting and damage.
    When there is no cover or case, then the first aid acts are removing the battery, and placing a dry handkerchief or absorbent cotton in the battery space and keeping the phone in that way with screen facing up. Then after sometime take the phone to a good mobile repair technician. He may do the rest.

    Some manufacturers place some stickers(water seal) at certain places inside the phone. When the phone falls into water or gets wet the water seal stickers at those places change colour. That may void the warranty and guarantee. That also gives an idea which all places got wet.

    I have seen some tips in the internet that a wet phone may be placed inside a bowl/box of dry rice after removing the battery. The reason they say is the rice will absorb the humidity and wetness in the phone. Then after a few hours the phone ma be taken to a mobile repair shop.
    Once when I was bending at a washbasin, the two mobile phones inside my shirt pocket fell down on the wet and flooded floor. One phone which was only a feature phone immediately broke into three parts -battery, phone and back cover. The other one a costly smartphone fell as dud and appeared not drenched much.
    Ironically I later found from the technician's inspection that the costly smart phone had really got wet as water entered inside of the phone and got shorted (though outwardly it appeared dry after I wiped it with a cloth). That phone became fully damaged and became useless. as beyond repair. The less costly feature phone, though showed signs of water seal getting wet and changing colour, I am still using it. Of course the memory card was damaged.

    I was then that I learnt that phones are built to break and separate on falling, to avoid more damage.

  • Accidents happen but you are lucky to have this mobile under warranty period and as you have already tried on your own but still found to be not working, it's now time to get this examined through a specialist / technician from the respective service center.

    The one side of the picture is that when there found to be short-circuit than this may lead to change or replacement of a certain part which may include with the incurred cost because it is the short-sightedness of the user and not the fault of the instrument or the failure of some internal mechanism.

    Don't try much or else this may lead to more damages.

  • I was told by a service person such mobiles cannot be serviced. But suggestions received from my friendSamsung to keep the mobile in a good sunlight for more than an hour or to keep the mobile (covered with a thin cloth)in the bucket full of plain rice (raw)for more than two hours. But I have not tried.

  • It is very difficult to get water inside through flap unless broke. Take it to service station since handset Redmi Pro Note 7 is not waterproof there is very thin chance that they will repair it. Tell them that it fell from hand without mentioning anything about water. If they don't entertain then home de-moisturizing technique is simple. Just put mobile in rice for a day. Rice soaks the water faster. Try to switch on gently.
    If the hardware of handset intact it won't fail to start.

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