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  • Is duplicate copy of Marksheets valid at the time of document verification of RRB ?

    Are you having a query regarding document verification? Wondering if duplicate marksheet is valid for verification? Find answers from experts on this page.

    I have lost my original copy of 10th, 12th certificate and all year Marksheets and degree certificate during a train journey. But I got the duplicate copy of all the certificates. Is duplicate copy of Marksheets and degree valid at the time of document verification in Indian railways ? And I also want to ask is it necessary to get signature of principal or director on the duplicate copy ?
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  • Since you have managed to get the duplicate copies of Mark - sheets and other relevant Certificates in the duplication care - form, you need not worry unnecessarily regarding the formalities of document verification. At best, keep a duplicate copy of application addressed to the Principal of the college from where you have passed your graduation indicating the reasons of misplacment of your original copies of Mark - sheet and Certificates during the train journey. This should be attested by the Principal of the college and the same application can be produced during the process of verification of the documentation.

  • Generally the duplicate copies issued by the board or college will have signature of the authorities below it. Please check it and if it is a unsigned document then go to the school or college with the copy of your application for duplicate copies and get it attested and get it signed by the concerned principal of the college. You must get the seal of the college also below the signatures.

    A signed duplicate copy is as good as the original one and you should not have any problem at the time of document verification. Have you by chance with you the xerox copies of your misplaced documents, that also becomes handy in such cases as a confirmation of your marks in the duplicate one. Anyway, do not worry and present your duplicate copies at the time of document verification explaining that the originals are misplaced and lost.

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  • An alternative form of proofs such as the duplicate copy or the photo-copy of the originals are well deserved for the verification purposes and therefore you need not to be worried about its validity in case the originals are lost.

    In addition to the above, do you carry with the FIR copy or the missing report to the nearest railway station? If you have done this then this would be a good assistance and you can also present this along with your application.

    Going ahead, pl. arrange to send the application to the concerned institute and the concerned department in order to get the original mark sheets for your future applications or when you would be try looking to some other areas and opportunities.

    In case of the initials of the designated authorities on the certificate, mark sheets or other relevant documents shouldn't be the mandatory one but however you can better consult from the institute or the organization wherein the application has been sent.

    Pl. go through the other submissions as well and if required then go ahead asking from the third parties who have gone through with the similar experiences. Best of luck.

  • A duplicate will be issued only when you lost your original certificate. You might have gone through the process of police complaint and other actions. So your duplicate is the Original only now. There is no problem. In your certificate verification, duplicates will be treated as originals only.
    I lost my SSC original certificate. Then I have applied for the duplicate by completing all the required formalities and obtained the duplicate. I used the same for all requirements and I never faced any problem with that. You need not worry about that.
    You can verify the duplicate for the correctness and see that the document is signed properly or not. If it is signed by the competent authority and all entries are correct rest ensured and there will not be any problem in your certificate verification process.

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  • To the best of my knowledge, no Government organization will accept a duplicate certificate. All that you can do in the present circumstances is to get the police to certify that you have indeed lost your original certificate and that they are in the process of helping you to search it. Of course, you should have done this immediately, but given the circumstances, if you have by any chance not done so, then you can jolly well go the concerned police station and lodge a complaint. If you were with someone and that witness can testify to your having lost it, then the police record will become all the more strong.

    In the meanwhile, the most prudent thing is to produce the police certificate and then request the University authorities to issue you a new Mark sheet. Legally, I am told that there is no hurdle at all. Hence, you need to check up with a local advocate and then request your concerned University authorities to issue you a new Marksheet.

    If your Principal of the Degree College where you studied were to certify about your conduct and personal integrity, am told, the Railway Authorities will allow you to even join your job, on the specific condition that you need to produce the Original Marksheets within a specified time period. Please do note that the Railways may not insist on all mark sheets. For any further clarification, I suggest that you contact the local HR department of the Railway Zone under which your college is covered, to know the formal procedure. Once you get official guidance, you will be on the right path in getting your problem solved. The amount of flexibility in the rules is not known. However, you can check with the Railway authorities and do whatever is required.

    Also, in the meanwhile, immediately lodge a police complaint and get the police to certify that you are being assisted in the process of searching for your original mark sheets and the degree certificate.

  • Applying for the duplicate certificates and mark sheets is done only for the purpose of document verification and if they are issued by the concerned authorities in the proper format and signed below then there is no problem as they will work just like the originals for all practical purposes. So there should not be any worry on that account. You can produce them at the time of document verification or verification of educational credentials at the time of interview etc.

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  • You have said that you have lost all the original mark sheets and certificates from Xth Board to University Degree, but you have the duplicate mark sheets and certificates. If the duplicate certificates are issued by the relevant Board and University with proper seal and stamp, then these documents will definitely be accepted by all Government authorities during the document verification process. However, the authorities/officials may seek the copy of FIR (which you had lodged after losing the documents) if they have some doubt. So, at the time of document verification, please carry the copy of FIR to submit, if demanded by the document verifying authorities.

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