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  • What are the rules after leaving a job as a college Principal?

    Want to leave a college job right away after getting it but without a formal appointment? Know what are the rules governing an employee who quits a post on the first day and how to get back submitted documents given at the time of the application.

    Recently I joined a college as a Principal and on the first day, the college took some of my original documents. On that day itself, I realized that I cannot do the job, due to there not being a good atmosphere and after reviewing some of the staff members. Hence I requested the college to return my documents but they refused to do so. I neither got nor did I accept the appointment letter. So so how can I get back my original documents from the college? What are the rules for employees in such a scenario?
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  • How did you give your original certificates to the management without having any appointment letter from them? Did you receive an acknowledgement from them saying that they have received so and so original documents from you? In the absence of such document where is the proof that they have your originals? Did they give any thig in writing to you saying that what are the rules and regulations and what are the terms and conditions of appointment? Did they mention anywhere in black and white what will be the remuneration they offer for your services? All these points are important to take a final call on this matter.

    There are three ways to handle this situation.

    The first and the best is to make an attempt through the known persons. There may be some persons whom you know and also known to the management and who has a soft corner towards you. He has to mediate between both of you and see that the documents will be given back to you. A politician who is having a good influence in that locality and who will get some weight from the management also is the best option. You can go, meet him and ask for his intervention. Recently my friend's son had a similar problem. He was serving in a college from the last 2 years. the originals are with the management. Now he got a good job and wanted the certificates back. But management refused to give the documents back. Then he tried this method and got his papers back and left the job.

    The second option is to try through a legal procedure. For this, you have to contact a good advocate and explain to him the whole episode and furnish him all the details required. He may decide the course of action. He may even approach the management and request them to give back the originals.

    The third option is to go to the education department who gave recognition to that college and complaining to them about the college and request them to intervene. If the college is having no recognition this option may not work.

    I advise you to try the first option first and then think of other options if necessary.

    always confident

  • Your story is not complete in all the respect. It is not clear that based on which documents you joined this post. Was it an appointment letter or some offer to join the position. Without that it will be difficult to prove that you joined there. At the time of joining what documents were signed by you? Did you fill some joining letter or undertaking in any respect. If yes then whether you were provided a copy of the same. What were the conditions of the contract? Was it for a temporary period or probation period. Where are the relevant papers? All this questions will rise when you go for legal recourse in this matter. In court, evidences are required. Do you have a witness who can vouch for you in the court?

    When they have not given you any document and everything was going on verbally then you should not have given the original educational documents to them. Probably you had done it just on faith and confidence. Anyway whatever happened is happened and now we have to think ahead. You have to lodge a complaint in the district education officer's office regarding this in details so that they can instruct the school administration accordingly. You can even lodge a FIR against the school administration in the police station asking for release of your original certificate from the illegal custody of the school administration. They may also ask you for some evidence.

    Try to talk to the school management politely and request them for returning of your certificates failing which you tell them that you will be forced to go to police and legal recourse. Police can even search their premises for your certificates.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Probably on your good faith, you handed over your documents to the management but at least you could have verified the entire details including the submission of your certificates in the event of your joining. Moreover, you were not served any appointment - letter where in you could come across different set of rules and regulations of the Management, details of your Probation- periods, your Pay - scale etc.
    I would not dwell in that aspect much at present since it has been the matter of past. I am putting forth a few practical suggestions which may be taken up from your end.
    1) You may meet the Secretary of the college administration and talk politely that you are no longer interested to continue the present assignment as such your original certificates may be returned at the earliest. May be, being a sensible man, he would aceed to your request.
    2) The other way would be to have an appointment with a noted lawyer of your area and discuss the entire events including your submission of your certificates. He will update advise you some lawful steps to retrieve you of the present situation. You may follow him accordingly. He may even go to the length of approaching the higher officials of the Management to take back your certificates.
    3) You may approach the Police - station of your area and lodge an FIR incorporating the factual details against the college - management and ask them to expedite the process of releasing your certificates.
    4) Look out for the local MLA of your area and apprise him of your present impasse asking him for his favour to return your certificates already deposited with the Management of the college. You may expect a positive result since he must have influential powers to convince the different agencies against the College - administration and in no way, the administration would like to go against the MLA.

  • It is good that you have proof that they have taken your originals. Now you have a strong point. You can show this letter and ask the lawyer to make a Lawyer notice mentioning that the following acts are illegal.

    1. Not giving an appointment letter.
    2. Not giving in writing about the remuneration
    3. Not allowing you to leave the job by not giving the original documents.

    Still, immediately try through a known person and see that the matter will be settled amicably. If it is not happening then only go for legal action.

    always confident

  • I am not able to get about what led you to submit your original documents even when you are not provided with any confirmed proof of services but no matter what there is always a way left to act and therefore in context to the above details let's put together all the relevant communications which may have taken place with the management. Means,

    1. Any e-mail communications exchanged for the post.
    2. You confirmed in the above briefings that there is no acceptance of the appointment letter but in the first hand the same wasn't given to you but even then is there anything on written document with some sort of authorized signatory in that of either side.
    3. Any telephonic records that may have taken place in between.
    4. Any other references and the contacts that informed you of this post or provided you with as an intermediator.
    5. Is there any verbal rejection for the post or this has been given on written while addressing the same to the management.
    6. Any feedback from the school / college management against your request.

    The above records are important in fighting any legal notices and therefore be ready with the above.

    The positive thing is that you have at least carrying the acceptance of the letter that the college / school management are in custody of yours original documents with having authorized signatory in that.

    Let's have few points which may help in order to sort out the things here,

    The legal options are often eating up the times & money and therefore let's find out with the other available options,
    1. You may go out looking for the cases that may happen earlier too which may be available from the other office staff and then arrange for the details and schedule a meeting for a sound solution.
    2. Try fixing schedule / meeting with the management and let them understand of yours restrains in joining the firm on the given conditions and circumstances.
    3. Take help from some available influential personality.

    Opting for an FIR or a police complaint should be the last option.

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