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  • Is is safe to keep an induction heater beside a gas cylinder?

    Worried about placing an induction heater too near the gas cylinder in your kitchen? Quickly check with experts the safety issues that may arise and whether or not you should place it some distance away from the gas source.

    An induction heater is an electrical appliance. In the kitchen, would it be safe to keep an induction heater near the gas cylinder? Is this dangerous? Should there be a space for an induction heater which is far away from the location of the gas cylinder and the cooking range which operates on the usage of the cylinder?
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  • Induction heaters work on the principle of heating a metal which is a good conductor by passing current through that by electromagnetic induction. There will be an electromagnet and an oscillator. A high-frequency AC is passed through the electromagnet by the oscillator.
    The gas cylinders are made very safe and the arrangements are very tough and strong to see that there will not be any leakage of gas. But whatever precautions you take sometimes there are chances for a leak of this gas. So one should be very careful in operating these gas stoves. If any light smell is there we should not operate any electrical switches and we should not light a matchstick or a lighter.
    Induction stoves will have metallic tops generally and in some cases, there will be open coils also. There is every chance that these metallic tops will have some rusted areas and there we will see hot spots. When you are operating an induction stove near the gas cylinder, if there are any hotspots on the top and if there is any small leak also there is every chance it may catch fire.
    So I advise not to keep both nearby. if there is any small leakage and without noticing that if you switch on the induction heater, there will be havoc. Prevention is always better than cure.

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  • Is there such a possibility in case of a new induction heater?

  • Gadgets should always be kept away from each other to avoid mixing up in case of one of the gadgets malfunctioning like leaking or sparking or overheating. This is important and requires attention. Otherwise there is no problem in keeping gas cylinder and induction cook plate in the same kitchen.

    In induction plate, the electrical energy is transferred to the iron material (ferromagnetic) of the utensil placed over it and there is no exposed heating element and the varying magnetic field does the job of providing energy to the utensil and item kept in the utensil. So as such there is no danger of direct burning or igniting the gas in case the leaked gas is coming in contact of this appliance.

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  • Unlike coil heater Induction heater heats by magnetic induction created in the vessel. There are no flammable chances in the normal use. That is the main USP of an induction cooker. It is sold by highlighting that even if the cooking person' saree or cloth falls on the heat plate surface it does not cause fire.

    Once the cooking vessel is taken out of the surface plate the cooker automatically stops after a few seconds giving error alert. Hence there is not much risk of any fire just because the LPG cylinder is kept near induction heater.

    However on the other hand we should follow all the safety norms about keeping LPG cooking cylinder. We should ensure that the cylinder is kept at lower level than the stove. The gas lead rubber pipe also should be of proper length only and should not coil or loop down, but go properly up only. to connect to the stove. One should ensure that the cylinder is kept reasonably and sufficiently away from substances emitting heat. There should be ventilation space available at the bottom end of the cylinder.
    The most important thing is that one should always ensure that there is no gas leak either from the cylinder or the gas stove.
    Regarding the induction cooker and other electrical items in the kitchen one should ensue that all points are properly fixed and there is no sparking. If gas leak is suspected one should not put on or put off any electrical items before ensuring the leak is stopped and the leaked gas has been cleared .
    One should ensure that the rubber tube of the gas stove does not come near the induction cooker surface or vessel.
    Once these things are taken care,there is no need to worry to keep the induction cooker at the kitchen platform and to keep the LPG cooking cylinder below the platform surface in a closed area.

  • The operating system of the Induction heater is to transmit the electrical energy to the pot kept on the plate of the heater and ultimately it is transformed into heat energy on contact with the pot. This is rather a safe mechanism to cook or boil a different varieties of items. However, we need to consider the safety- aspect while both the Gas - cylinder and Induction- heater are being operated simulteneously. The following precautions should be taken up to avoid any hazards-
    1) First of all ensure that each wire in the kitchen has been tightened sufficiently so as not to create any spark in the working region. A thorough inspection of the wire assembly is needed and in case of defect, the same has to be replaced by an experienced electrician.
    2) Both the Gas - cylinder and the Induction- heater should not remain in the same plateform so that if fire takes place due to the worn out pipe connected to the gas - cylinder and any loose connection of the wire connected to Induction - heater.
    3) Both the items should not remain in the close vicinity so as to invite fire - hazard.

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