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  • Name spelling change after 50 years for issue of a new passport

    Had a problem in the issuance of a Visa due to the name having a different spelling from the one in your passport and higher secondary certificate? Get quick guidance from experts on what are the steps you need to take right away to avoid future problems again when applying for a Visa and using the passport.

    I wanted to change the spelling of my name in my Higher Secondary certificate. Earlier, it required a simple affidavit in front of the notary and this was sufficient. So Graduation or voter's card or Aadhar card and PAN card were accepted for new spelling. Now, when renewing the old passport, the passport officer refused to accept the changed spelling. She took the new spelling and it is different from what it was in my Visa sanction. I then had to rush to Canada and had a problem at the airport over there on landing. Fortunately, one Indian gentleman was standing in the queue behind me. He volunteered and explained to the officer at the Toronto airport and I was let in. Now I have come back and will apply for a new visa. If I accept the spelling in the Higher Secondary certificate, then other records become invalid. So what should I do?
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  • Now you are back in India. Immediately you should apply for the change of name in your passport. You can apply online under reissue of passport. You can apply offline also through Eseva centres. You have to fill the application form and the following documents are to be attached with the application. If you want to apply online you can scan and upload the documents. You can apply in the normal category or under the tatkal scheme also. You have to submit the following documents.

    1. Original old passport.
    2. Two copies of the first two pages and last two pages of the passport including ECR/Non-ECR page. All these copied should be self-attested by you.
    3. Two documents either from school documents or public documents like Aadhaar/ PAN card as per the list that is given on their website.
    4.Gazette Publication about the change of name. If it is not available the affidavit with copies of the newspaper advertisements in which the change of name is given. You should have a minimum of two paper advertisements one in a local newspaper and the other in the national newspaper.
    5. Non-ECR proof like education qualifications etc if applicable.
    Once you get the new passport, using that passport you have to apply for the Visa following the procedure of the Visa issuance country.
    There are some consultants available for getting these works done in cities for a small fee. You can contact such person so that they can see that your work will be done fast for change of name in the passport.

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  • As per your details it is clear that your name in the higher secondary certificate is wrong and in all other documents it is correct. If it is so then you have to again go for an affidavit regarding the incorrect name in higher secondary certificate. In the affidavit the details are to be given along with the correct name and copies of the supporting documents like Aadhar card and they should be made a part of it and should be duly referenced. Once this affidavit is signed by you and countersigned by the magistrate or notary public then you have to show it for the passport or Visa purposes.

    Please note that the name should be consistent over all the documents and any mismatch will be a problem in getting Visa. What I will suggest is if your name in passport is in mismatch then you first change it using the affidavit and other credentials and then only apply for Visa. Clarity in documents is a very important thing for getting Visa. There are very experienced agents now a days available everywhere who can help you professionally to get these jobs done on payment of some fees. I will advise you to take their help to get your documents in order before applying for Visa. They will also help you in getting Visa.

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