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  • How to take a screen shot of an image on a smartphone?

    Wondering how to take a screenshot on a smartphone instead of sharing the URLs? Interested in knowing the detailed set of steps for taking a screenshot on Redmi 4? Find suggestions and the steps on this Ask Expert page.

    In a laptop or desktop computer, we have the snipping tool and the prt-sc key to use for taking a snapshot of an image at a website, save and use in an article. Is there any way to do this from a smartphone? Suppose there is a news report in which there is an image I like. I want to share just that image and not share the whole text and hence will not copy-paste the URL and share that URL. I only want to take a snapshot of an image in the text and share that - is it possible?

    I would like clear instructions and also how to save it on the phone. The model of my phone is Redmi 4.
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  • Now a days smartphones are having a common short cut to capture the image of the screen to a file and store it to the gallery of the phone where one can view this screen shot and decide to keep it or use it for the purpose it is snapped.

    To capture the image on the screen (screen shot), one has to press the down side on the volume switch and power on/off switch simultaneously for a second and then leave both of them. It may require some practice a few times and then one can do it comfortably. By doing this the screen shot image goes to gallery where it can be seen and used.

    In some phones when you press these two switches simultaneously then you hear a sound or some movement on the screen which shows that capture is complete. This normally takes about a second and as soon as it happens release both the switches.

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  • Generally the easiest way to take the screen shot is to press simultaneously the volume switch and the power on switch.
    In my phone as the respective switches are placed in opposite sides( one on right side and the other on the left side) that while holding and grasping the phone sometimes both switches get pressed simultaneously by mistake and the screen shot gets captured.

  • I have an honour mobile phone having a shortcut option of taking a screen shot through which I take a screenshot. Usually these days all smartphones have this facility.


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  • Apart from that volume and power off switch, the easiest option for me is using the short cut for a screenshot.
    When you on the mobile, the home screen appears. There on the top, you may have a slide-down menu which includes options like Bluetooth, mobile data, wi-fi, etc. In that series, there is an option for Screenshot having a symbol of a paper and scissors.
    When you want to take a screenshot, open that page on mobile, then slide down that top menu and select the screenshot icon. Then slide up that menu and tap on the screen of which you want to take the screenshot. It will give a sound of clicking a pic and the screenshot will be there with you.
    This is the easiest option for me to take a screenshot.


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  • Padmini's expert advice is the best. I tried the earlier suggestion, of holding the two buttons simultaneously, but it just did not work out despite several attempts. It is too much of the fidgety kind! It was far simpler and really easy to use the scissors-and-paper feature as advised by Padmini. I was not even aware this feature was there, so it was really helpful and I will use that feature only from now on.

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  • Hello, it easy to take a screenshot in redmi phones even you can add your desired method for taking a screenshot
    let me explain step by step
    1. Go to settings
    2.additional settings
    3select button and gesture shortcuts "Take a screenshot" your desired way of taking a screenshot and click replace

  • There are 3 methods of taking screenshot in your Phone Redmi 4.
    1. Press power button + volume down button together about 1-3 seconds
    2. Clicking on screenshot icon in the notification bar
    3. Swiping vertically down on the screen with your 3 fingers.
    For a quick demo you may view this video


  • You may have found Padmini's answer as the best as it was the easiest one for you. Padmini's answer is not the best since it has a limitation:- it works just for your mobile model, or at the most for MI phones only.

    You may have found method mentioned by most of the responders (clicking the power & volume-down switch simultaneously) to be difficult. Maybe you fumbled with it (everybody fumbles with it in the beginning), but that is the best method of clicking a snapshot since it is universal for all the phones.

    Presently you have an MI phone, but someday you may buy a mobile of some other company. What will you do then because Padmini's method will not work on that phone? Ultimately, you will have to learn the method of 'clicking the power & volume-down switch simultaneously' to get a snapshot. So, why not learn it today itself?

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  • To take image of the screen shot, we have to hold the power button and volume button simultaneously for 2 seconds. Then you can edit the screenshots which will be in your picture gallery present in the camera option. You can reduce, resize, change colour.
    Secondly you can swipe the screen and get the snapshot.
    These two options are similar in all android phones.

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  • Sharda,

    My android phone (Samsung A6+) does not capture a screenshot, when I swipe it. I have tried swiping the screen in all the four directions using my finger. Could you please explain the method of capturing a screenshot by swiping, please?

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  • To capture screenshot using palm swipe method in A6+, just swipe with palm from left side edge of screen to right side side or right side edge to left side edge. For demo, watch this video . If it still not working, turn on palm swipe to capture option through settings - Advance settings - Motions and Gestures - palm swipe to capture.


  • Slide your phone screen with your 2 fingers or 3 fingers together and see whether screenshots occur or not. In most Redmi phones, screenshot occurs by sliding the screen together with 3 fingers or 2 fingers. After getting the screenshots, the whole current page of the phone is obtained. Save the image format of the screenshot on the phone or laptop or PC. If you want to view only the image in the screenshot and not the whole image with text, then you edit the screenshot picture by cropping the image portion of the screenshot which you want to view and share.

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