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  • Details about MBA in SRM arts and science affiliated to Madras University

    Aspiring to study MBA? Wondering if SRM Arts and Science college affiliated to Madras University is a good option to do MBA? Our ISC experts shall provide you with detailed information regarding the scope of the program and future careers after doing MBA here.

    Please tell full details about about scope of MBA in SRM Arts and science College affiliated to Madras University?
    What is the average slurry package for MBA?
    How will be our future career?
    Is the right choice to choose this college for MBA Specialisation?
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  • SRM Arts and Science College belongs to Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Group (SRM Group) of Educational Institutions. It is under the administrative control of Valliammai Educational Society, since 1993. The Society was established by T. R. Parivendhar in the year 1975. For further details of this college, you can refer to the website
    This college is a good college and has a good reputation. MBA is a very common qualification nowadays. But an MBA from good business schools will give you a better career and salary. I know people who are drawing more than Rs. 3,00,000/- per month who did their MBA from a reputed business school and I know people who did their MBA from a normal institute and drawing as low as Rs.15,000/- per month. All depends on the college you studied and the rank you got there. SRM college is not in the top list for MBA and at the same time, it is not down below very much also. So you may get a job with a medium salary. Again the salary depends on the type and size of the company you are joining. MNCs will offer better salaries and other companies will offer a little less salary.
    The career progress will definitely good for MBA from reputed institutions but again depends on the performance of the individual. If you are not getting a seat in good business schools or IIMS you can join in this college.

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  • Which specialization you will take in MBA? I mean, you want to pursue MBA in finance, marketing, HR or any other branch? The future and your career depend on many aspects apart from the institute in which you enroll.
    SRM college is the registered one and has affiliations so, you may pursue your degree from there as it would be having normal fee schedule whereas many other private reputed MBA institutes have an extremely high fee and even some candidates go for an educational loan for the same. So check for your financial suitability before leaving this option.
    secondly, you need to check for the placements and tie-ups of this college. Most of the colleges and institutes offering technicals degrees and MBA degree have placement facilities and hence they have tie-ups with the corporate companies for the same. So, please check for the same. If such an arrangement is there, if you will work hard and will secure good marks in academics, you will definitely get hired through campus placements itself.
    The salary varies depending upon different factors but you just need to believe in yourself and focus on work. You can get increments and promotions depending upon your work performances in the future.
    Merely enrolling in the top institute does not guarantee a rewarding career.


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  • SRM group is a large group comprising studies of both graduates and post - graduates level and the education - society was established in 1993. To facilitate the aspirants for the studies of MBA at an economical rate, MBA course was introduced in the streams of Human - resources, Marketing and Finance.
    The value of the MBA degree has eroded mainly because of mushrooming of numerous colleges in the area of the Management - studies.
    If we look at the feed - back of this MBA college attached to SRM, it has been ranked in the middle level and the passed out candidates of MBA may expect a starting salary of ? 40000/- in the initial phase and further enhancement in the salary is anticipated with the individual performance.
    If an aspirant fails to secure admission in IIM institutes or in top B classes school, this MBA institute would the best end destination for persuing MBA with the better chances of absorption in some reputed company.

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