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  • How can I excel as a Quantity Surveyor?

    Are you having a query regarding the career option of quality surveyor in a construction firm? Searching for expert advice regarding the future growth in this track of civil engineering? Here, on this page experts shall provide you with career related advice.

    I am a civil engineering graduate with almost 2 years of experience in construction field. Currently I am a Quantity Surveyor in a construction firm at Trivandrum. I wish to excel in planning division which includes Quantity Surveyor, Billing Engineer and a Planning Engineer. So will this be a good track to go for as site works are not suited to my interest. Need some expert advice for this.
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  • A quantity surveyor is a person who involves in the project from the word A to the word Z of the project. He will make the estimation of the project and he will make the budget requirements and he will monitor the usage of material, men, machine and money during the execution of the project. He will be auditing the accounts, material used during the progress of the project and advise the management accordingly.
    You should be willing to work outdoors and move around. You should not think of sitting somewhere and doing the works. You should be on the cosntruction site also as required. You should consider all the rates of the products and for that, you have to get correct estimations. You should be good at costing and you should be good at controlling the manpower. You should be good in mathematics and you should be able to observe the things sharply. Once you acquire all these qualities you will excel well in that profession.
    If you want to progress in your career hard work, sincerity, loyalty to the organisation, focus on the job and interest to learn are the key requirements. Once you develop these qualities you will progress in your career. Be truthful to you and learn skills that are required then you will progress well in the company. Don't talk lose with colleagues and don't believe 100%, anybody. They may act very nice to you but they will carry your words to others. Don't comment about your boss with anyone.
    If you start minding your job and concentrate on the important issues mentioned above you will definitely progress in your career.

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  • A quantity surveyor has an important role to play generally in the company engaged in construction and civil engineering projects. The quantity surveyor has to involve himself right from the beginning of the project to the end monitoring the estimates and the costs throughout the project.

    He has to observe to the statutory regulations as well as safety regulations in the construction industry and under that framework has to minimise the cost of the project without compromising on the quality and standards of the material and works. He will also prepare reports to reflect the progress of the work and cost savings attained, if any, during the progress of the project.

    The job of quantity surveyor is not limited to costing only. He has to be particular in preparing the tender documents and contracts with the vendors and also has to perform the risk management on a continuous basis. There are some hidden costs involved in a project like contractual claims, penalties or levies etc and the quantity surveyor has to keep these factors in mind while considering value management and cost controls.

    Many times certain jobs are allotted to the sub contractors for which timely payments are scheduled. These are monitored by the quantity surveyor and he keeps a provision for it in the time line of the projects as scheduled in the master plan of the project. At the time of completion of the project, he has to summarise the net position in terms of costs incurred and plan achieved. So, there are many responsibilities associated with the job of a quantity surveyor and more the experience a person gains in this line more successful he will be as a quantity surveyor.

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