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  • How to increase sales on a website?

    Are you interested in knowing how to increase revenue from websites? Looking out for tips and advice to do so? On this ask Expert page you can go through the responses provided by our experts for your queries.

    I have created a website which lists different offers from different online stores in India. It also lists different products from different online stores in India, so that one can buy at best price. My website is getting traffic but not sales.
    I am affiliated with two three websites to earn through them, but as getting only fewer sales, I am not able to get decent income. Experts please review and suggest me some improvements to attract customers to my website.
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  • 1. When the people visit your site for selecting a product they should feel that the material is suitable for them. So try asking them some personalised questions and if only relevant items are shown, then you will get more sales.
    For Example, somebody visits your site and they want to purchase clothes you can make them answer the following question.
    Gender: M/F
    Casual/Formal material
    The range they are looking for
    Once you get the answers and if the site shows the relevant advertisements, the chances of going for that product will be high. Otherwise, if you show everything, they may not have the patience to see all the items and select. This is something the salesperson ask them questions when we visit a shop.
    2. Highlight the specialities: When you are showing a particular item tell them how it is better than the other similar products available on your website. How it will solve the problems the customers facing and highlight any special benefits the customer will get if they purchase those items. That will make the customer get attracted to that.
    3. Be as clear as possible: The details you have given on your website should be very clear and there should not be any ambiguity. This ambiguity will lead to confusion. A confused customer will never purchase the product. So see that the customer will understand the product well and he will be clear about going for that product.

    By adopting the above three points you will get better sales also through your site. All the best to you.

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  • As you mentioned that your site has good traffic but the sale is not as expected. So now we know where we need to work.
    1. Try to get more options s there may be the reason that people are not getting what they want exactly.
    2. Try to keep varieties in all cost range to serve all kind of customers. People have a requirement of the same thing with different purposes and sone of them may buy it at a higher price but others may look for the same at a lower price. So try to work on that aspect.
    3. Another and the very important thing is to provide the feedback of the products which you are listing on your website. Try to get feedback from your customers about your service and then add that with the site or maybe with that particular product. It helps in creating trust.
    4. If possible, keeping changing the options on your site. new things attract. Same old collection may create dullness and some fresh stock may attract people to come and browse the products.
    5. You may offer some discount from your margin to offer it at a lower price than the competitors. Once the customer base is prepared, you can lesser down the discount.

    Overall, you need to justify people that why should they buy from you and once this is done, the sale will increase for sure.


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  • There is a mushrooming of sites in the internet and they are vying with each other for getting the desired business. So the competition is tough. Still there are things one can do to increase traffic and sales through the site.

    When people are visiting your site and seeing a comparison between some stores then they simply see the comparison of prices in respect of a particular item and then leave the site. Then they will go to some other site and explore same or similar things there also. It goes like that only. It would rarely happen that one of them will be desperate to buy something and click on the particular store and go there for buying in which case you get some revenue. This is happening in internet everywhere and every one wants to reverse this trend.

    So, to lure the customers you have to come out with some novel idea that if a person is buying an item through your site you will be sending him a gift voucher or some gift item or cash back so that he sticks to your site and buys the item through your webpage. In the beginning these tricks are to be used in one way or other. It is only after the site gets popular and reputed that you can think of discontinuing those gifts or reducing their quantum.

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  • You have indicated that you have witnessed heavy traffic in your website and despite this, sales are not taking to that level. I would suggest you a few tips so that you may notice a growth in terms of sales through your website. The following are the points to be considered for registering a growth in sales-
    1) Vigorous advertisement- You need to highlight the uniqueness of your site through the vigorous advertisements so that the customers visiting your website could find some difference in the way you are providing service to the interested customers. Make a sincere attempt to convince the customers regarding the quality of materials at a very reasonable price. The same can be verified by usage of the materials purchased through your website.
    2) Make an attractive caption for each of material to lure the prospective customers. This may be in the form of - This dress material won the heart of ladies of Jaipur and so on.
    3) Let the customers be aware of your discount policies so that they would remain your permanent customers. They may be offered a discount once their purchase exceeds ? 4000.
    4) Encourage the customers to post their feed - back both positive or otherwise to be familiar with their exact demands, expectations etc. You have to be responsive to their comments so that they can judge your sensibility and care - taking.

  • 1. Add your contact (phone and email etc.) detail on website if not there.
    2. Add 'Add to cart' option with simple steps.
    3. Their search shall show related items with lesser and better price, nearby. Choices.
    4. Highlight the 'special offer' if any.
    5. Suggestion (from customer) option on the home page.
    6. Try to get their mobile number of email id for future marketing purpose.
    7. You can 'SMS' or 'Email' to customers when a new or special offers arrives.

  • hough it was a coincidence, I landed on another question of yours in the same matter. Led from there I visited your web site and gave some suggestions in response to that question from my experience.
    Now relating to this question, I have to suggest as below:

    1.      Your "website is getting traffic but not sales". You have to ponder the reasons. Probably your site does not give them sufficient details and leads them to decide and fix the sales. The sales take place on the shopping website. But the user should be led and linked from your website.
    2.       I  do online purchase and doing from the last six to seven years. I also make use of coupon and deal sites to avail discounts and cashback. I can give below some examples of the coupon sites I used.
    3.      Please, visit the coupon sites Grabon, Promo Code Club, DesiDime, Oneindia coupons etc..Please see and explore these sites in detail to find their features and facilities. Almost all of them redirect the visitor to the sales website. Then only sales can be fixed and the benefit of affiliation goes to the coupon site.
    4.      From my curiosity and a vague memory of recalling similar matters, I made a small exploration and research in the ISC archives and found that the following questions had been asked in the ISC AE section by you. I think you can read and review these answers and suggestions and review what all the things you implemented.

    How to earn more using affiliate marketing?-06 Dec 2016
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     If all the feasible suggestions given in the above-listed questions had been implemented and still you do not get the expected increase and improvement, then I feel you now need professional guidance and service to tune your site for the intended benefit you expect.

  • Selling goods online is easy but to keep up the name you have to work hard. Now a days people are so much into online shopping as its easy and comfortable.
    Below are few Important Points which i feel are needed to concentrate for Online sale,
    1. Create a blog and posts the products on daily basis. Give complete info about the product. A complete description can help the viewer to ask less questions when they place the order.
    2. Publish on Social Networking sites like Whats app, Facebook, Instagram etc which are quite famous now a days.
    3. People prefer free shipping.
    4. Shipping days should be less.
    5. Good packaging and a well known courier service should be preferred.
    6. Be friendly with the user. Rude behavior makes the user to cancel or block your website.
    7. Take feedback from the user and paste on the blog to make the viewers know about your service. Ask the users to make a video after receiving the parcel.
    8. Provide discounts for 1st user and regular viewers. Make the user get paid if they refer to their friends or family. Provide discounts on famous products.
    9. Prompt response to the user can help you in getting good number of orders
    10. Be active on weekends, as many users prefer weekends to shop online.

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