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  • How safe is payment through contactless mode wihout ATM pincode ?

    Have a query about the contacless mode of card payment without pincode? Searching for more information about its security features and whether it is safe? Find responses from experts here for your query.

    Yesterday I went to pizza shop. I gave him my HDFC ATM card (Wi-Fi symbol was on card) for payment. He didn't ask for even pin and deducted my money. When I asked him how is this possible ? He replied it's a new feature of ATM card that up to 2000 Rs transaction pin is not required. As soon as I told that this is not my card than how can you deduct money from someone else's card ? Than he was shocked ! I said actually this is my card but I don't like this facility of ATM card.
    Isn't is unsecure mode of payment ?
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  • These contactless cards are having some security measures.
    1. The transactions are limited and you can't make as many numbers of transactions as you want. If this exceeds you have to enter your PIN.
    2. There will be a limit on the amount you can spend. It will be very less. If the amount is more than the limit you have to enter your PIN.
    But there are some risks involved in this process.
    If you lost your card there is every chance the person who got it can use it. But it will be limited to the amount as he doesn't know your PIN. So it is very essential to inform the card provider immediately about the incident and ask him to stop payment from that card.
    Banks will send you the information as soon as the card is used and if it is not you, respond immediately so that bank will take action.

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  • RBI had earlier allowed banks to make their cards for without PIN payment up to a limit of only Rs 2000. So, banks started issuing these cards having a facility of 'near-field tap-and-go' system. These transactions are restrictive in their nature and are introduced to settle the low value transactions quickly. Banks are supposed to charge lower fees from the shops or point of sale on such transactions. Such uses are only to be done at the PoS and not authorised in ATMs etc. More awareness in the customer is required about these facility of contact less cards so that they use it carefully.

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  • Contactless payments are more common form of payments in western countries. It's advantageous for quick payments. In terms of security, it's not possible to do larger transactions using contactless payments. Usually any transaction more than $100 needs security pin to be entered. It's quite easier to block the card in case if it is lost. Card can be blocked even using the mobile application. But there is still an option to pay using conventional method.

  • Contactless Cards have their own Benefits and Disadvantages. I have mentioned below.


    1) Better security: It's unquestionably more secure than mag stripe information. Messages are single use, so understanding them is pointless. Skimming is virtually not possible. Without a PIN, a stolen physical card can be utilized, so it's less secure than chip-and-pin, yet for the most part due to the pin.

    2) Variety of structure factors: Mag stripe is in all respects specifically intended to be on a card, and it's yet to be seen whether EMV will advance toward other structure factors (I'm expecting no). Contactless is found on cards, key coxcombs, cell phones, vehicles, or practically anything that can be shipped with an individual.

    3) Comfort: Tapping to pay is quicker and more helpful than most different ways of payment. A contactless card, for example, can be utilized without opening your wallet. Contactless in travel settings enables the queue to move rapidly in the shop.


    1) Acceptance: Contactless cards are not well versed as the mag-stripe cards are. Buyers can't leave home with just their contactless cards, since they will unavoidably require a mag stripe to pay.

    2) Less Verifiable: In the event that you have numerous contactless cards in your wallet and you pay without removing them, then you won't understand from which one payment has been done. Now and again, this can cause main problems, (for example, blunders at travel settings). Actually, I think this is only an "include reality" however I have heard a few grievances about it.

    3) Less secure than Mag-stripe Cards: When you acquaint a contactless card with EMV, whether it is stolen or not, payment can be done. But with mag-stripe cards you can't without pin.

  • The contactless cards do provide us certain comforts whereby we need not insert any pin while purchasing any article from a shop but then it is restricted to Rs 2000 only and exceeding beyond that this operating system would not work. It may appear a convenient type of payment saving time in the whole process of transaction.
    However, demerit lies in its safety issue. In case of misplacment of the card, a minor loss is imminent and hence the holder should be cautious enough in preserving the card and in case of its non traceability, issuing authority needs to be informed.

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