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  • Job scope of civil engineering in Dubai

    Planning to pursue a career in the field of civil engineering in Dubai? Know from experts if this is a good career choice.

    I am planning to do my Civil Engineering in Dubai. What are the career prospects there?
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  • You want to do civil engineering there and settle there with a job.
    Dubai is having some good universities where you can pursue your BE/BTech in Civil Engineering. Some of them are
    1. Amity University, Dubai,
    2. Zayed University, Dubai
    3. American university, Dubai.
    You can join and complete your degree there.
    There are good opportunities there for civil engineers.
    1. Many mega projects are in progress there and they need many Civil engineers to work there.
    2. There are many companies in the field of construction. They give good pay and chances of getting a post are very high.
    3. There are many changes in interior decoration field also once you compete your BE.
    4. Many steel fabrication companies are there and you can join there as a design engineer so that you can design the requirements.
    You can write Dubai Municipality test for engineers and that will give you additional chances to get a job as a chartered engineer.

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  • Dubai is a prospective place for civil engineers. There are some institutions/ universities where one can apply for admission for doing civil engineering in Dubai. These are as follows -

    1. Heriot-Watt University, Dubai - This is the Dubai campus of the Heriot-Watt University, UK and offers a 4 years full time course. The contact No. is +971 4435 8700 and email is

    2. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai - This is the Dubai caps of Manipal Academy, India and is the one of the largest university. Contact No. is +971 4 429 0777.

    3. Amity University, Dubai - It is another university for civil engineering degree. Contact No. +971 4 455 4900.

    4. American University, Dubai - It is an institute of higher learning in Dubai and imparts engineering degrees. Contact No. +971 4 399 9000.

    5. University of Wollongong, Dubai - This is UAE's oldest university offering engineering courses. Contact No. +971 4 278 1800.

    6. Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Dubai Campus - It is the international branch of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India. It is also offering the engineering degrees. Contact No. +971 4 275 3700.

    After completing the engineering degree one has to complete the test known as Dubai Muncipality Test for engineers and after that one can apply for the openings there.

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  • It is certainly a wise idea to persue a degree in Civil - engineering from Dubai especially from the institutes mentioned below-
    1) Birla Institute of Science and Technology, Dubai
    2) Amity University, Dubai.
    To be proficient in your technical stream, a sound concept in the basics would be required and as such you must aim for these plateforms.
    As far as prospects of Civil Enginers are concerned, these technical graduates have fair chances of absorption in the following lines-
    1) There are a lot of steel fabrication industries where you would be placed after completion of your course.
    2) Ongoing construction projects in Dubai need Civil Engineers to execute the projects. With the suitable absorption of such technocrats, there would be timely construction of the projects.
    3) Intensifying the Research - activities in the field of Civil - engineering, civil engineers can persue higher studies.
    4) In the Railways and Tunnel Enginnering, Water - treatment, Survey work, Civil engineers have great demand in Dubai.

  • Planning for a job in foreign countries area only for mere money after reaching back. Salary what they are giving is at par what we get here. Only after we reach home country after certain years with hard work and when we exchange our savings saved there into Indian money we can get a good quantum. But if we think they are giving more it is just illusion.

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