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  • Is B.Sc. in Forensics abroad after B.Tech. a good choice?

    Planning to pursue B.Sc. in Forensics abroad after completing a B.Tech. Degree in India but unsure whether or not you should do so? Let our experts guide you in knowing whether this is a good option or whether it would be better to first complete a postgraduate degree in India and then go abroad for further studies in forensics.

    I am a student currently pursuing my third year in Mechanical engineering. I have always wanted to study forensics, but could not do so due to personal reasons. I am now thinking about doing BSc in forensics after my BTech degree. I have research papers on forensics which I read during my free time to get basic ideas regarding forensics.

    My question is that if I were to pursue B.Sc. abroad after doing B.Tech here, would it be a good idea? Or as per the eligibility requirements in India, should I directly go for M.Sc. in forensics in India and then do my masters abroad? Kindly provide guidance.
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  • B.Sc in Forsenics a degree offering you a qualification of graduation and your present B.Tech degree would make you eligible a graduation degree with the specialised stream.It hardly matters if the same degree is procured from a foreign university. The value of the degree will remain unaltered.
    In case, you opt for Forsenics at a later stage after your Engineering degree, there would be complete wastage of time and knowledge of the Engineering.
    However, opting for such a study would not be bad if you have a passion in this line.
    Further you can take up a post - graduation degree in this line.
    Opening of the jobs by acquiring a post - graduation will help you to get a job in Hospitals, Goverment - service and Detective- department etc.

  • After B Tech Mechanical going for B Sc forensic Science may not be a good idea. The degree what already you are acquiring will become a waste. Both the subjects are in no relation. So I feel at this stage thinking of B Sc is not a wise idea.
    Instead of doing that go for MS in an good foreign university. It will give you a very good advantage and you can get into a good job. You will have a better future. Try to get in a good university and pursue PG course.
    If you have interest after completing MS and joining in a good job, you can do forensic science in distance mode to satisfy your wish. There are even some certificate courses are also there in forensic science.
    This process will ensure you a good and bright future. All the best to you.

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  • Forensic Science is an interesting area and if you have a liking for it and can afford doing B.Sc. in it from some foreign country institution then it will be a good idea to do so. A forensic expert is supposed to do a scientific investigation of a case based on the lab report of the material and other clues found at the crime scene. It is an exciting branch which requires sharpness of the mind and analytical capabilities. After completing this degree there are job opportunities in many areas and the job positions are like - Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Expert/ Scientist, Forensic Reporter, Forensic Investigator, Forensic Assistant, Forensic Engineer etc.

    As per the international ratings given by some of the agencies some of the good institutions abroad for this degree are - University of Glasgow, UK; University of Western Australia, Australia; University of York, UK; University of New South Wales, Australia; University of Illinois at Chicago, US etc.

    You can apply for the course and complete the formalities as desired by the institution. I will not suggest to do M.Sc. here and then go abroad because if you are interested to go there then why to wait 2 years and better do the degree from there itself. You will also have chances for a job there itself and early you go there is better for your career.

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  • Hi,
    Currently, you are on the stage when there are many things which matter to take up any decision about your career and future. These are like your family background, your family's dependency on you financially, etc.
    When you are pursuing B.Tech in the mechanical branch I assume that you are academically doing good and have stiff financial support. But why you took a mechanical branch in B.Tech when you were interested in forensic science. B. Tech in Biotechnology would have been more supportive. Now after completing B. Tech in mechanical and then again going one step back and then enroll for B.Sc. in forensic science is not at all a wise decision. You will waste good 4 years of your's, money, etc.
    If you are very keen to learn about forensic, then go for a Master's degree in the same. Repeating graduation may give a negative impact on your resume later on.
    Another thing, to be fascinated by something is completely different from your skills and you need to think twice before switching your field. As your pursuing mechanical engineering, do you have a strong base in biological science which is a very important requirement in forensic science? If not, then you may not be able to score well to secure a good job later on.
    So, I would suggest you to go with your own specialization only.


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  • You are doing BTech and now after completion of your Btech you want to pursue BSc forensic which you can do but in that case, your engineering degree will be a waste as there is no correlation between the two. As you asked that would you get admission in Msc forensic on the basis of your engineering degree, no you won't get? .


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