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  • Is it possible to get a degree after age 25?

    Planning to get back to academics and obtain a degree after age 25? Know with expert suggestions if this is possible, or what certification courses you could pursue instead, for a good future career.

    I am 25 years of age, looking for a certification course for my future career. Presently I am in KSA, working as a material inspector, but unfortunately, I'm an engineering dropout. So now I am looking for a degree or, if not that, any certification course which would help me in my future career. Would it be possible to get a degree now, considering my age? If not, what courses would be a good option to pursue?
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  • Even people with 60 years or more age also can appear for an examination and obtain a degree or diploma or a certificate. Recently I joined a training course and obtained a certificate for auditor course for ISO 9001 for quality systems. So there is no restriction on that.
    Already you are working and you have some expereince. So while working you try to get some degree or diploma in commerce or accounts which will help you in your career development. You chose any course which will be useful to the experience you have so that the degree will be useful to you.
    Material testing is the field you are working in. There are some certificate courses in that line. You can think of obtaining that.

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  • There is no age - bar in obtaining any qualification in most of the time and if you want to have any detail in this area, further queries may be made with the concerned authorities in this regard.
    Now coming to practical terms, you can have AMIE degree in Mechanical Engineering consisting of two parts known as Section A and Section B and this degree would serve equivalent to Engineering - degree having approval of the Ministry of Human Resources and has got acceptance across the globe due to the standard of the course. However, this would need your single minded devotion and an effort to be put consistently towards your studies. While studying this course, you have the flexible time and subjects can be cleared on part time basis. Enrolling with the commercial institute will help you in completion your studies ahead of time - schedule.
    There are definitely a number of certification courses one of them being certification of Material - testing and this certification would suit you in your present environment. With the enrichment of experience followed by this certification, your promotion - channel will be widened.

  • Generally for the regular stream an age of 25 years is the upper limit for the degree course but there is no such limit for doing degree courses or any other course privately. You can enrol for any course including engineering degree course privately that is distance mode course.

    You are presently working as a material inspector so this is basically a quality control and testing job and you can increase your proficiency in this line. There are some agencies which offer good online courses in this line. One such source is ASM International which offer certification course in material testing and inspection.

    As you have some experience of testing jobs in a power project company it will be a good idea to go for a project management course after which company would consider you for higher responsibility. In private companies sometimes performance does wonders and they consider it above the qualification. So do not be sorry for your engineering degree drop out thing and now work hard in your assignments and gain experience and progress in your career. One such agency for such courses is MECCI Engineers Private Limited and another one is Renewables Academy Online.

    I think instead for going for a simple degree in your case it will be always better to go for a certificate course which has more practical side. You are already having experience and you must take mileage out of it.

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  • For pursuing a degree there is no age bar but that's for sure you won't get an admission in a regular course at this age.

    Being a dropout from an engineering college. I also would suggest you complete your engineering degree from a distant reduction program. There are many colleges and universities from where you may do it like:

    IGNOU, Amity school, Shobhit University (Meerut), JNU, Sikkim Manipal University, Indian Institute of open and leaning

    You may do a PG course after you complete your engineering degree.


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  • During the last academic year a lady of 72 years old of Patiala got her bachelor degree. If you are with real spirit you can also degree as well post graduation in any age. I got my PG after 10 years of getting graduation.
    Many university of our country offers courses through correspondence as well through evening colleges. Only real interest and will help you get a degree at any age.

  • There is age for education. Since you are material expert , it would be great to check out other seniors of your work who earn well and have good position. Ask for their education and bingo you will have to same graduation. Seems like you need to do diploma in Civil followed by MBA in marketing. It is uncertain what is your aspiration so just think about what you want to be and choose that graduation. There are lot of open university which offers study from home and exam on site. You can opt them if wanted to continue job during studies. Best thing would be to get graduation before getting married.

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  • From your query, what I could understand is, you have passed 12th and then dropped out in engineering. Being 12th passed candidates, you are working as a material inspector is a good designation. You have got a good exposure to the field you are working in.
    I am not sure about your specialization in engineering but I would suggest you enroll in a similar specialization in B.Sc. or any other equivalent graduation course. As per my knowledge, distance learning is not an option for technical candidates. Check with your employer if you are allowed to take unpaid leave for 2-3 years for the same. If yes, then you don't even have to leave this job and can join back after completing your graduation. Your higher qualification may give you a salary hike or promotion in the same firm.

    After this, you can do MBA through correspondence which is acceptable for the candidates having a good experience.
    Age is no bar in education and your will and dedication only matter. So, consider the best suitable option and go for that.


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  • I can understand that you are now 25 yrs old. And you want to complete your graduation now. 1st thing is there is no age limit of education. The main obstacle of late education is to manage your personal life, professional life and education all together. If you are able to do that then nobody can stop you.

    Now coming to the point that which subject you should choose.? Best answer can be given by your senior colleagues. You should opt for subject which is technically related with your work profile. Simple graduation is of no use now a days. Management or technical degree can boost your profile. And if you are well versed with the subject you opt for, then it will be very easy for you to get good grades. As grades also matters in future promotions or job changes.

    Now the next point is which college you should go for. There are 2 types of studies. One is "Regular" and another one is "Corresponded or Distance Studies". If your are working professional then you have to to choose Distance Studies. There are many Institutes which provides distance education with weekend classes or study at home facilities. You can search at google for such colleges.

    Hope this will help you.. Thank You.

  • Yes you can. Age is not a restriction for continuing your academic education as long as you have interest, financial aid and support from your family. Having a degree will increase your chance of getting a job.

    Degree is mandatory to apply for certain government and bank jobs. Also, Most of the established private organisations seeks for candidates with degree in relation to the role. To get a job in Small IT, Digital marketing, Multimedia companies and even big companies
    like Amazon degree is not really a hurdle. There are plenty of opportunities to work on BPO where they require only good functional
    English knowledge. Though experience is respected much in any profession, qualificaion leads to career growth.

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