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  • How to improve my website to get increased traffic

    Want expert tips on improving your website in order to get more traffic? Check out useful suggestions and tips from the answers on this page.

    I am working for a coupon website in India ( which shows discount coupons and offers from different online stores in India. Here one can search for different products and get the price list of the same from different online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. I would like suggestions on how to achieve higher traffic.
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  • There are a large number of similar sites in internet today and only those which give the exact information required by the visitor will stay successful in the long run. You are referring to a compare and shop site where a visitor should search any item of his interest and immediately a table should come on the screen where some of the main suppliers and their offers are summarised so that he can take a decision to go ahead for his purchase. For this help of the web page designers and software engineers is required. You have to see whether your website is able to perform this task or not. The relevant data is to be picked up from the site and is to be presented on the screen in this site. It should be as simple as possible as in case of any complexity the visitor will like to go to some of the main sites himself and find out the comparison. Another important thing in this context is different sites have different discount patterns and some give gift vouchers also and all these things are to be shown in the comparison as this will reduce the cost of the item. If you can get these provisions made in the site then slowly the user will come back again and again to take advantage of this particular site in shortlisting their purchases.

    Remember the basic mantra of increasing traffic to any site is to impress the visitor during his first visit itself and second thing is we should give him an option of giving his rating for our site. So if the visitors are happy with the service they will give a good rating and that will be a good thing as the other visitors coming there will see that rating and understand the quality of site.

    Another important thing is advertising your site in other places which are always crowded (like You Tube, Facebook etc) by the visitors. So if you can advertise your site there with a visual square and link then many people can simply click it to see the compare and shop scheme in your site. Of course advertising in main sites will cost some money.

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  • Please take care of the following points
    1. Open a page of you in social sites like Facebook and in that page keep updates as much as possible. Send friend requests to as many people as possible and ask them to visit your page so that if they find it interesting they can visit your website frequently.
    2. Keep the website updated and go on correcting the prices and other available coupons and other rebates etc.
    3. Keep on sending bulk SMS alerts to all your connections.
    4. Try to advertise on some website like ISC so that your traffic will increase.
    5. Make WhatsApp groups with all your friends and request them to send it to their connections.
    6. See that your site will be viewer-friendly and see that the information will be given clearly as much possible.
    7. If it is possible to make a facility for the viewers to directly order from your site directly.
    With these actions, there is every possibility that your website will get good traffic.

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  • Nowadays, online shopping is in trend due to various reasons including time and energy-saving and attractive offers. There is a lot of competition in this area you need to be extra beneficial for the customer if you want them to be with you.
    The first thing is to have an attractive home page. This will bring the initial traffic for sure. Now if you want the viewer to your pages and to do shopping, make it user-friendly and offer a great discount. You may not earn much in your initial days but once the trust base is built up with the customer, you will be able to make it up. This happens in most of the businesses.
    Another thing is to include all types of products and that too in all ranges. People have different requirements and different budgets and you should be able to serve all of them.
    Keep the feedback from your happy customers on your site. It works as a booster.


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  • You can see a fierce competition in promoting the sales through the website and hence the rate of success will depend upon how much you are having alertness in this area. Apart from it, you need to have the patience to tackle the turbulent times.
    You need to post all the items backed with their price so that the interested customers would come to know the benifits accrued by them in case the negotiations are made with your site.
    Revision of the prices, inclusion of latest materials including the festival - arrivals are to be made without fail
    Your website should be made attractive to soot the customer's sentiments. You may devise some innovative ideas to attract the customers by offering them huge discounts at the initial stage. Once your Bussiness picks up, you can make adjustments accordingly.

  • I have just visited the site you quoted. It needs a lot of technology changes and creative appearance to meet your aim.

    As a person who does online shopping for various products, and who is also searching for cashback/discount coupons or deals from various websites, I can suggest some general points from the eyes of a user.

    How to reach your site? Now I have visited your site only because you mentioned it in this question. Otherwise, what will lead the user searcher to your site? Here you have to market it through social media or by auto links. You may try to have some affiliate links with some major online sales sites.

    When I want to buy a product online I search for its online availability by doing the keyword search. Eg: That result throws the various, Paytm, etc only come. Sometimes I get some new sites which I have not known earlier. As I have some experience I avoid certain sites. Then I search and make comparisons by comparing price an also the user reviews.

    Most major sites display the offers and discounts on their web site itself. But sometime there may be some promo codes which may not have been displayed on the website or we cannot easily find. So I search the coupons and deals sites. From my experience, I have shortlisted a few sites. I apply the codes or deals from them. Some sites are well updated and can rely on them.

    Some coupons and promo code websites take us directly to the shopping site. Some just give the coupon code or deals with the terms and conditions.

    So regarding your website, it needs to be visible on a user's search. It has t come visible on a user's search for coupon sites also. You may review the number of hits you already have and take appropriate decisions and changes.

    You need to market your site on social media and other blog sites. But at the same time, you should ensure that what you give is true, working and updated. The visitors should come back.

    I remember that the ISC group had started a Deals and Coupons site a few years ago. I am not sure what the status is now.

    Now many sites which were giving attractive discounts, cash backs and deals have tapered and even stopped many such benefits.

  • you have to increase your SEO functions in order to increase the traffic towards your site. This can be done by spending money and without spending money. We know that Google is the largest search engine on the internet at present. So Google search engine optimisation by adding many plugins is the best choice to increase the traffic. Google is using a complex algorithm to show the results whenever people search for a subject on it. The search results can vary depends on the place and time of the search. So it is very difficult to get a proper response even if you install many plugins in your website related to Google. But still, you can add more contents frequently on your website. Google search will tend to highlight fresh contents.

    Also, you can start pages on social media like twitter, facebook, Pinterest etc so that your group people may know about your website and you can request them to spread among their friends and it can be grown in that manner.

    Also, you can start a blog about your website and spread the news among its subscribers.


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