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  • Python vs Ruby which is the best ?

    Confused between learning Python and Ruby? Wondering which one has better scope and which is better in the programming field? Here, on this page you can find responses from experts for all your queries and decide which one to learn.

    I am a computer student and I am going have my inter board exam as well. I am really want to know about the best and affective programming language so that after 12th I can go at that way only. I have asked this question to many people but got mixed reviewed in this topic. Which programming language is best between Python and Ruby? In which language and who is very important in the programming field ?
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  • Python and Ruby. These two are the new generation languages. Both of them will give more importance to get things done fast. They will see that the programmer is having the required stuff for the same. Hierarchy and syntax correctness will be given less importance and more importance for quickness of the program.
    Ruby: This will have many ways to attack a problem and you can choose the best and convenient for you.
    Python: This will have a single approach.
    Their approach may be different but the end result will be the same in these two.
    Which is the best of these two? These days Python is picking up but there are equal opportunities to Ruby also. In Python, the changes are introduced very rarely. But in Ruby, the framework will be changing now and then for ease of operation.
    I feel one should learn both. Which is to be used is to be decided based on the work you have on hand and the suitability. You may have to use 50% of times Ruby and the remaining times Python. one or two per cent this side or the other side it may change.
    Python is more useful for academic and scientific programs. Ruby may be more helpful in web development

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  • Python and Ruby are both object-oriented languages and very flexible and dynamic in their functionalities. Python came into being in 1989 and about 5 years later Ruby was introduced. In both of them the architectures is based on the requirement of the programmers. Both of these languages are very popular with the programmers. In both of them the objective is to write clean, readable and concise code. Though they are similar in many respect but there are some inherent differences and that will be clear from the following specific details about these two languages.

    In python there is generally one specific way to do a thing and the programmer has to do it in that way only. Python can build a complex web spider, build an API or can help in writing short scripts. This programming language is used by some of the big companies like Dropbox, Google, You Tube, Quora etc.

    Contrary to Python, it has multiple ways to do a thing and solve a problem. This is the main difference between the two. Ruby is used in many top sites like Twitter, Airbnb, Hulu, Github etc.

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  • Python and Ruby are the programming languages and both the languages have got wide applicabilities in the different domains the former is used in Utube and Google etc where as the later is used in Hulu, Twitter, GitHub etc.
    Both are used to get the end results in a fastest way using Java, C++ but there exists some difference in their functionalities as indicated below -
    Python- Python does not allow a programmer to adopt multiple ways to carry out an assigned job rather a specific method has to be resorted to achieve the result. Here the correctness of the language is not that much important but the quickness in getting the result is more important.
    Ruby- Ruby is working on Rail framework and allows the programmer to approach the multiple ways to execute functionality. Despite the variable ways in the selection of programming, it would not affect the end result. This script is popular within the circle of web - development.
    So far the superiority of the two scripts are concerned, both are equally good in their respective domains and hence we cannot make any comparasion in that way.

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