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  • How to become a Google local guide

    Eager to become a local guide and get featured on Google reviews? Learn from those who are already Google local guides on how to become one and how it will be beneficial for you.

    I had seen the label of Local Guide earlier but did not pay much attention. However, today when I was searching for something, I saw a Google review on a particular service with the photo of the reviewer displayed there. That person is known to me. Then I did some exploration and found that he is a Local Guide. He has given many Google reviews.

    Though I searched for more details, I could not get fully clear information and updates on that.  Are you a Google review local guide? How to be one? Is it open even now and is there any update or change on that? What benefits do you get from being a Google reviewer or Local Guide?

    Kindly give opinions and guidance from your experiences to be useful and authentic.
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  • I think I can help here. Once you start visiting places and if you have put your location on by default in your mobile, it will automatically record places that you have visited. If you open Google map, it will list places that you have visited, it will ask few questions such "Was there parking, Is it good for the family, are they kid-friendly, etc.". Based on your knowledge you can start submitting your reviews and gradually for each review you will get points and will start unlocking new levels and badges. Once you score more than 500 points and more you will become Google Local Guide.

    Benefits -
    Nothing Monetary
    Your reviews will help people to make their own decisions.
    If your reviews are uploaded with photos of the location, you will earn more points and unlock new levels.

  • I am a local guide on Google. Presently I am level 7 local Guide. The level will be based on the points you score. When we go on tour we may be using google maps to go to the desired places without asking anybody the root details. When we use this facility every time you will be getting some questions on your phone when you open the google map option. Once you start answering those questions continuously you will get an offer from google whether you are interested in becoming a google guide. Then you can register and every week they will be sending you the statistics of your contributions.

    There is no money you can earn from this. You may get sometimes some coupons which we can't use unless otherwise, we spent some money from our side. Your reviews may be seen by many people and they may be useful to some of them. Sometimes we will be getting some emails asking us opinions about the changes Google is introducing and they want our opinions and suggestions on that particular matter.

    always confident

  • Anyone who is interested to contribute in the improvement of Google Maps can become a Google guide. One has to register in Google for that and then add the valuable authentic information regarding ones area or a known area so that Google Maps can take advantage of this additional information and incorporate in the Google Maps.

    For every information posted in Google Maps it awards some points and on accumulation of points batches are awarded. Those who have an interest in writing reviews, sharing videos and making comments can earn points in this Google local guide program and attain levels accordingly.

    For every activity like rating, review, photo, answer, video, edit, place added, road added, checked, points are awarded. For example for a review 10 points are given while for a road added another 10 points and similarly for other activities some points are given. Though there is no monetary benefit but there are some indirect perks which come with this work. Like advertising ones business, getting storage in Google server etc. Then there is community of local guides who can interact with each other for information.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Once you start using Google Map and if frequently used, you may get notifications asking different queries regarding the place visited such as existence of parks, good connectivities of different locations, existence of schools, colleges, Hospitals etc. You may be requested to write reviews of all such places visited by you and for that you will be rewarded Google points. Your accumulated points are redeemable once it attains threshold amount.
    You may be elevated to Google Guide with your consistent reviews and gradually you will reach from one to seven.
    So far the monetary benifit is concerned, it may not be substantial other than awarding you some coupons which may be utilised along with your cash in purchase of some articles from a retail outlets honouring the Google - coupons. However, your review may help the visitors to gain some information regarding a particular locality.

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