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  • How to find a good Business Development Employee

    Are you on the lookout for a qualified and efficient Business Development Employee? If you are stuck and is not able to find a suitable one, check out the suggestions from our experts in this thread for the ways to identify and find a suitable candidate for the vacancy.

    Nowadays marketing is the biggest challenge everyone is facing and so is with me. I am trying to hire an employee as Bussiness Development Executive (BDE) from the past 5 months but have not been able to find a proper one in Palghar location.

    I have IT products ready to hit the market. Can you suggest how and what are the proper ways to get a BDE for an IT company? Just need a proper candidate to hit the product in a proper way, so that it can attract the right traffic and the reach the proper audience for which the software is intended for.

    Please share your views on this so that I can evaluate where I am going wrong.
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  • You want to hire a business development person for the growth of your business in terms of sales and marketing. Generally such a person should have a BBA or MBA degree but simple degree will not be sufficient as he should have some experience in sales and marketing work to promote and sell the product. The IT market is already flooded with the products of all the kinds and is very competitive and tech savvy. Still an experienced sales and marketing person can bring significant progress.

    So, you have to pick up a person who preferably has an experience in computer and IT area. There are certain things which a business development employee should possess to do his work effectively and efficiently. Some of these characteristic skills are -

    1. He should be communicative, good with numbers and can present his product meaningfully to the prospective customer.
    2. He should be able to convert his marketing skills to sales of the product.
    3. He should definitely have ability to take pressures in deadline situations. Timely delivery is the key to customer satisfaction.
    4. He should be conversant with the industry and the equivalent products being offered by the competitors and should be able to explain how his product is better than others technically and from affordability point of view.

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  • Hi,
    You are having a start-up firm? If not, do you have an old or current customer base for the products you are dealing with?
    To have a good Business Development Executive is a bit tricky task as this job responsibility requires hard efforts. You may have 2 different cases-
    1. You may hire a fresher and train him as per your requirement. I worked in a Biotechnology for 7 years. I have seen that the founder of the company himself giving training to the BDE and marketing people himself. He used to go along with them to the customer sites, involved them in the interactions and presentations, etc.
    This way, the candidate gets to know what his boss expects from him and the boss gets to know what kind of attitude the candidates are having towards work.

    2. Another way is to hire an experienced person and explain to him his job. In such cases, candidates expect good salary with additional perks or bonus as per the sales. Higher the sale, more the benefits should be. So, it should be a win-win situation for both.


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  • here are two options:

    1. Taking a person in your company roles directly. For that, you can do as given below.

    1.1. Contact or times They will give you axis to their website as an employer to you against a little payment. Then you can axis their website and. search for the persons who suits your requirement. You can advertise in local newspapers also.
    1.2. The person who is having experience in a similar line of what you are thinking marketing will be of more use to you.
    1.3. A graduate in IT or a graduate in commerce with a diploma in marketing or MBA with some experience as mentioned above will be useful to you.
    1.4. What is the present condition of the industry, you have not mentioned? similarly at what level you want to take a marketing person. What is the pay packet you are thinking about? These details were not mentioned in your question.
    1.5. The better the candidate is the higher the salary expectation. So the calibre of the person will always be in proportion to what you want to pay.
    1.6. Keeping the above points in your mind, shortlist the candidates for selection. Graduation with 5 years of experience in a similar line will be always better.
    1.7. I feel a known person or a person referred by a known person is always better for small industries where one person will be doing the entire marketing. Otherwise unknown people will come to work for some time and leave. Your company will become a training centre for them. So it is better to take a person from known contacts and pay a little higher salary than the competitors so that this man will not leave the job easily
    2. The second way is to outsource the selling. For that, you can follow the following
    2.1 There are some players already in the market who are selling similar products as agents or distributors.
    2.2 Conduct a survey and find the best agent or distributor for similar products in your area.
    2.3 Get the information about his sales capacity and what are his expectations.
    2.4 Ask his interest in selling your products. Get his terms and conditions for the sales.
    2.5 You collect the same information from another two or three traders or distributors.
    2.6 Compare with your figures and see the person who is nearest to them and then get a tie-up made with him.
    2.7. The agreement should be for a period. By that time, if your product establishes its name in the market, then you need not extend his contract and you can start doing marketing on your own.

    If I were you and if I can't do the marketing on my own my first preference will the second alternative I have given. This will give you more time to concentrate on supply, quality and other administration issues and marketing will be done by the distributor.

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  • The Business Development Executive is responsible for new customer(through telephone, email, internet and in person), improve sales, conduct survey of market and help in executing the plan made by the company to market the product in the market.

    You can selected any candidate with degree in IT, Marketing or combination of both. A 2-3 years of experience will be an added advantage. He should be a team leader and be able to take decision, possess strong communication skill, Be humble and patient to hear his teammates and customer.

    As you are focusing on IT products, anyone who has knowledge of latest IT trends, requirements and tech savvy will help you to market your product with adroitness. You can even select any local guy who has the above skills as it will help to communicate with the local market, will have his own lead which is required if you are starting afresh and be familiar with the location.

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  • If you want to have a Bussiness Development Executive to promote your IT product in the market, you may start your searching in the following ways-
    1) You need to display a specific advertisement in some established newspaper including the local ones indicating qualification of the candidate such as MBA in IT, a commerce graduate with a diploma in sales etc, state the minimum experience of three years in the similar line. Salary component should appear attractive to the aspirants. Commissions as a result of selling of theIT product would be offered additionally to boost up their sentiments. Your proper display of advertisement would help you in selection of a right personnel.
    2) Arrange for the interview by shortlisting right candidates and to xpedite the process, you can deploy a recruiting agency and you need to remain on the Board to assess the potentials of individuals.
    3) Mark the way of communication of individuals, his convincing capability to promote aggressively the given product and his persuasive skill. With a friendly talk, you can identify the requisite potential of a candidate.
    4) Also assess his knowledge regarding the prevalence of popular IT product in the market and ask him how he can correlate your product with the any existing component having high demand in the market.

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