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  • Granite or Marble flooring is better than tiles in Living and Bedrooms?

    Confused about which type of flooring to use for a duplex house? Looking out for how to choose between granite, marble and tiles? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you with inputs regarding how to choose the best flooring and for which areas.

    Which is more durable and study in case when you have to choose flooring from Granite / Marble and Tiles?
    Nowadays builder offers Vitrified anti skid tiles but if given choice of granite then which one is better to use in Living and Bed room?
    What are pros and cons of using them?
    Usually it is said that marble has property of cold-foot, it keeps floor cooler. Where can we use it more in duplex? Consider for long term and then advise.
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  • Marble is having a good shining and look and it is a good choice for drawing room but it is slippery and not advisable for the kitchen and bathrooms. Marble requires good maintenance also as it can catch dirt. Tiles are now a days available in various anti-slip or slip-resistant types and these vitrified tiles are good for bathrooms and kitchens. On the other hand Granite is durable and easy to clean and attracts less dirt to its surface. It is a good choice for common areas, bedrooms etc. Tiles also come in great varieties. Cement tiles are supposed to be good for garage, driveway, galleries etc as they are very strong and durable.

    On the price front Marble is the costliest followed by Granite and Tiles.

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  • Marble looks attractive and even with the passage of time, it retains its attractiveness bu the only thing is that it needs proper maintenance so that dust and foreign materials are not deposited on its surface giving a dull appearance. However, the main drawbacks on its fixture in the rooms are its prohibitive cost and the same may behave slippery in presence of water even though the quantity may be minute. Hence care is to be taken when wet washing is applied.
    Tiles are the versatile applications having attractive colours, suiting to the pockets of most of the consumers interested for the same. They are available in the form of anti slippery anti resistance to heat as well. Cleaning operation is not clumsy and due to its verified nature, it has got its utility in the Bathroom and Kitchen. In respect of cost, the variants are cheaper than the Marble.

  • The three items mentioned by you are having their own advantages and disadvantages. Flooring will give a better look to your house. But whatever may be the material you use, the important factor is how good you maintain the flooring over a period of time.
    Marble flooring will be less resistant to abrasion and will get easily spoiled when compared to vitrified tiles.
    Vitrified tiles are manufactured in factories where the quality of the product will be controlled properly and will give you better durability. Marble is a natural product and there are many varieties in that and if cheap materials are used they will get spoiled easily.
    Marble will lose its shining and colour over a period of time but Vitrified tiles retain their colour and shinning for many years. In naturally occurring granite there will be many flaws. We can't easily understand which is good and which is bad. Marble will be losing its polish and we have to get it regularly polished. The surface defects will come out when you get it polished once or twice and then the look will go and sometimes we may have to redo the entire flooring. Vitrified tiles will not lose its appearance very easily. Vitrified tiles laying is easy when compared to other types. They are fire-resistant.
    Cleaning tiles is easy when compared to marble or granite.

    I used marble for ground floor and tiles for the first floor. After 10 years of usage today I feel I have to change the marble as many surface defects are visible and shinning has come down. But the tiles on the first floor looks good and appears as if they are new.
    With my experience, I suggest going for tiles only.


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  • It is difficult to decide which flooring is better as all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from these, North marble works cheaper as most of the marble mines are in Rajasthan, MP, and Gujrat, and in South India, it is costlier due to transportation, Labors, and shops. Hence granite is cheaper in South India. Some of the advantages for each are given below for more clarity on your question and selection.

    1. Granite: These are Hard, Tough and more resistant to crack, scratches, acid wash, and rough usage. You will find many new patterns and colors as you can select according to the color choice. The cost of maintenance and Granite is less as compared to vitrified tiles and Marble. You can directly purchase it from the shops as per your requirements, patterns and size. If you increase your budget a bit more, you can even go for antiskid granite which is good for children, old people and wet floors.

    2. Marble: The marble need to be polished after laying and thus its initial cost is more. These are soft in nature and thus fewer chances are there to break and for scratches. If one feels like the flooring is looking dull, you can always re-polish it to make it look fresh. If you have a good shop for marble than you will be able to find good designs and patterns. The cost may be less but laying and polishing add to the cost.

    3. Vitrified Tiles: These are easily available in the market with best designs patterns, colors and sizes as are made in factories. These are easy to install but need to order in huge quantities as the designs may change with time and during maintenance, they may not be available. When compared with Granite and marble, these are much cheaper as they are easily available and easy to transport and lay.

    If you are more concern about the climate than you can consider marble if you need your floor to be cool and granite if you have children or aged people in your family. As this post has given you a better understanding of various floors, you can pen down your criteria and select accordingly the best-suited one.

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  • Marble, granite or vitrified tiles – I'll add one more option to the list wood flooring. The type of flooring you want in your home should be decided when the house is being planned. Architects advise against deciding on the kind of floor after the foundation has been laid and the structure built. The reason for this is that the foundation is made keeping in mind the structure that will come on it.

    I'll give you an example. The Church I go to had to be razed because it began developing cracks and started sinking. Experts were called, even from IIT Madras, and each one studied the construction plan and opined that the structure was not designed for marble flooring. The initial plan had a mosaic floor. However, when the Church was built, someone donated marble slabs, and those were laid on the floor, instead. The foundation couldn't take the extra weight, and as a result, a few years down the line, the walls began developing cracks, and the structure began to sink. Therefore, consult with the architect if they recommend marble or granite flooring based on the foundation, etc., before making a decision.

    Marble stays cool and looks attractive. The drawback is that it stains easily, and good quality marble may cost a lot. Granite is beautiful too, and also remains cool, and is easy to clean, but it can be slippery. You can slip even on a drop of water or if your footwear has worn out. Granite has an impersonal look and suits roomier spaces such as office lobbies and wedding halls and bathrooms, etc., rather than homes.

    Tiles are, of course, used everywhere. They too remain cool, are easy to clean, but can crack easily, especially if a heavy object falls in them.

    Wooden flooring looks classy and is ideal for both the living area and the bedrooms. There is a variety of wooden flooring to choose from. You get teak wood panels that are water-resistant and easy to fix. They need to be interlocked and require no adhesive.

    These days there are a lot of options, in the market, such as 3D flooring and metallic flooring and epoxy flooring. They turn out to be cheaper than marble and granite floors.

    Whatever you decide, give it a good thought because it is an investment. The flooring cannot be changed often, and you will have to live with whatever you choose, for years to come.

  • If the choice is limited to Granite and Marble, I will suggest Marble.
    But why don't you consider the vitrified tiles. They are current. They have umpteen choices and varieties. The come with various alternatives compatible with our parameters of price, durability, beauty and elegance and purpose.
    Granite has almost been relegated and have now been mostly used as kitchen platforms, wash basin platforms etc.
    Building materials , decor materials and decor style- all undergo change over a period. So it is always better to use the most current ones rather than the disappearing ones. Hence tiles are apt for now.

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