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  • List of books about Cycles and periodicity in Hindi language.

    Interested in gathering information about the cycles and periodicity in Hindi language? Looking out for help to get such books, irrespective of whether they are science or fiction? On this Ask Expert page you can scroll through the responses and get the required information.

    I want to know the list of books in Hindi language that deals with Cycles and Periodicity theories. These books can be ancient or new.
    Basic theme of book must be a Cyclic and periodic behaviour of universe.
    Book can be scientific or fiction.
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  • Hope the below book will be useful to you. The Holy Science is a book written by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri under the title Kaivalya Darsanam, it is a Hindi language book. It is written in 1894, so its a very old book of Sri Yukteswar Giri states that he wrote The Holy Science at the request of Mahavatar Babaji, a Guru. The book compares the Bible and Upanishads based on science. It is a book which goes to the deepest point about our belief as per the religions and the scientific version for those beliefs.
    In this book, he says as per the Yuga cycle, the present yuga is Dwaparayuga unless most of the Hindu astrologers saying this is "Kaliyuga". As per Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, we are now in the early days of Dwapara Yuga which started on AD1699 and will go to next yuga which is the Threta yuga in the year AD4099.

    He also says the Sun has another type of motion in which it revolves around a place called Vishnu-nabhi, where Brahma sits. In Hindu Mythology, Brahma is the creator of everything and it possesses the Universal Magnetism. Please go through this book which helps many new theories about cycle and periodicity.

    You can buy this book online from Amazone which will cost you around Rs.350-400 including shipping charges.


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  • There are many theories on the cycles of universe. This is an area still under research and no conclusive thing is established in this matter. Scientists have their own ideas while the spiritual people have some different hypothesis. Anyway, there are some books on these aspects of the universe in Hindi languages. Some of them are -

    1. Universe (Hindi Edition) by A H Hashmi
    2. The Age of Our Universe (Hindi Kindle Edition) by Yogesh Kumar Maheswari
    3. Antrix Vigyan tatha Paroksh ka Anusandhan by Sriram Sharma Acharya

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