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  • Wrong entry of subject combination in central govt job

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    I have been selected in central govt job as pharmacist and have finished document verification. The problem is that I have entered in 10th subject combination: just 3 subjects unknowingly. In fact I have passed 6 subjects in 10th. Can any one suggest what is the further procedure?
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  • Although the document verification has been gone through and you have been selected for the job, it is advisable to have the details updated. Approach the HR personnel and show them the supporting documents. Explain the error which you made and request them to update the correct details in their record. The other subjects may or may not be relevant to the particular post you applied for and got. Yet, it may make a difference later if those subjects are relevant to some other similar but higher-paying position. It may also be important later, when you switch jobs and, say, the next employer checks with this employer details of your application.

    It is always best to be upfront and honest at the outset in letting the employer know the mistakes made in a job application. Never give any kind of misleading data or incorrect/incomplete facts, in this case, the subjects you studied and appeared for in the Class 10 exam. In case you have not yet started on the job, communicate the information to them. Ideally, visit the office personally and submit a photocopy of the relevant document again (if required, it should be a self-attested one), with a cover letter explaining the error and take along the original as well to show as proof.

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  • I think this is a problem which can be solved easily and only thing is that you have to approach them quickly and courteously. Try to upload the missing details online if it is permitted in some form there. Other thing is send them an email for your inadvertent mistake and apologise for it and ask them to correct it at their end as per additional information being provided by you now. If you can get their contact address in their site then I will advise you to send a hard copy of these details in form of an application to them by registered post and keep a copy of same with you so that if nothing works you can show it to them at a later stage when you get a call to join a position somewhere in their offices.

    You have simply to admit your mistake and add this data to their database as soon as possible or at an opportune time. There is nothing like rejection of your candidature on this account.

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  • One good thing is you have shown fewer subjects you passed rather than showing more subjects which will be a serious issue. But it is better always to give accurate information. Suppression of facts may lead to termination of the job in some cases. But in your case, you have not any wrong information but given less information. So don't worry much but take corrective action immediately. When you have gone for document verification you might have told them the fact there itself. Anyhow there is no problem, inform them immediately to the concerned.

    If you have applied for the post online and you have a chance for getting it corrected online even now do it immediately. If that scope is not there, contact the concerned person and give it in writing about the mistake committed and submit the additional information which you have not given earlier. Do it as early as possible and never delay it. If you are not able to meet them personally send a letter by registered post with acknowledgement due. Keep a copy of the letter with you. Also, keep the receipt and the acknowledgement received back.
    I advise you to meet them if possible personally at the earliest.

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  • The lapse while entering the subjects of class ten to your employer may be treated as a case of misconduct on your part and hence you need to take the step at the earliest.
    The stage of document - verification is over and hence you will have to go through the alternative rout.
    You will have to write an application to the authorised chairman explaining the details how there could be omission of the rest three subjects and an attested copy contains the details of marks of all the six subjects should be shown. Ensure that the application along with the self attested Mark- sheet reaches to authority at the earliest.
    It would however be better if you meet the chairman personally and make an apology for the lapse being committed by you. Such a visit would certainly create a positive impact.
    Henceforth, don't be in a hurry to despatch any testimonials without having a thorough verification.

  • 1. In Government recruitment, document verification is done to check the authenticity of the educational certificates and comparing the name of the candidate, father's name, date of birth in the documents and as declared by the candidate.

    2. Your documents have been verified and you have been offered an appointment as a pharmacist.

    3. The Xth certificate is important for age and name verification. It doesn't have any other purpose. Further, you have not provided any wrong information. You have mentioned only three subjects (most probably, due to a space problem in the application form). So, you need not worry, because you have not furnished any false information.

    4. If the information furnished by you in writing is wrong /factually incorrect, then only you have to indicate the correct position to the authorities in writing.

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