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  • How to switch career from Administration into teaching

    Interested in changing career profile? Searching for information and advice to change from administration to teaching position? check out this page where our ISC experts have provided advice regarding further opportunities and eligibility for CTET.

    I have five years experience in admin profile,but now I'm switching into education sector.I have done BSc Mathematics and I'm pursuing B.Ed.(first year).
    Please let me know any future opportunities in education sector as a teacher. How can I start in my career in schools? Am I eligible for CTET this year?
    I have experience in home based tuition in Mathematics & Science subjects.
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  • Pursuing B.Ed. is the most important step to enter the field of teaching and you have already started.
    Regarding CTET, you can appear in exams after passing the first year of B.Ed or pursing the first year of B.Ed. So, that way, you are eligible for this exam this year.
    But you need to check other eligibility criteria related to you your passing marks in 10th and 12th examinations.
    Age restriction is not there and any candidate of age more than 17 can appear in the same. So, I guess, you fulfill this criterion.
    CTET has 2 papers, 1 for the candidates willing to teach in primary classes from 1 to 5th standard and 2 for candidates willing to teach in higher classes.
    Candidates are allowed to appear in both if they want but the eligibility criteria are different for both the papers.
    As you are graduate, you are eligible for both the papers but you have not mentioned your marks in graduation. The eligibility criteria mention marks between 45% to 50% in graduation.

    As you have experience in teaching as a tutor, you can try in private schools for teaching job. Although B.Ed. is mandatory in most of the schools, some private schools recruit candidates without B. Ed degree but have experience in teaching. But in that case, the salary may be lower than the candidates holding B.Ed. degree.


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  • Dear Madam,
    Thanks for your valuable reply.

    Yes I have more than 50 percent marks in 10 + 2+3.
    Please let me know that am I eligible for both ctet paper this year while pursuing b.ed first year.

  • B. Ed is the qualification required for a graduate to enter into teaching line. You have already taken the initiative and you are doing that. Since you have more than 50% in your graduation, inter and SSC you are eligible to apply for the CTET test this year. Age also is not a problem in your case. If you have any reservation quota you can apply for the teacher post in that category. You can take maths and science are as your optional subjects. You can go for both primary school teaching as well as high school teaching. So you apply for both the posts and whichever you are getting you can get in.
    If you want immediately after completing your B Ed you can join in some good private schools using your earlier experience of home teaching and you can start teaching there. While working there you can do your PG and then you will be eligible for Junior lecturer posts and if you can cleat NET exam you can become a lecturer in colleges also.

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  • B.Ed is the essential qualification if you want to enter in the teaching line. Hence your initiative by choosing this course shows that you have already moved in the right direction.
    Now, in order to qualify the CTET test, you should fulfil the following parameters -
    1) In the graduation, your minimum aggregate mark must not be less than 45 percent.
    2) You should have already attained the age of 17.
    3) if you have any reservation quota, indicate the same in your application form of the said examination to avail of such concession.
    Since, your aggregate is more than 50 percent and hence there is no question of your disqualification for the said examination.
    CTET consists of two papers namely paper 1 and paper 2. Qualifying the paper 1 would make you eligible to teach the aspirants studying between class 1 and class 5 and paper 2 is for those interested to take up teaching for the students beyond class 5.
    Since, you are a graduate, you are eligible to appear for both the papers and upon your declaration of the result, you have to indicate either of the options.
    You may be offered the teaching assignment in some private school despite the fact you don't possess B.Ed qualification at present. They may offer you lesser emoluments in your case but the other advantage would be to acquire experience in your teaching line.
    If you are thinking for the future prospects, while studying in a private school, you may take up M.A after completion of B.Ed.
    in case, you obtain at least 55 percent marks in M.A, you will be eligible to appear for NET test. Clearing this test, your chances for the Lecturership in a constituent college would apply.

  • It is good that you are doing B.Ed. because that is the gateway to teaching career. Further your experience of delivering tuitions will also help you. State Govt have their own tests for appointment to the teaching jobs and after B.Ed. one can apply in them in various levels. A qualified person can apply in various levels in our education system like primary education, secondary education and higher secondary education. If you can pursue masters degree then there are opportunities in lectureship also after qualifying in national level test NET.

    The basic eligibility for applying for primary teaching job is a minimum of 50% marks in Class 12 and Bachelor in Elementary Education (B.EL.ED) or Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.ED) programme. For secondary and higher secondary teachers positions one has to be a graduate along with Bachelor's degree in education. In your case as you are already doing B.Ed. your chances after completing it are brighter for applying for secondary or higher secondary education. In some subjects the masters degree also preferred along with the degree in education.

    Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is a centralised exam conducted by CBSE for recruitment of teachers for primary (class I to V) and elementary stage (class VI to VIII) teachers. The eligibility for primary teachers is 50% marks in senior secondary class and 2 years diploma in elementary education while for elementary stage a graduate degree with diploma in elementary education/ B.Ed. is required. For details of these eligibility conditions and equivalent eligibility qualifications can be seen in the CBSE site.

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  • Dear All,

    Thanks a lot for valuable means a lot for me.


  • If you completed your Xth, X+IIth and Graduation with more than 50% marks and as you are pursuing B.Ed., you can appear in both levels of Central Teachers' Eligibility Test (CTET).

    If you want to join the teaching profession, you must immediately start preparing for CTETsimultaneously with B.Ed. Chart a daily routine and follow it scrupulously so that you can clear both levels of CTET at the first chance.

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  • To pursue teaching profession one should possess:
    1.Prescribed qualifications like BED/MPHIL/PHD/SLET/NET should get first
    2.As the teaching profession required a strict perseverance one should possess or develop perseverance in them.
    3.Real involvement or interest should be in him/her.

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