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  • What to do to make caste certificate?

    Want to make caste certificate? Looking out for detailed procedure to resolve the issue? Check out this Ask Expert page and get answers for how to get the caste certificate and proceed with the education formalities.

    I belongs to kanjar bhat (VJ/NT) caste, but I have no valid proof of my caste because there is no one have school certificate of caste my father ,uncle, grandfather. Since all are illiterate. What to do to make caste certificate? Can give me the process because I need caste certificate for my education?
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  • The village Panchayat can give this certificate. Please contact the Village assistant of Panchayat with a written application saying that you belong to so and so caste and you want a caste certificate to that effect. He will acknowledge it and forward it to the MRO of the Mandal to which your village belongs. You can submit that letter which is acknowledged by the Village Assistant in MRO's office personally.
    The village will maintain a birth and death register and in that, your father's name and caste will be recorded. Basing on that the Village Assistant will write his comments and you can submit that in the MRO office. If you can get a birth certificate and attach the same to the leeter it will be good and work will move fast. MRO will verify and give you the caste certificate and that is valid for all purposes
    If there is no record in the village you have to take the help of the Village Officer, Surpunch and ward member and you have to get the birth certificate.

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  • You have to contact your village Sarpanch for this job and ask him the formalities to be done in this regard. He can issue you some identity certificate where the details about your birth place, birth day, parent names etc are mentioned. Once this is prepared you have to take it to Panchayat Secretary (village administrative officer) if you have one in the village and apply for a caste certificate. If there is any problem due to lack of documentary information regarding caste in your case then you might have to go for a legal affidavit where you can give information about your credentials on a stamped court paper and sign it in presence of a notary public or magistrate. After this you can apply for the caste certificate and you will get it in time.

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  • In your village, you may take the help of Sarpanch for getting the formalities to be done. In every village, the birth - records of the newly born babies are maintained and the same is monitored in the village - panchayat. Here the entire relevant details are recorded such as the name of parents, date and timing of the birth and the name of the cast of the parent of the babies.
    With the copy issued by the village - Sarpanch, you will have to approach the Panchayat - secretary for getting his comments in the copy and finally the same would be forwarded to MRO. He would go through this copy and after his final verification, cast - certificate would be released to you.

  • Caste certificate become a needy one in present days though there is a cry on one side as caste system should get vanished,as a proof to avail reservation in job/education.
    To get such caste certificate one should approach village administrative officers /Tehsildar better by having such certificate of your brother/father/sister.

  • Please contact the nearest Akshaya center for your caste certificate or community certificate. They will clear all your doubts. Submit an application form with prescribed application fee. Voter card, ration card, electricity bill, Aadhaar Card etc are needed for identity proof. You will get a cast certificate only after a local enquiry for the proof of residence in your State for a minimum period . An affidavit stating the caste belonging to you is also needed because none of your family members have earlier been issued a Caste Certificate
    A caste certificate is a necessary document for some quotas in educational institutions while admissions, for getting scholarships, government subsidies etc.

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