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  • How I can watch old popular TV shows like shaka laka boom boom,son pari

    Interested in watching popular Indian TV shows? Looking out for tips and suggestions of sites? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you with suggestions to watch the shows.

    I am wondering to know that how I can watch Indian popular TV shows. Those I watched in my childhood like son pari,shaka laka boom boom,chacha Chaudhary, junior G, etc. I searched in many platforms like YouTube, google but I can't find it TV shows all episodes in series.
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  • Youtube is one of the good sources for such old shows. I have watched many old TV episodes on Youtube. Further, search with more appropriate words and try again.
    Another source is Amazon Prime stick. It will give various old TV programmes as well as movies also. You can purchase it to watch these episodes. But the availability will depend. If those days nobody uploaded those songs it will be difficult to have those shows. So some may be available and some are not available. You have to search and try.

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  • One and only easiest way is Youtube. You can still search in google with the serial names. You will get to see Shaka Laka Boom Boom in Hotstar. For that, you may need to purchase a subscription. But Sonpari is only available on youtube as per my basic search. Best of Luck..

  • You Tube is the main source of videos today whether old or new. One has to try with search words used effectively in the search bar. If you are unsuccessful in getting it there then there are other places where one can try to search them.

    Some of the other places where one can try are ZengaTV, India Eeryday TV, DesiTVBox, YuppTV, FreeTVAll, HotStar etc.

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  • In India, the viewer has plenty of options in their television sets with different channels in different languages that provide 24x7 entertainment. However, due to high pay for each channel, many do not have proper access to full channels broadcasted in India. These users can now go online and browse through numerous websites, from countless Indian channels. Some of the websites where one can watch Indian Television shows (old or new, Serials or reality shows, movies or news, etc.) for free. All are available online.

    Some of the site or app are :
    i. Desi Tv box - This website offers you the option to choose from multiple shows and serials along with the serial ratings or TRP.
    ii. Yupp Tv - It offers viewers to watch movies from different state or language channels and categories like comedy, cinema, business, news, etc.
    iii. Free Tv All - It offers channels across globe with different likes.
    iv. Hotstar - At present, it only offers shows that are broadcasted on the Star Network and probably all contents of star networks are covered here.
    v. The Viral Fever - It is one of the growing online site. Besides some classic shows from the Indian Television, it has its own shows for different age groups.
    vi. India Everyday Tv - It offers numerous Tv shows along with multiple language selection.
    vii. Youtube - The most common search for any serial or movie. One can search for their favourite serials, sports, movies, stage shows, etc.

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  • YouTube is rich plateform providing videos on the different issues and moreover, this channel is interested to provide updated knowledge in the different sections be it technology or otherwise. Hence in order to trace out Shaka Laka Boomboom and Sonepari, you need to have precise typing to get the videos.
    The other channels such as Hot Star, Viral Fever, Yupp Tv etc may also be surfed to locate these contents.
    Google can provide you better informations relating to source of other channels providing you details of the said contents.

  • The best place to watch serials from the star enterprise is " HOTSTAR ". As per my basic search episodes of old serials are also uploaded on youtube.

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