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  • Use of body hair for Humans(Men and Women)

    Have a query about the use of body hair for both genders? Wondering about its use on various parts of the body, and the impact of shaving or cutting it? find advice from experts on this page.

    We all have hair on our bodies. It depends on gender as it is dense on men while coarse in women. We have been taught that hair help our body to have a balance with temperature and other climatic factor but nowadays, we have started cutting, shaving or waxing the body hair. I need to know about the following :
    i) Why do Humans need hair?
    ii) What are the uses of hair on our face, ear, nose, underarms, private parts, Hands and legs?
    iii) What is the effect of cutting, shaving or waxing on our hair or body?
    iv) Do hair help to look good or increase glamor?

    Kindly provide an answer as per points raised.
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  • 1. Hair is required for body temperature control. In addition to that, some more benefits are also there from the hair.
    2.1: The hair on our head is useful in insulating our body from the heat from the atmosphere. It will also provide some cooling effect. The hair will protect our body from UV rays from the light which will create health problems to us. The hair on the other parts will be useful to regulate the internal temperature of the body.
    2.2: The hair may work as a cushion and avoid or minimise damage from scratches and unwanted hits and other such happenings.
    2.3: The hair will have the ability to sense the moment of air. It will also have the ability to provide alertness to us to avoid physical damages
    2.4 The hair on the other parts of the human body may provide some protection from external sources.
    3. There will not be any effect if we cut the hair from our body but we should be careful that we should not get hurt during the process of cutting.
    4. Yes. Long hair to ladies gives a beautiful look. similarly for men also the hairdressing will give a good look. That is why many people use wigs if they don't have sufficient hair on their head.

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  • Why do Humans need hair?

    Body hair is a naturally given protective mechanism. Hairs help us in facing variations of weather, as protective cushions and thermal controls on important body parts . They help in giving sense of feeling the crawling of ants, insects etc. on our body. They remain in humans as remnants of evolutionary development. Though humans have developed various methods and aids to get the use -effect of hairs on animals, still hairs are needed for humans in normal circumstances for the natural functions they are meant.

    1.Hair on our body work like cushion and thermal control. As is fur to some animals, hair is to humans. Actually over years of evolution and adjustments humans have now very less hair in comparison to animals living in the same geography.

    2. Hairs are connected to fine nerve endings. So they give delicate signals of any external attack by insects etc. It is because of the hair and their connection to nerves that we sense if and ant or insect is crawling on our body. That gives us time to shrug off the insect or ant and be protected.

    2. Body hair gives added brushing effect when we rub our body parts each other for any need.

    3. Apart from nature given protective mechanism body hair add their contribution in attraction between the genders and enhance courting and pairing. This is also linked to evolutionary development . The facial and body hair in men and lack/ thin quantum of it in women, and the are mutual attraction to the genders. Thus the female seeks the warmth from the male and the male enjoys the smoothness of the female.
    4. The hair in underarm are also coming in enhancing courting attraction of the genders. These areas secret certain hormonal odours which attract the other gender.

    What are the uses of hair on our face, ear, nose, underarms, private parts, Hands and legs?

    Ear, nose, eye lashes:
    The hairs on these parts blocks the entry of foreign materials and protect our body. When a foreign material like dust, dirt, insects etc enter r touch these parts or getting near to them, the reflex mechanism shuts the eye, gives irritation sensation in nose and ear and thus helps us to take remedial action.
    Hands and legs: As usually males are less protected by outer cover by dress and women more covered, evolution has made it necessary of more hair to men in hands and legs for doing work in less helpful environments. They also add in mutual gender attraction as narrated earlier.
    Underarms and private parts:
    Private parts hair also function as protection like ear and nose hair ; and also as temperature control. They have additional function n mutual i gender attraction.

    What is the effect of cutting, shaving or waxing on our hair or body?

    Humans cut or shave hair on various parts for the following reasons:
    1. Overgrowth inhabits daily smooth functioning. When hair grows longer, they give tickling or irritation to our body. Dirt gets stuck with sweat at these places where hair growth is more. This leads t lack of hygiene and parasites like lice grow. That is a threat to health and hygiene. Cutting hair short is a remedy for this. The underarms, pubic area etc are some examples. While men resort to hair cutting periodically, women wear scented flowers in the neck and head hair to reduce the sweating effect in these areas and keeping cool and sweet smelling, thus reducing the bad effect in the neck area of head.
    2. Modern sense of beauty and looks. Lifestyle in modern days change and the perception of beauty and presentation in social scene changes. Accordingly hair style and rowing of hair, nails etc are changed.
    3. Swimmers and other sportsmen shave their body hair in need for enhancing their performance. For swimmers smoothing the body by shaving off the body hair gives less resistance in water and helps them to swing faster and manoeuvring easily. Similarly those who have to work or play under sun keep their hair short to avoid excessive sweating and aid faster evaporation.
    4. Some people are prone to certain health issues like inflammations etc especially in the head, neck and ENT regions. Such people cut hair to avoid water retention on skin and scalp and help evaporation and keep skin/scalp comfortably dry.
    5. Religious reasons: As narrated in some earlier paras hair is an enhancer of sexual interest and attraction. Hence those religions or sects which encourage celibacy for some reason make it compulsory for cutting or shaving off hair from body parts at least on the parts which are usually exposed to others. This makes them less attractive to the other gender and thus less prone to attention deviation. Similarly hair on head is considered as symbol for crown. Hence to show subservience, the 'crown' is cut off; that is hair is cut off.
    6. Hairs in certain body areas are cut or shaved off for convenience of physical intimacy. At hospitals hair of any needed particular area is shaved off before surgery, scanning etc.for operational convenience.

    Do hair help to look good or increase glamour?
    Yes. This has been explained in context in some earlier paragraphs.

  • Hairs on our body are always a matter of query especially the unwanted one. The presence of hairs on human body is to be understood in consonance with the human evolution from ape like species to present humans. It is also to be kept in mind that this transformation took a long time to reach present level. The time scale of evolutionary times is generally in millions of years.

    Anyway the pointwise answers to this query are -

    1. The basic purpose of hairs on human body is protection of body from external cool weather especially in cooler areas on the globe. Today the hairs on human body are not as widely present as they were there in the primitive species or the ape like creatures from which we are evolved. So, if we say that the hairs are the reminiscent of the thick hair cover of ancestral species from which the humans are evolved, then it makes sense.

    2. Hairs are to some extent helpful in the temperature regulation of the body by the thin sheet of it between the body and outside. However it is also be understood that the hair growth is generally as a consequence of hormonal system in the body which considerably differs between male and female giving rise to growth of hairs on different parts of body.

    3. Hairs grow with a certain speed as per the biochemical and cell building processes in the body and it continues like that throughout the life. In hot climate they soil with the body sweat and give bad smell so many people prefer to shave or cut them for temporary respite though they will come back again with same vigour.

    4. Traditionally and culturally in some societies the hairs especially on the head were kept in different fashions to look attractive. In olden times even men kept such decorative hairs. Different patterns of beards and moustache were also kept by the men to look differently from others. Fashion and glamour attributes change with time and hair patterns also went through changes to look more modern or glamorous. Fashion changes very fast the new patterns are introduced and old ones are outdated soon. Same thing is true for hair styles also.

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  • The hair on human being acts as a shield against the vagaries of nature and also maintain our body temperature. Like the animals have hair like fur, we do have hair to protect us from the natural effects. More than that the hair gives the masculine look for the men. And for the ladies, if they want to increase their head hair lengthwise, they have to cut the same and maintain with hair oil regularly. It is generally observed that those who donate the hair to the Lord like Tirumala Balaji, they get back the same immediately within few months and that testifies the fact that the more we trim and cut the hair it beautifies our body and helps in maintaining our looks.

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  • The functions of hair include: Hair on our skin protect our skin to get in direct contact with the foreign particles like germs, dust etc.

    2. Regulation of body temperature: When it's cold outside, tiny muscles surrounding the hair follicle cause the hairs to stand up, to trap more heat near the body and prevent the body from the cold.

    3. Hairs also act as sense organs as anything comes in contact with our skin first come in contact with our body hair which gives us the sense that our skin is going to come in contact with something.

    4. Apart from the hair, we do have on our hands, legs, hair in our nose which are called nostrils helps us to prevent germs and dust particles going in our lungs through breathing.

    People shave their hair or wax them as everyone likes smooth skin. Due to hair on our face, our complexion looks dark. Also at some stage, our beard becomes large if we don't cut it which looks unhygienic.

    Yes in some cases we look glamourous after having a good haircut and when our eyebrows are made in a good shape.


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  • Let's explain answer to these question step by step:-
    (i) Why do Human need hair?
    Hair is important for protecting skin from a lot of external influences like abrasion, water and from chemical attack. It keeps the body warm and protects the skin from sun damage.
    (ii) what is the use of hair on our face, ear, nose, underarms, private part, Hand and legs?
    All body hair has some purpose. Leg hair protects legs from insects and keeps us warm in cool temperatures whereas, nose, face, underarms hair have almost the same purpose to protect the body from external influences. Moreover, private part hair lessens friction during sex and prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens.
    (iii) what is the effect of cutting, shaving or waxing of body hair on our hair or body?
    Shaving or cutting hair doesn't affect new growth and hair texture or density. It is good to be done for cleaning the body from dirt and germs.
    Waxing may have a side effect on the skin as while doing it, pulling and tugging of skin is done so as a result of it, the elasticity of skin may lose. a lot and this can have an impact on our skin. It also causes inflammation which can lead to post-inflammatory.
    (iv)Do hair help to look good or increase glamour?
    It helps in develop our personality. Many people do many things to hair growth so that they look gorgeous and glamourous.

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