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  • Doubt for Document verification of civil services

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    Does the year of passing 12th and year of completing graduation matters in central government jobs(IAS-IPS)?

    Suppose I have completed my degree in year 2021 and then 12th from Open schooling in 2019-2020 and I want my open schooling result to be presented before them.

    Would there be any trouble? I don't want my other 12th certificate to be presented before them by which I got admission.

    I failed in one subject in 12th 2018 still somehow I got admission in college, and now I am appearing in open schooling for my 12th standard and have completed 1st year of my college course along with it.
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  • I am not able to understand when you failed in 12th how you got admitted to the graduation course. The college may be a bogus college. No college will accept in degree course without clearing 12th. There is something fishy.
    After passing intermediate you should have minimum three academic years to complete your graduation. Now you are completing your intermediate in 2019-20. You can join in degree in 2020-21. Then 2020-21 1st year, 2021-22 2nd year and 2022-23 3rd year. So you can complete your graduation in 2023 March. But not before that. Definitely you have to produce your 10 th, 12 th and degree certificates for verification and definitely you will be in problem. You ask the college administration where you are presently studying regarding the way to overcome this problem.

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  • It is beyond my comprehension that you have secured admission in a degree college without having cleared your class 12 of a recognised Board. This has created a confusion in my mind. Kindly go through the details indicating its approval status. In no circumstances, a recognised college will admit a failed student of class twelve of any recognised Board.
    Once you pass out your intermediate in any year, the year of passing out graduation should be a minimum of three year after your intermediate and there would not be any violation of this year sequence.
    In order to complete your graduation in 2021, you must have passed out intermediate in 2018. If there is any breach of such a sequence, you need to make an enquiry from the institution where you are persuing your studies.

  • After completing your class 12 only you have to apply for admission for graduation course. If you have got admission in some fake institution without presenting class 12 pass certificate then the degree will not be valid for any job what to say of Govt job. Please ignore such degrees as they will not be of any help in making a career in one's life.

    Now, what I will advise you is please take the things seriously and do not acquire academic qualifications in a round about manner. Complete your class 12 and then only register for your graduation from a reputed correspondence institute like IGNOU or equivalent. Complete your graduation and then apply for the Govt jobs for which you are eligible. In these things hasty and illegal ways of doing things will not help us and we will be trapped in the web of rejection and enquiry everywhere. Why we should go through wrong ways when there are clear paths for making our career? So, work hard and try to attain your goal with proper ways.

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