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  • Whether I will be able to give 10th boards or not due to my birth date?

    Confused about the eligibility for 10th Boards exams? Searching for detailed information about the eligibility criteria? Find advice from our ISC experts here and decide if you can register for 10th boards of not.

    I am currently studying in Standard 9th. My date of birth is 04/05/2006.
    Whether I will be able to give 10th boards or not?
    Today when I am posting this question is 30th August 2019. I will be in standard 10 in 2020.
    So, kindly let me know whether I will be allowed or not? Please response to this within few days as I have to submit all things for registration next week.
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  • As per the CBSE rules and regulations, the minimum age for a student required to appear in the 10th exam is minimum 14 years or above. You are born on 04/05/2006. So you are not completing your 14th year by December 2019. If you want to appear 10th exam in 2020 you should complete your 14th year by December 2019. So you may not be eligible for appearing in 2020. But some State governments are exempting up to six months less age also if a medical certificate is submitted. So it is better you approach the school administration and ask them about this provision and get the details from them.

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  • There are some variations from state to state in this matter. Some states require that the student should complete 15 years of age by 31st March of the year of examination. Today currently you are in class 9 and next year you will be in class 10 and appear for 10th exam in March/April 2021 only. Your date of birth is 04.05.2006 and by 31st March 2021 you will be completing 14 years 10 months which is less than 15 years so you will not be eligible to appear in the exam.

    Let us now examine it from CBSE point of view. As per the CBSE, the minimum age required for appearing in CBSE Class 10th board examination is 14 years by the 31st December of that year in which students is pursuing his Class 10th. Your date of birth is 04.05.2006 so your age as on 31st December of the year (2020) when you are pursuing your 10th is 14 years 7 months so you are eligible to appear in the exam.

    You have to see under which regulation you are covered - state board or CBSE.

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  • With reference to the two answers provided above, Umesh is correct that you will be appearing for the CBSE Class 10 exam in 2021 and not in 2020.

    As far as the specific age is concerned, note that do not go by what is thrown up in a Google search. As rightly stated by Umesh, it varies from State to State. You see, the CBSE Board itself has not fixed any minimum age or a fixed maximum age to appear for the exam of Class 10. The age criteria are determined by (a) the State/U.T. Government and (b) the place where the School is located. [For reference refer to the official CBSE notification:]

    So the question is: where exactly are you going to complete your schooling and appear for the Class 10 CBSE exam in 2021? There are also certain criteria for private candidates and attendance and other criteria as well. Hence it would be best if you check the afore-mentioned FAQs as well to see if you fulfill all the required eligibility requirements and not just the one related to age.

    Secondly, I am not sure if a medical certificate would be required to prove age eligibility (as mentioned in the first answer). Surely, age eligibility would be proved by documents like a birth certificate.

    Your school Principal should know the correct information. If not, I would advise you not to waste time and contact the local CBSE Regional Office where you are going to appear for the Class 10 exam. Please visit the official website Scroll down the page to see the list of addresses and contact numbers of CBSE Regional Offices. Check which State is applicable to you as per 'States/UT's/Areas covered'. For example, the Ajmer office is applicable to both the States of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Call the person in charge and make inquiries, politely requesting for quick confirmation as it is urgent. Ask, too, about what kind of supporting documents, if any, are required to prove age eligibility for the exam. Note that you should ask specifically about appearing for the exam in the year you will appear for it and not just ask about going into Class 10.

    Please put in a response later and let us know if the issue has been resolved so as to give us also clarity about the age criteria for CBSE Class 10 exam as this page will be helpful in future for students in a similar situation.

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  • The minimum age for appearing for the class 10 board exam depends upon the state where your school is located. As stated in the answer above, CBSE and even ICSE do not have any criteria of minimum age for appearing for the class 10 exam. It is left to the states to decide. Hence, to answer your question, whether you fulfil the age criteria or not, it will be essential for us to know which state your school is located. Most states, in general, require you to complete 14 years of age by March of the examination year. Bihar, for example, require the student to be above 14 years by 01 March of the exam year. Since you will be around 14 years 9 months by 2021 March (your class 10 exam year), you are most likely to be eligible to sit for the exam (assuming your school belongs to a similar such state/UT). In any case, your school will be the best guide to answer all your doubts on such matters. So do seek guidelines from your school too.

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