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  • Illegal Encroachment of government road

    Are you suffering from illegal road encroachment? Looking out for a detailed solution and advice to resolve the same? No worries, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice regarding where to make a complaint and thus resolve this issue.

    There is a problem in my neighboring area where people have occupied government road. They have extended their farmland on it. Now they have increased land height from road so that no vehicle can pass on it. This has significantly reduced the road width. People have trouble passing through it. Hardly 1 big vehicle can pass at a time.

    What should I do here? Where should I make the complain so that it is given a solution without much delay and also being anonymous.
    What should I do here.Where should I make the complain so that it is given a solution withouht
    much delay also being anonymous.

    Waiting for your reply.

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  • There seems to be intentional encroachment from their side to simply harass and not allow any traffic from your side. Roads are generally government property and they are maintained by Municipal authorities from time to time. So there is every chance of layout map available with any of your colony members or at the Municipal or even at the Panchayat office. And you can also approach Mandal Revenue Officer of your area and give a written complaint and a copy of FIR be registered with the police enclosing the complaint already registered with the MRO or Municipal authorities.

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  • It is an illegal encroachment, may be the public involved in such business are aware of their fates in the long run. Creating farmland on the outskirts of the road is a process of obstructing the traffic flow and such an indifferent attitude needs to highlighted by the sensative people like you.
    You will have to approach the Municipal - authority of the related area along with the joint applications of some neighbours residing in that locality giving the details such as Khata - number, Plot - number etc so that the authority can take up a lawful action against the errands. Earlier you take up initiative in this direction, the better.

  • Some people illegally encroach the Govt land and think that no action will be taken on them because Govt machinery is not very efficient to check these things in every nook and corner of the town or city. Govt will only take action when someone complaints about it. There is a tendency of the people to grab the land adjacent to their houses and they even cover the mandatory green belt also with construction.

    For such matters complaint is to be lodged in the Municipal office of the competent authority or town planning executive's office as the case may be. They have powers to demolish any unauthorised construction. Problem in such confrontations comes when some of these encroachers are influential people who can influence the authorities to delay the demolition process on some pretext.

    So alternatively what can be tried is to complain through a citizen forum. You might be having a citizen forum in shape of a community or housing society or some WhatsApp group of like minded people in your area. Mobilise these people to sign on the complaint in masses and when such a complaint reaches the authorities they are forced to take some action in the matter. Please remember that a copy of such complaint has also to be sent to the municipal representative and MLA of the area so that the officials in the concerned department can not take it casually or lightly. I will even suggest to send a copy of the same to Chief Minister as well as PMO office in Delhi. Today the central Govt is very harsh against the defaulters and bad elements in the society and you can take advantage of that in this particular case. Remember unity is strength and by mobilising a group of people you can teach a lesson to these encroachers.

    Last year, in Navi Mumbai near our society there was a similar problem and the local administration was in the hands of CIDCO which is a nominated development Govt agency in the region and on a joint complaint the unauthorised construction was immediately razed by them.

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  • This problem is to be sorted out carefully. If you give a complaint in a police station, the people who did this encroachment may think that you are only trouling them when there is no problem with other people. So you should try to discuss this problem with other people in the area who are also suffering from the same problem. Then all of you together you can make a complaint and try in the following ways.

    1. You will be having a ward member or municipal corpoartor in your area. You all meet him and explain to him the problem. He may then intervene and talk to the people who encroached the government land and see that they will get the mistake corrected. Sometimes they may not do that and simply they will take the complaint and keep silent. In such a case, you have to look for an alternative.
    2. Then you have to go to the Village surpunch or municipal chairman and discuss the problem with them. They will call the concerned officers and see that the problem will be solved. But if the other party is influential, these people may not do anything. In such a case, you better contact a lawyer.
    3. You can ask the lawyer to send this notice to the Municipal office and at the same time a copy to the owner of the house who encroached the government land and he will follow up that.
    4. Even you can complain to the Police. But they may not be able to do much. Best is to go through the legal process. But it will be time taking.
    5. Another way is to contact the party leader in your area whom you know well and give some importance to solving such problems and convey him the problem. Don't go alone and go as a team. Discuss with him. Then he will call the person and discuss with him and see that something will be done in this case.

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