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  • Should I invest in HDFC AMC for one year ?

    Wondering whether to invest in HDFC shares and take a risk? Want to know if it is worth the risk? Here on this page our ISC experts shall provide you financial advice regarding how to do the best investment and reap profits.

    HDFC company has a good reputation in banking and other financial matters. I am already holding the HDFC AMC shares from IPO time. I am now planning to buy more HDFC AMC shares for one year period. As the share is already trading at 130% level from the issue price.
    Should I take the risk in this share from this point?
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  • Investment is to be done in a balanced manner and one should divide his investments in various instruments available in the market. Some of the avenues are Bank FDs, Shares, Post Office schemes, PPF scheme, Mutual funds, Bonds, Company deposits etc. One has to invest in these schemes as per the funds available with one as well as the risk perception. Some schemes are riskier than others but there are chances of more gains also. Out of above options shares and company deposits are more riskier than PPF, Bank FDs and Post Office Schemes.

    Now coming to the Mutual funds, these instruments are somewhere in between the above two categories and that is the reason why many people are opting for them. So HDFC AMC also has some good MF schemes and one can make investment in them. In your case you have to see your total amount available versus already invested in different risk categories and accordingly have to take a conscious decision.

    I want to just mention one thing here that mutual funds AMC invest in market instruments like equity and debt instruments and are affected by the fluctuation in the market so it will not be possible to make a gain in short periods so it will be better if you keep your investment for long periods to derive good returns.

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  • HDFC AMC shares are looking good even in this season also. Many financial advisers are thinking that the value will definitely go up in the coming days. So I feel it is ok to buy these shares. But keep a watch on the value and once it reaches a good value you can think of saving. HDFC AMC management very conservative and they will take care of the things and so your money will be safe there, I feel.

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  • As far as I understand the performance of HDFC AMC has been good in 2019. It will definitely reflect in the share price of the script. As the market is now on the down slide, you may go on accumulating HDFC AMC, if your time-horizon is five years or more.

    It will definitely give you a very good profit in the long run.

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  • Present market trend shows a downward trend due to a number of factors such as recession affecting our manufacturing, auto sectors and so in the Banking sectors.
    Hence you need to adopt a strategy not to make investment in a single basket rather it needs to be spread in different instruments to reap the maximum benifits in the long horizon.
    Now coming in terms of share of HDFC AMC, its performance has shown consistent performance in the part with an average surge of 25 percent per year and hence a further investment on this portfolio may be taken up. Fund - managers of the same fund seem to be cautious, however some fluctuations may take place in the near future as a result of recessionary trend but it would create a little impact if you remain invested for a reasonable period.

  • HDFC AMC can be purchased fro longer period I can not suggest whether it will bring profit in just coming year.
    HDFC Group is morre popular among FIIs for which HDFC bank is the highly preferable shares among FIIS and DIIs, as the cap already hit for FIIS in HDFC bank, so it is obvious they will switch to other shares of HDFC groupp and HDFC AMC will be the more preferable as, now days people are very frequently investing in mutual funds through SIP, so in coming future booth are these fundamental things which will increase the price of HDFC AMC.
    SO you can hold it for 5-8 years for make good profit instead of just planning for 1 year.

  • HDFC group is in lending, wholesale banking and subsidiary HDFC AMC is in asset management business. Investment in any HDFC group company will be a better bet. But due to huge run-up from the IPO value, buying HDFC AMC at this level is not a good bet. You may wait for some correction and then you should enter into this stock.

    It will better if you invest in HDFC bank or HDFC ltd shares. Those stocks are good for longer-term investments.HDFC Bank share price is looking attractive from 1 years point of investment.HDFC Ltd, the largest housing lender is also a good bet at this level.

    Investment is an art, long term investors always make money in goods stocks.HDFC groups have debt-free companies that will give you a good return in the long term.

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