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  • Certification courses for experienced HR professional

    Planning to register for additional HR courses to make use in office tasks? Searching for detailed information regarding the most useful courses? On this page check out the suggestions from experts regarding the valued certifications like in psychology, mind study etc.

    What professional courses can I do which gives a valued certification after doing MBA and diploma in training. I have good experience in HR field as well.
    I am interested in psychology and mind study courses.
    I am interested in short time courses which I can apply in my office for handling HR activities.
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  • A diploma course related to industrial relations and personnel management may be useful to you for enhancing the chances for career growth. This is good for the people who are working in HR and Personnel department of the companies. Many institutes are offering this course and the duration maybe about 6 months. I feel it will be good for you.

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  • You are a MBA and already have some experience in HR area. You are mentioning your interest in the area of psychology and mind study. I feel that human relations and employee relations are the areas where such expertise might be useful. Anyway seeing your HR experience I can suggest you some HR sub-branches where you can further strengthen your knowledge and skill by attending short courses pursuing them in your spare time. Some of these are -

    1. Employee Relations.
    2. Compensation Management.
    3. Industrial Relation.
    4. Placement and Recruitment.
    5. HR consulting.

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  • You are a MBA having your specialisation in HR stream and if you go to your cirriculam, different chapters have been incorporated dealing with Employee's motivation, Arousal of their interest in the working areas, deployment of the work - force in the areas having their own inclinations for such fields etc.
    In fact Human - resources is a vast field dealing with the psycology of the working staff and a short seminar arranged by your employer in the areas mentioned below would be helpful in your case such as -
    1) Enhancement of motivation among the Employees
    2) Problem Solving Method
    3) Study of Industrial Engineering dealing with enhancement of efficiency in a given time - frame.
    4) Employer vs Employee relationship.
    Such seminars are arranged by the Personnel Department of an organisation and if needed experts are invited from different industries or from reputed academics such as IIM or from Xavier Institute of Social Science and such seminars would provide you a different set of skills to be utilised in your field.

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