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  • While tiles are better for house indoor and outdoor flooring?

    Planning to select tiles for outdoor and indoor flooring? Confused between choosing vitrified or ceramic tiles? On this ask Expert page you can check out the suggestions and advice provided for reproving your confusion.

    While there are lot choices available in tile types like Vitrified , ceramic and in different sizes. Which tile is best for Living , kitchen and bedrooms? It should be anti skid and robust to use. Bungalow has ground and first floor then which colors are of tile are more suitable?
    Please advise the good brand of tile as many trader says certain brand tiles has mold which causes uneven fitting.
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  • Vitrified tiles of 2 meter X 2 metre will be best for indoor flooring. You can use the same in living room and bedroom and guest rooms also. The maintenance of these tiles is not difficult and they are good and skidding will not be there. I have been using the same type from the last 10 years and no problems. Still, the flooring has not lost its new look. There are many companies manufacturing these tiles and in your area, you contact the person who is dealing with these tiles, he will advise you about the best company. Cream colour tiles with a little shinning give a very good look to the flooring. But it is an individual's choice. Go with your family with the dealer and see the samples available with him and make a decision.
    Do you mean corridor and the open space around the house as outside? If that is the case, you will get separate tiles for these areas. They are comparatively cheap and good durability will be there. You can use them for outside flooring.

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  • Nowadays every Engineer is having the tie-up with the architect of that area and it is better to take the opinion of the architect as to the selection of tiles for indoors and outdoors. And he shall suggest the best brand and best variety according to your budget. But one thing is sure, indoor tiles cannot be used for the outdoor purpose because we use the area with ruff and tuff movements. Nowadays style tiles in the form of bricks are being laid from the gate to the portico and that looks good and strong too. But one should verify such style tiles are available in the area of their residence.

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  • There are various types of tiles available for tiling the floor areas in the house. Porcelain, Non-Porcelain, Vitrified, Travertine, Mosaic, Slip resistant etc are some of the most common ones used in our household. Generally nowadays for floors people are choosing vitrified ones as they are strong and durable. On the contrary for walls we select ceramic or porcelain types as they do not absorb stains and walls look shining.

    The colour of the tiles is an individual choice and it is difficult to suggest the same to others but there are some considerations in choosing the colour of the tiles for the house. First is that the colour should not be crystal clear white or other light colour as they will soon look shabby with the reflection of dust and other dirt particles on them. So choosing a light brown or almond or light maroon colour with hedgy patterns on it will obscure the dirt and other material to be seen by a viewer and to that extent the maintenance or sweeping of them will not be required more times in a day. People make this mistake of selecting a snow-white colour for tiles but when it comes to the maintenance that turns out to be a poor choice. Still as I said colour is a personal choice and we can not convince a person in this matter even in the logical ways. Second point in this respect is that the colour of the tiles should be in harmony with the wall colour or wall tiles. This is necessary to give an elegant look to the room in totality. Many people choose hedgy wooden colour for the floor tiles and they look very nice.

    The size of the tiles is another important thing where we have to consider certain things from the room size and kitchen and bathroom size. In a big room we can use bigger tiles but in small rooms or kitchen or bathroom small to medium sized tiles will be alright to match with the room size. Fixing same size tiles on floor and walls give an illusion of expanded space and the architects and interior designers generally advise for the same.

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  • Tiles are pieces of marble that's all they are. You should choose tiles specifically while looking around your life style and family member. If you have a good budget and you are more into looks obviously you can choose any good tiles. And tiles are not something we shop daily or occasionally. It's onetime expense. So I can expect that you will first go through few shops and gain knowledge about prices and types that are available near your house. But rather than suggesting about tiles let me tell you some things you should consider before buying tiles.

    • Don't buy crystal clear tiles if you can't wash them regularly or maintain them.
    • Don't buy really small sizes because their seems collects dust.
    • Don't even think of mosaic tiles. Your house isn't museum.
    • Don't but slippery tiles if you have old people or kids at home.
    • Use rough/matte finish tiles for washrooms.
    • Use dark tiles for outside and light colors for inside. ( because dust sway outside)
    • Use ceiling tiles for washroom as in winter's hot water baths spoils walls.
    • Fragile tiles can be used for ceilings of washroom.
    • You can make design on floor with tiles too.
    • Most importantly: choose durability over looks.

    Few types of tiles that are most considered by buyers:

    A) STONES: Use stones that give good grip to walk such as granite, sandstone or slate. Also get some slip resistant durable sleepers. It will make you home look regal. Use grade 1 quality because they are most fine and strong, although you have Grade 2 and Grade 3 stone available, if your budget is low. Granite tiles are fully waterproof. And don't absorb water even if soaked for entire night.

    B) PORCELAIN TILES: these tiles are really strong and water resistant. Also these are fire proof and crack proof.

    C) VITRIFIED TILES: using full body method for vitrified tiles is a great option. In this process seams are near to invisible which looks really good

    NOTE: Tiles effect on knees while cemented floor does not. You can use carpets to avoid knee problems.

  • Tiles have always been a special choice of people, but these days the trend of matte finish is more prevalent. The selection of appropriate tiles shows the interest of the people living there as well as increasing the beauty of the house. To select them, full knowledge of the options available in the market is very important. But the final decision should be taken only with the consent of the builder and the members of the house.
    The trend of floor tiles is increasing because they are easier to lay than stone. There is no hassle of getting polished and there is so much choice of designs and colors which is not available in stone.
    The same gleaming or glossy tiles have reduced the trends as before. The glossy look is now considered relatively common and inexpensive, so it makes more sense to choose matte tiles.
    There is always water on the bathroom floor, hence it is advisable to apply anti-skid tiles for flooring, which reduces the fear of slipping, and it is considered safe and easy to clean.
    By applying anti-color tiles under the shower in the bathroom, the beauty of the bathroom increases, that is, you can apply a large tile of the opposite color to the floor under the shower, whatever the tiles you choose for the entire washroom.
    Always use light and pastel shades for flooring in areas such as bedrooms. It also looks attractive and gives a feeling of mental peace.
    The kitchen is mostly in the houses, so if the kitchen is small then it will be appropriate to put light-colored tiles on the walls. Can use soft colors in large kitchens. Tiles of dark or bright colors may be used in large floor areas. One important thing to note is that if possible, never use small tiles in flooring because their joints later look ugly.

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