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  • Want to switch from Geology to Salesforce

    Planning to change the domain for better future prospects? Looking out for detailed advice regarding changing form ?Geology to Salesforce domain? On this page you can check out the advice provided for all your queries.

    I have completed B.Sc CS and M.Sc in Geology in 2015. I am a Geologist with 3 years of experience. Currently there is no scope in geology in India. I want to switch to Salesforce, is this a right field to choose? There are so many Institutions in India who are providing training for Salesforce Developer, which one should I prefer and what are the chances to get a job after this training?
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  • There are many mining companies, GAIL, ONGC and some other oil companies will have jobs for geology posts. Already you have some experience in a good company as Geologist. Now switching over to sales will make this experience of no use. Sales in which line, that is another big questions. Generally, for sales jobs, people with MBA will be going and competition will be high there than the competitions here. So getting a good job in sales in a good company is very difficult. You may not be able to get in a good company and salary will also be less. So I advise you not to do that. Continue on the present job and try for w better job while working here. This will be a better option.

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  • Your core strength and experience is in Geology. During the last few years, due to dwindling crude oil price across the world due to the control by OPEC countries as well as shale gas findings and exploitation in US, the jobs in Geology are reduced from their apex during the oil boom times. Anyway there are still some openings in the groundwater, geothermal and allied areas and one can apply in those prospective channels. There are some universities and institutions where experienced Geologists are absorbed as faculty or research guides also. Some of the IITs are also having projects and programmes in Geology related things especially under the Geophysics stream. So, these possibilities can also be explored.

    With your computer science background you can definitely try for the salesforce development as most of the work done in this area is done in the salesforce cloud server of the company where such positions are provided to the eligible candidates. Though it is not necessary to be an ace programmer to be selected for the salesforce development positions but the companies require that the person should be well familiar with the Java, Apex and HTML. These are some of the basic code providing languages which are used in salesforce cloud computing and the reaching to the customer with the solutions. Apex is more and less similar to Java and HTML is used for creating visual force pages.

    You may have to undergo some certificate training course in these proficiencies to increase your knowledge for using these codes effectively and precisely in your salesforce development tasks. Salesforce India, Impact Training & Development, Mindmajix etc are some of the agencies imparting training modules in salesforce development.

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