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  • Address proof for for Voter ID card for those who stay in Rented house

    Do you have a query about address proof in case one is staying in the rented place? Searching for detailed information to handle such a situation? On this page our ISC experts shall respond and you can decide further course of action.

    I would like to know your suggestion or opinion on the below.

    Suppose, a person staying in rented house, doesn't own a land or house.
    The house he stays is rented and the owner of the house has voter id , ration card etc. in that house address. Now, whether it is possible for tenant to get voter id for the same address since owner of the house is already having id proofs on the same address? Owner stays in another city but did not transfer id cards to that place.
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  • Yes. You can get your Voter ID but with some conditions.

    Get the rental agreement from the owner - it will be good if you have an old rental (three years before) agreement copy in case if the authority ask, how long you are staying in the rented house.

    If the house has different portion like flat, floor etc. then an added advantage.

    Mention the permanent / previous (rented if not owned) address and submit the older voter ID in case if you have for an old address to modify it. If not, then state - no - with reason.

    Some additional document may required by the authority to process it. Like, your DOB, POB, certificates and on. So prepare accordingly.

  • There will not be any problem. But you should have a rental agreement with your house owner. You have to make the rental agreement on an Rs. 20/- non-judicial stamp paper and you should get it notarised. Now you can apply for the Voter ID card with this rental agreement as your residential proof and by submitting other required documents. Nobody will ask you about your house owner's voter ID. If he is not transferring it, it is his will and he will deal with that. You don't worry about that. There may be some brokers who can help you in getting the voter ID and they may charge a small amount like Rs, 500/- or so. If you want you can get their help. These days you can do it online also. But rental agreement should be there with the owner. First, get it and then apply for Voter ID either online or offline through a broker.

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  • As an Indian national, it is your right to get enrolled in the electoral rolls. There is a form6 available with the Electoral Registration Officer of your area. Please arrange to fill Form 6 and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer. By this, you can enrol even if your landlord objects you as a voter with that address. Also, you can find a help desk at the office of the Electoral Registration Officer from where you can have more details about such issues.


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  • The main requirement for Voter card and to that extent for any other card like Aadhaar card or Driving license card or PAN card is two fold. The first is the proof of residential address and second is the proof of identity. For proof of residential address either the person should have a flat or house in his name or he should provide a document in his name to prove that he is a tenant in a house or part of house. The legally accepted document in such case is a lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant. There are standard write ups for the lease agreement and the terms of condition of tenancy are mentioned there along with the rent and duration of the lease. You can yourself prepare such a lease deed and both of you that is the house owner and yourself have to sign it and keep a copy with both. Once this lease is prepared then it is the proof that you are residing in that premises and that becomes the proof of local address for you. You might have a house in some remote village or far away place but that is a different story and not related to the proof of local address. Once this is achieved the next thing is to provide your proof of identity. It could be anything like PAN card or Driving license or Aadhaar card or your workplace identity card etc. After this you have to fill the form and apply for voters card as per the laid down procedure.

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  • Even the tenant of the house is eligible to get the voter ID on producing one single document as proof. After changing to rented house the gas connection has to be changed and that is the first priority for any household. And changing the gas connection gets you the authentic information about the right address, Likewise, the bank should be informed about the changed address and the letter be taken from them. Out of any of these two documents, one is enough to prove that you are staying in the rented house as part of the portion either sideways or on the first floor of the building and thus Voter ID will be issued.

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  • You can get a voter ID. For this you should have a rental agreement with house owner and than you have to contact to local electoral office. This rental agreement (as address proof ) and PAN card, aadhar card or any other valid ID (Identity proof) you can apply for voter ID. You can also apply for voter ID online. If you are not able to get agreement copy than apply in Form 6 (a form for inclusion of name in electoral rolls) with previous ID in local electoral office and get yourself enrolled in electoral list. You can get the copy of Form 6 from
    You can also show your mobile postpaid bill, bank statement, gas connection after informing them about change in address that will also work as address proof.

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