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  • Clarification on writing Demi Official letters to higher officials being a non gazetted officer

    Want to get a clarification regarding Demi official letter written to higher officials? Is writing such a letter will get a warning for unauthorized communication? Scroll through this page and get advice from our ISC experts.

    I have applied for posting on compassionate ground and had sent a copy of the application through Demi Official letter to higher official handling the seat as I have served as steno gde-II to him when posted in my present unit.

    I have received a reply from their office on the copy of application on compassionate ground which was forwarded through my Demi Official letter. My office have issued a warning letter for contacting prematurely through unauthorized communication with higher official.

    Kindly clarify whether I have done an unauthorized act and does it invite act of unbecoming a government servant.
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  • For any government job, there will be a set method to apply. You have to follow that. There will be a procedure for applying under compassionate grounds also. Instead of that writing, a Demi official letter to a senior officer will be a violation and it comes under putting pressure on somebody for your appointment. You might have contacted the senior officer with whom you have worked earlier before sending a letter. It is a mistake from your side. You should take the advice before doing any act. Now you received a warning letter. Immediately you contact and request the person who issued that letter to you telling him that you don't know the procedure and hence out of innocence you have done it and ask for his excuse and ask him not to go for further action on that. If he asks you to give it in writing you give and see that no further action will be there on that subject. If you are not able to contact him get the advice of a senior person in your office for writing this letter and proceed immediately.

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  • A demi official or as commonly known DO letter is prescribed for the officers to write to other officers in official matters. Generally these letters will contain a courtesy line also like 'Dear Sir', 'wishing you a merry christmas', 'all the best' and 'with regards' etc etc. These exclamations are generally written in the handwriting of the officer to show respect and personal touch to the DO letter. No official should use this format for personal application based on any compassionate ground or grievance. If one wants to write an application to higher ups then the usual plain format is to be used by addressing the authority and then stating the matter and then concluding with the signature and name of the applicant. You might not be aware of this rule and regulation and by mistake done this. Accordingly they have warned you. So, you simply write a plain application and apologise for your mistake and say that it will not be repeated in future. You also mention that it was done in ignorance. They will forgive you. Take this action before they verbally tell you that you have done a wrong thing.

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