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  • Age for appearing in CBSC class 10th Exam

    Want to know the age eligibility to appear for class tenth? Looking out for the guidelines regarding the eligibility? On this page ISC experts shall give you advice so that you can decide whether the child can appear for class tenth.

    My son DOB is 17/07/2009. Right now he is in class 6th. (2019-2020). Hope he can attain the minimum age to appear in class 10th board examination. (Feb-March 2024) . Please check and update me about the guideline.
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  • The minimum age required for appearing in the Class 10th board examination in CBSC syllabus is 14 years by the 1st October of that year in which student is studying Class 10th.

    Your Son will be in 10th class in the year 2023-24. Date of Birth of your son is 17th July 2009. So he will complete his 14th year on 16th July 2023. He will enter into his 15th year. So he will be attaining the minimum age required for attending the exam that year. So he can appear for the examination in Feb- March 2024.

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  • As per prescribed rule to appear class ten for CBSC is 14 years to be computed in the month of October prior to appearing for this examination.
    Date of birth of your son is 17 th July 2009 and hence his age on October would 14 years 2 months. Hence in respect of his age to be eligible to sit in the examination would be Feb - March 2024 at the prevailing rate of calculation. Any change to be made by the Board in respect of age would affect this criteria accordingly.

  • As per CBSE guidelines the student who is studying in class 10 should complete 14 years as on 1st October of the year of studying in class 10. So if the student has taken admission in class 10 say in the year 2019 then his age as on 1st October 2019 should be 14 years. He will then be eligible to give 10th exam in the year 2020.

    Your son is in class 6 during the current year that is 2019-2020. So he will be in class 10 during 2023-2024. Now the birth date of your child is 17.07.2009 so on 1st October 2023 he will be competing 14 years and about 2-1/2 months. So he will be eligible to give 10th exam in the year 2024.

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