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  • Treatment for pcos suffering patients

    Suffering from pcos ailment? Searching for advice related to good treatment here? No worries, you can go through the responses and medical advice from our ISC experts for your ailment and look out for a good cure.

    What will be best diet for the pcos patients and what type of yoga need to perform to over come this problem? Although we are taking the treatment but not getting the result.
    Can you suggest a good treatment to over come the problem?
    Also can you suggest a good doctor's name and address?
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  • Polycystic Overy Syndrome known as PCOS in short form is the condition which obstructs the process of ovulation leading to cessation of conceiving of the ladies. There are certain medications which can reverse this syndrome. You may take up the following measures to arrest this condition.
    1) Metfrmin and Actos are prescribed by the doctors for the regulation of high blood sugar and depending upon the severity of the case, the dose is to be decided by the doctor and strangely the two medicines are equally effective in tackling PCOS. The best dose in your case is to be decided by the doctor.
    2) Since obesity is associated with the impediments of ovulation and any effort to reduce the body - weight will create the favourable chances for the ccurance of pregnancy. In Ayurved, Ashokarist followed by GUGGLU will help you. The first medicine would regulate the menstrual - cycle and the later one regulate the body - cholesterol and weight reduction creating a favourable condition for ovulation to take place.
    3) You need to resort to healthy diets such as intake of Salads containing Tomatoes, Cucumber, Grapes, Lemons, Baby ripe Banana etc so that weight reduction of your body takes place.
    4) while getting up from bed in the morning take two glass of hot water followed by addition of Lemon - juice and gulp it down. Take your breakfast half an hour later.
    5) Avoid fast foods such as Pasta, Pizza, Burger and excess Sugary- items in order to avoid the surge of body - weight.
    6) Gooseberry is known as enhancing the body metabolism due to presence of host of nutrients such as Chromium, Magnesium. abundance of Vitamin - C etc and the presence of these nutrients will help you in the maintenance of your sugar level, correct functioning of liver and shedding your excess weight.
    7) Vigorous walking in both Morning and Evening for half an hour would help you to trim your weight and help you in the ovulation of eggs.
    8) Pranayama such Sawasan, Urdhangasan would help you reduce your fat around the belly and in your case, it will be favourable.

  • 1. In Hyderabad, there is a very good doctor and hospital where the success rate in such cases is very high. Her name is Dr Mamata Deen Dayal. The name of the hospital is IIRC. It is near the clock tower, Opp.Prashant Thater, near old passport office, Secunderabad. Two or three of my friend's children went there all of them are blessed with son or daughter. If it is convenient you can try there.
    You should change your food habits and see that you consume starch products less and vegetables and fruits more. Ultimately you should lose weight. You should try walking and other exercises and see that the weight is with in the prescribed limits.
    There are two good medicines in Ayurveda. But you should use them under the supervision of a good Ayurveda doctor. So if you know anyone in that field you can consult them.
    You should not go for junk food and you can take dry fruits also. They will help a lot.

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  • PCOS have effective treatment available in modern medicine. There are medicines in Ayurveda also. One may visit qualified and experienced doctors.

    Persons with PCOS tend to become fat. Hence as a general precaution, it is better to avoid fatty and highly starchy foods that can aggravate the weight gain or fat body.

    Though initially PCOS may not be serious issue, it is always better to get medical advice and manage the issue.
    One of my relative boy married a girl who had PCOS. When the alliance was progressing we were asked to discuss with a doctor whether they can proceed with the alliance . As per the doctor's advice the marriage was held. Now they are blessed with a baby also. The labour and delivery was without any complication.

    But if left untreated in some cases things can lead to more problems later. So it is better to consult a doctor and follow the advice.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common health problem due to the imbalances of reproductive hormones in women especially in young ages. It is estimated that 8-10% of women in their younger age get this problem in varying degrees. PCOS ailment can lead to metabolism problems in the women affecting their health and appearance. This is also a reason for infertility in many women but can be treated by modern medical practices. The ovaries in women are susceptible to the hormonal imbalances in the body. Every month the ovaries produce an egg for reproductive purposes but due to hormonal imbalance the ovulation cycle is not healthy and the process is either halted or faulty. PCOS is largely responsible for irregular periods which itself is a big problem in the women. The point wise answer to the query is given below -

    1. Low-calorie fibrous diet and life style changes from sedentary to active is the first requisite in the treatment of PCOS condition.

    2. The PCOS is generally diagnosed with a pelvic test and ultrasound examination. The treatment starts with medication to regulate menstrual cycle. Losing some of the undesired weight through proper and healthy diet is the first thing doctors prefer in the treatment of PCOS. To regulate the menstrual cycle doctor can prescribe tablets having estrogen and progestin. They help in regulating the oestrogen levels and also help in decreasing androgen level. Alternatively vaginal rings and skin patches are also used to induct oestrogen and progestin in the body. Depending upon whether the individual wants to avoid the pregnancy or wants to conceive the doctor decides for a combination of above therapy. There are other medicines which are used for specific purposes in PCOS condition. These are Clomiphene, Letrozole, Metformin, Spironolactone, Eflornithine etc. These have distinct functions in PCOS condition and should be used only after the recommendation of the doctor.

    3. There are many doctors in our country who are expert in this area. It is difficult to pick one from them and tell here. What you have to do is find out some good hospital near your place and find out if a good endocrinologist or gynaecologist is available there. He can suggest the correct course of action.

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  • Members given the options in Allopathy and I would like to recommend an ayurvedic treatment for PCOS which is available in Kerala and many parts of India.
    Ayurveda is useful in preventing PCOD in a natural way by balancing the doshas. Apart from Panchakarma, Ayurveda provides different herbs along with dietary and lifestyle changes to cure this disease. Ayurvedic doctors claim that the practice of Panchakarma along with yoga and ayurvedic diet can give wonders to ladies who affected PCOS. It rejuvenates the entire body.
    In Ayurveda, they treat PCOD as a Kapha disorder. Kapha will first affect digestive Agni(fire) which called Jatharagni and then it will start to affect the metabolic system called Dhatu Agni in Ayurveda. Now in PCOD, there are many Dhatus affected like Rasa Dhatu(lymph and plasma) and Meda that(adipose tissue and the female reproductive system).
    There is an Ayurvedic centre named Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved in Mumbai. They have a treatment facility for PCOD. Also, there is Kerala Ayurvedashram which also offers treatment to PCOD.


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  • PCOS can occur to any woman and is mainly due to some specific reasons.

    PCOS can cause:

    Causes of genetic causes - There are many diseases, which are genetic or genetic.
    Therefore, if any other member in a woman's family has a PCOS problem, then she should take special care of her health as she is more likely to get the disease.
    Being a patient of diabetes- PCOS problem is also seen in a woman who is suffering from diabetes. Therefore, a woman suffering from diabetes should take special care of her health.
    PCOS is also caused by excess weight.
    Swelling in the body- If a woman has a sudden swelling in her body, then she should not ignore it because it can also cause PCOS.
    Overdose of androgens - Often, it has been observed that PCOS also occurs when a large amount of androgen is produced in a woman's body.

    It is possible to treat PCOS, which can be treated by these 5 methods, -
    Pelvic examination- The easiest way to treat PCOS is to perform a pelvic examination. It involves taking photographs of a woman's internal organs and then treating PCOS.
    Blood tests - Often, doctors treat PCOS by blood tests. Through this test, they try to find out how much PCOS has spread in their blood.
    Taking medicine- PCOS occurs when the hormone is released. Therefore, it can be treated by taking hormone medicine.
    Undergoing bariatric surgery- As explained above, the problem of PCOS is more likely to occur to a woman who is overweight. However, all women do their best to lose weight, but when they do not get rest in any way, the doctors recommend them to undergo bariatric surgery.
    Performing Laparoscopic Surgery- When a woman suffering from PCOS does not get any rest from any method of treatment, then the doctor recommends them to have laparoscopic surgery.

    Home remedies for PCOS

    Through apple vinegar - its use is most beneficial because it balances blood sugar, due to which insulin is made less, there is also no hormonal imbalance. At the same time, it also helps in reducing weight. To use apple vinegar, mix two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach daily before breakfast in the morning, before lunch in the afternoon, and for a few days before dinner.

    Through cinnamon - it helps to overcome the troubles associated with irregular periods. To use it, drink a teaspoon of cinnamon powder mixed with hot water until you get the results. Apart from water, you can also eat it by mixing it with Tea, Curd, Cerelac, or Oatmeal.

    Mint Tea For PCOD
    According to research, it has been revealed that mint tea works as an anti-androgen. It helps in relieving the condition of PCOS. To use it, first, boil mint leaves in hot water and then filter and drink.

    Via Mulethi (Mulethi for PCOD)
    It lowers androgens, controls cholesterol, and improves metabolism. To use it, boil dry licorice in a cup of hot water and then drink it daily.

    Flaxseed For PCOD
    Linseed reduces androgen, BP, and Cholesterol in the body as well as prevents heart diseases. Drink one to two teaspoons of freshly grounded linseed in water daily.

    Via Fenugreek for PCOD
    It helps in keeping the balance of hormones and reducing cholesterol and weight. To use it, first soak two to three Chaman Methidanas in water before sleeping at night. Then, in the morning before breakfast, eat one spoon of fenugreek mixed with honey. And like this, eat a spoon ten minutes before lunch and a spoon before dinner. Take it similarly for a few months.

  • PCOS is the abbreviation of polycystic ovary syndrome. It occurs in women at an early age due to hormonal imbalance in the reproductive system. Women suffer from this problem at a young age. It leads to infertility in women. The irregular period has been common cause due to it.
    Nowadays, many modern treatments are available to cure this problem. Laparoscopic surgery is one of the best options for its treatment. There are also many medicines available in Ayurveda. You should consult from this area's doctor.
    Moreover, you should change your food habit as well as lifestyle. You should avoid junk food. You should eat more fruits and green vegetables in daily meals. You should avoid starchy food and fatty food. Diabetic women feel more problem in this disease. So, healthy diet, as well as regular exercise, would help in curing disease. Different yoga such as pranayama, kapal bhati would be helpful in this disease.

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