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  • Can I build website? How does the website work?

    Want to build a website for making candidates participate in various arts and getting funded. y companies? Looking out for advice here? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you guidance to build the website.

    I want to build website like How can I build website?
    Candidates can take part in Painting Drawing, Illustration, Dance, Comics, Printmaking, Imaging, Photography, Conceptual Art, Theatre, Architecture and Sculpture according to their interests. This can be done through software companies, publishing houses, art studios or by freelancing. Some can start as a self employed or others may look for part time and full time jobs. Various other organisations like Advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, electronic media, films, theatre are always in need of artisans.
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  • Now a days making a website is an easy job. The difficult part is the content which can attract people to it and can provide a steady traffic so that one can earn money through it. Let us understand the process step by step.

    First of all one has to hire a domain either free or on some nominal payment. There are many portal platforms which provide domains to the aspiring people. Some of these are WIX, Squarespace, Web, Weebly, Woocommerce etc. You have to register your domain name in the platform and then there are some utilities which can be used to create a website. Generally a catchy domain name will not be available as people have already used up them or if it is available it will be for a premium payment. The web hosting platform provides good templates and designs to customise your website the way you want. You can make it in such a manner that it looks fine on desktops as well as mobile devices. At this point of time you may have to take the help of a professional web designer so that you can have the best of the flexibilities in your website.

    Once these preliminaries are done then comes the crucial part of content fixing and its format. What is that you want to attract the customer. You have mentioned a site something like 'technoenhance' so go through all the elements there and see if you want to make similar or have something else in mind. Select your content elements and accordingly arrange them in form of menu or buttons or any other style in your webpage. Make necessary links for inputing the material from the user and make place for notifications and feedbacks and comments from individual user for other users. If you have imagination, then with the help of a professional you can include many things in the webpage and here I will simply say that sky is the only limit when it comes to designing a website.

    Just a word of caution, I want to add is that there are thousands of similar sites in the internet competing with each other for a part of the advertising revenue and in that competitive arena what only matters is the quality and presentation of the content of a website which can help it in getting that extra edge over others.

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  • Nowadays we can create our website very easily. There are some available free and some by paying a little money.
    The first point is to decide on the domain name. You have to select a good domain name which will attract many people. You have register your domain name by taking the services of Accredited registrars.
    Then you have find a web hosting company for your website on the internet. They will also give you specialised email addresses to the website owners based on the cost one is paying.
    Then the content what one wants to put it on the website should be made ready. One has to decide on the content which will be interesting to many people and the line in which you have expertise.
    Then you have to build your web site. This can be done by you or you can hire the services of a good agent who will give a beautiful look to your website.
    One should not leave just by creating a website but it should be updated on a day to day basis so that viewers will be more for the site.

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  • You can use WordPress as a tool for creating your website. There are two types of websites providing by WordPress. One is and the second one is is a website where you can create the website easily as the owners will create the theme, colour and everything for you. Even they will maintain the website. Here you don't need to invest much money. Only a small amount you can spend if you want to add plugins other than what the owners provided.

    In, they will provide only space and you have to develop, maintain the website. So you have to use website maintain sites like Blue shot, Ground site etc. which you need to invest money for it.

    The main difference between and is, in .org you can make money by involving Google AdSense and other many affiliated programmes as this is created by yourself. But in the .com website, you can not make money through affiliated programmes.
    So you have to check and finalise which type of website you require and go ahead with that.


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  • To make a website free of cost several website building platforms are there. They usually offers two alternatives.
    First one is use of trial period. After trial period you will have to get your account upgraded.
    Second one gives some free and premium features. While using free you will have restricted features like: --You can't use custom domain.
    -You will not be able to add more than 5 pages.
    -Remove advertisements.
    To add more features or to get rid of advertisements you will have to upgrade your accounts.

    Now you have to follow these step :
    1. Select website building platform: you can choose word press, unit, Wix, go daddy, etc. These websites provide some features for free.
    2. Get a suitable domain name
    3. Customize your website: lots of free template are can choose from there. You will have to prepare website content like the courses you are offering, fee structure etc.
    Now promote your website through social media like face book, WhatsApp etc.

  • Can I build website? How does the website work?

    Yes, you can build a website if you have little bit knowledge about it or you can learn it online itself. Try to move with simple steps to make a website and try to gradually improve later as per your choice. There are two types of website or blog, one is free option available with limited features and the other one is you have to pay to buy the custom domain, hosting, designing, working and other add-on features etc. You need to decide on this first. The next option is to consult with website builder or online website making portal in case if you are unaware to build a website. They will charge depend on your requirement.

    Website works based on the content adding there and promoting in a reasonable way without violating it. You can promote it in social media or other channels but don't over or often promote it (or its link). If you have quality content that searches by mass at that time or later then promotion is not required for it. The search engine will anytime soon crawl your website content to index upon someone's seaches for the similar keywords or content.

    I want to build website like

    If you are professional one on making website then you can do it yourself or else you can consult with few professional web builder to make it.

    How can I build website?

    Answer (similar one) is in first para.

    Candidates can take part in Painting Drawing...
    In this scenario, one has to give access to enter into your website to take part in whatever category (like painting etc.) you created on it. Example is like this site ( itself where one has to sign-up and then login as authorized member to contribute here. Like you have asked the question in Ask Expert section and on.

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