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  • How to get the job after nutrition course

    Confused what to do after a nutrition course? Wondering how to get a job in any Pharma companies? Here, on this page you can get answers from experts and can decide how to get a job, even though there is a gap after 12th.

    I have done MSc nutrition science but I did not get a job yet because every hospital prefers female candidate only.
    In this situation where I can get a job? My age is 32 years. Can I get the job in pharma companies as a nutritionist? i have many years of gap after 12th because I couldn't understand that what to do.
    And then I went to the university and met head of nutrition professor who misguided me to taking admission in other field and made me mentally prepared for this course.
    What should I do?
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  • Dietetics is a science and art of human nutritional care. A good and balanced diet impove quakity of life.
    You can work as a clinical dietitian. You can apply in hospitals or even can do self practice.
    You can also become a personal dietitian in health clubs and gyms.
    Some schools and restaurants also appoint management dietitian, who manage personnel plan, conduct training programme, design food system and plan budget.
    You can also work for NGOs as a community dietitian. Besides nowadays a lots of scope for dietitian is as consultant dietitian.
    So, there ate so many areas where you can apply and get a good job. Apply and don't loose hope.

  • 1. National Institute of Nutrition is an institute which is engaged in the line of nutrition. They will be doing research in the field and they will be having many CSIR/UGC schemes. So you contact the institute and meet some scientists there. They will have Junior Research fellowships(JRF) under them. You join and work with them. It will be useful in two ways. You will have a regular income and you can do your doctorate also. At the same time in that institute, any vacancy comes they can consider the persons doing research in thst institute.
    2. Central Food training and Research Institute is having its Headquarters in Mysore and they have branches in some other cities also, They will also work on the same field and there will be many projects there. You can contact them and try for a JRF there.
    3. as a dietitian you will have plenty of jobs in hospitals, schools and colleges. You can try for the,m. Similarly, some NGOs, gyms and organisations working on the medical and health field will also offer a good position for PG in this line.
    4. There are colleges where you can join as a lecturer also. You can write NET and get qualified for lecturer post or for PhD.
    There are many options as mentioned above. Put your best efforts. You will get a job. All the best to you.

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  • With the possession of a diploma in dietician, you will have plenty of jobs in reputed hospital, Food Research Institutes or you may apply as a clinical dietician of your own.
    May be your extremely frustrated with your no employment at this stage. You do have the promising future if you act in the lines suggested below-
    1) You may contact National Institute of Nutrition and you may contact the professors there so that with the recommendation of any known professor, you may get an assignment of Junor Research Fellowship.
    2) You can apply for NET if your final aggregate in the qualifying examination was above 55 percent and with your sincere preparation, you can pass this examination so that ultimately you may get the chance as a lecture in dietician in some medical college.
    3) if you are acquainted with some staff in the medical college, request them to assign the job of dietician in the initial stage with no emoluments for three months and after your satisfactory performance, you may get the chance of a regular dietician.
    4) You can have your independent bussiness but in such cases, if you manage to get recommendations of the reputed professors of any medical, it will be better.
    5) If you want to persue your Ph.D by joining a college, you can strive for it. Continue your assignment with a reputed guide so that you may get ample assistance under his guidance.

  • There are some options for people having a degree in M.Sc. (Nutrition). These are mainly as dieticians and nutritionists in the hospitals and medical institutions. Still there are other areas and fields where one can explore for jobs through job portals. Now a days the job portals give a wide coverage to the jobs fully or partly related to a stream and one can scrutinise and select as per ones interest from those openings.

    1. Nutrition educators - There are positions in medical institutions and Pharma companies where a Master in Nutrition can try to get a job. They are basically engaged in interacting with the customers on various issues related to nutrition.

    2. Research dieticians - Many medical institutions and Pharma companies are engaged in research related to diet and health. They require research assistants for helping the scientists and PhD seekers. That is a good opportunity to work.

    3. Public nutrition - Many NGOs and voluntary agencies are engaged in projects and programs in nutrition and diet in remote areas. They also employ people for their regular work.

    4. Dietician and nutritionists - These vacancies are coming up time to time in various hospitals and medical colleges. Though they prefer female candidates but one can try there also.

    5. Health clubs and spa - There are many health clubs and spa facilities where consulting nutritionists are employed. This is a good place to work.

    6. Food services companies - Some companies specialise in providing quality calorie content foods to its customers. They also employ the nutritionist for their routine work of calorie management.

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  • you can find Nutrition jobs in companies in the fields of Wellness, Fitness, Sports and Beauty. Also, companies with the functional area like Medical , Healthcare, R&D, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology requires Nutritionists.

    Also some high profile restaurants are appointing Nutritionists in cities like Mumbai and Delhi with a good salary. Please try with some job sites so that you can get some chances.

    All these types of companies are offering an annual salary between one lakh to 3 lakhs.


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  • In which year, you completed MSc nutrition science? Gap after 12th is not a big factor but gap after M.Sc. is considered when you are trying for a job.
    Do you have an interest in your specialization because you mentioned that your professor misguided you to take this field?
    If you are not passionate enough for this field, I advise you to try something else. You can take short term computer-based courses and can get a job on that basis. You can try teaching in junior classes in private schools or can start taking private tuitions of the subjects of your interest.

    If you want to have a stable career in your own field, there are many sectors you can work in. "because every hospital prefers female candidate only." is not true. I have worked with many hospitals and have met many male dieticians and nutritionists.
    You can work in health care centers as a diet planner or nutritionist. You can work in the gym, in private multispeciality hospitals, big schools, and colleges, etc.
    If have a grip on writing, you can start blogging about health care, nutrition, etc. Online consultancy is also trending nowadays.


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  • As a Nutritionist, you can even become a Lecturer or Assistant Professor in a reputed or private institutes. This is other than Pharma or Healthcare industry jobs, trying. You can easily apply for the job online itself these days by visiting few Pharma and Hospital portals other than Naukri or Monster or TimesJob etc.

    Few experts already have given the suitable answers on this. You can even become as Dietitian in case if the job openings are available. Keep on trying and would get the job for sure. Assume that, I can get the job easily rather than thinking like, can I get the job? mindset.

    You can also try for the Nutritionist job openings in State Government or Central Government organization. You will get the job detail from Employment News paper for Central Government where they post such vacancy for Indian Army or Naval or Defense etc.

  • This is very rare course and passing out this course is a good signal to you. You can approach Big hospitals,big star hotels, hotels,canteens of largely employed companies as your service may be required as Dietician/nutrition advisor.In big hospitals your service is required to instruct the canteen personnel in preparing diet for admitted patients according to their treatment. Further you have to advice/instruct the patients and their family members on their discharge.
    In star hotels delicious but nutritious food items can be introduced by the persons studied like you

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