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  • Which is the best college or university in India to study behavioural economics at the PG level?

    Eager to pursue a postgraduate course in behavioural economics in India? Learn about the best colleges and universities in India which offer a PG course in this field as also Ph.D. programs in behavioural economics.

    A few days ago, two undergraduate students of a Coimbatore college wanted to know from me the best colleges in India for behavioural economics. They know something about the subject and wish to enroll for the PG program and also a doctorate. However, both families are keen that the boy and girl should go abroad to do some research after their doctorate degrees here. They are from ordinary families and so their parents just cannot fund the cost of education abroad.

    Since I do not know the answer, experts may please share all the details. They are keen on doing the PG degree and also advanced research only in this subject.
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  • Behavioural economics studies the psychology behind economic decisions and their analysis. It finds the emotions and sentiments of the customers for buying a particular product or giving preference to a service. Many graduates in economics do a course of psychology to understand these things in better ways. The concepts of behavioural economics can be applied to analyse the financial trends and economic actions in a particular society or users.

    There are very few institutes in India which are having full-fledged PG courses in this stream. Most of them cover this as a part of MA (Economics). So one can do MA from any reputed place and then try for PhD in Behavioural Economics under a good guide.

    As per the information available in internet IIM-Bangalore is having this facility of PG course in behavioural Economics.

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  • Duke University is offering various courses online and behavioural finance is one such course they are offering. Similarly, there are many universities in other countries offering PG course in the stream. IIM Bangalore is having a PG course in the subject. There are no institutes offering PG in that particular stream. But in PG course of Economics, there is a specialisation of this branch and that may be preferred. Otherwise, M A Economics can be done on a regular basis and the online course can be completed for PG in behavioural economics.

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  • In India, courses in Behavioural Economics is available in only some of the institutes. As already mention in above posts IIM Bangalore is offering a PG course in this stream. Besides, Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE), Mumbai has introduced an elective course in Behavioural and Experimental Economics.
    However, a lots of university outside India are offering this course like Franklin's, Columbia, Duke university etc.

  • Behavioural Economics offers insight to the aspirants of the current economic trend and in what way, it could impact the purchasing capacity of the aspirants. This will deal with the psycology of the customers under a given situation. The psychology of the customers is dealt with this subject and they would like to seek such products offering satisfaction in terms of their usage apart from the same being cheap. Customers will be interested to know its utility, safety on its application and side effect of the product if any etc.
    Behavioural Economics would a relevant subject but unfortunately much not effort has been done to include the same subjects in the study - cirriculam. At present IIM Bengalore is conducting this course to impart the aspirants a full time course in the Behavioural Economics. However, some reputed universities provide a paper on this subject while persuing M.A in Economics.

  • Behaviour economics is a branch of Economics that is growing stage in India. Not many institutions offering PG courses in India. Countries like the US providing some good courses in this area of Economics.
    In India, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi offering a course called behavioural/experimental economics. But this not an independent course. It teaches under the course of MA Economics.
    Also, IISER Bhopal also giving a course and they have a faculty in Behaviour Economics and the details follow. Please go through their website also. The department of Economics currently offers two academic programmes. One is a PhD programme and another is a 4 year BS programme. applications are usually invited in October and April.
    Outside India, The University of Nottingham offering MSc in Behaviour Economics which is a good course.

    In my opinion, other than this you need to study it by searching on the internet.


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