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  • Emotional numbness or no feelings or no thinking or no dreams and don't know what's going on in mi

    Facing an issue with emotions and suffering from mood swings? Looking out for detailed advice to resolve this issue and cure emotional numbness? On this page you can scroll through the answers provided experts to cure the same and enjoy life.

    How to cure emotional numbness or how to bring the person out of it? Mood swings suddenly, heartbeats increases and some times things re forgotten. How to bring the person out of it? If the person has no feelings about anything and this is because of stress and tension, how to cure this?
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  • Emotional numbness is a psychological condition. In this condition, a person loose the ability to feel emotions on psychological and emotional level. It is a disconnection from one's memories, environment, and senses.
    It is developed to avoid intense and overwhelming emotions such as fear, hatred, jealousy and sadness.
    A person can be suffered from this condition if he had a traumatic life in past. Drug abuse, seizure due to medication, drug overdose or epilepsy can also cause emotional numbness.
    When your body feels emotional numbness, you can try these tips:
    1. Deep breathing : Deep breathing will calm your body and mind.
    2. Yoga and meditation : it will balance your energy and connect your body , mind and heart.
    3. Change in lifestyle: do regular excercise, reduce stress, eat healthy diet, take rest, take good sleep, keep yourself busy.
    4. Medication: it can also help.
    5. Psychotherapy

  • We are having two types of healths. One is physical health and other is mental health. Physical health depends on the lifestyle, food intake and body metabolism and other biological functions while the mental health depends on the psychological perceptions of life and society by a person. Sometimes due to some biochemical and hormonal imbalance or some specific ailment in the body it can also affect the mental faculties and expert doctors can advise for medicines and treatments for curing such conditions.

    The dullness of mood, emotional numbness and desire to be alone are signs of acute psychological disorder and require treatment under a qualified psychiatrist. There are certain methods which can be adopted in such cases by the individual which can help in managing these disorders and if followed for a long time can yield beneficial results.

    Yoga, meditation and exercises are definitely the first option in such cases as they divert the attention of the person from negative thinking to something bright and positive. They also help in improving concentration and focus of the person.

    Next thing is to avoid isolation and always be in the company of family, friends and people. Loneliness is the main accelerating factor in such circumstances and the said psychological syndrome can further deteriorate.

    In such psychological disorders, one has to be in a positive frame of mind. One can even join some spiritual or meditation course to get help for achieving positivity. Positivity helps in reducing resistance to creative thinking and creative activities. It is the only way to see life with an optimistic approach. The results are not in our hand but inspite of this a positive person will make necessary efforts in that direction. Being positive is like having a ladder to brighter future and happy life.

    Another important thing in these conditions is to keep occupied oneself in work, hobbies, interest and tasks. This occupation may or may not be remunerative but it will definitely kill the vacant time to productive one. We have to avoid the empty mind condition which is very conducive to psychological disorders. An occupied person will be satisfied, contented and happy.

    One last thing is no one on this Earth can cure a psychological disorder until the sufferer stands up to fight with it with courage and conviction. Please remember that we have got this life for once only and we have to use it to full extent and try to convert our dreams to reality.

    Knowledge is power.

  • 1. A person who is suffering from such disorders should not be left alone and see that somebody else will be always with him. The accompanying person should always see he will not go on deep thoughts and he should see that his attention will be diverted from his thoughts.
    2. The family members should see that he will be always occupied in something or other activity. It need not be office work. Some book reading or writing and playing with the children etc. are the best so that he will not go into unnecessary thoughts.
    3. The people with him should see that he will be always in a positive mood and he should not go into negative thoughts.
    4. One should see that daily he will do some meditation or yoga so that his mind will become more stable and will never go into unnecessary thoughts.
    5. One has to work carefully with him and see that his mindset will change and he will get confidence in him.
    6. All the above points should be followed and practised under the supervision of a good Psychiatrist. This doctor should give sufficient time to the patient and treat him so that he will get back his confidence.

    always confident

  • Emotional or mental health is as important as physical health but we usually ignore it. There could be many reasons for such problems you have mentioned.
    I would suggest the following-
    1) Be creative. Creativity is always a boost- up dose for our mind. It can be music, painting sketching, cooking, sticking and many more. The reason is, a person can express his or her feeling out which he is not able to share with anyone through these creative ways.

    2) Try to open up with your closed ones. When we face any issue in our life and keep it deep inside our mind and heart, it is painful. It is better to share it with your closed ones and feel lighter. If you do not have such friends, start writing a diary and write down everything which you want to get rid of.

    3) Try reading good books. This will give you new thoughts and new direction to involve yourself.

    4) Take out some time to spend with family ad friends to enjoy.

    5) If you are not liking your work, please switch off because work without interest for long is also mental torture.

    6) Spend some time in society garden or parks and interact with other people. Try to involve in general discussions with them. This will make you confident and you will also get a chance to know about the problems other people are facing.
    We all have problems but in what way we face it, matters!


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • Emotional numbness is a disorder when a person makes himself to more botheration on a particular person or the issue. That means too much caring and too much accord given to an issue or the person. First of all, we must avoid too much belongingness to everything because when it comes to parting time or getting rid of the situation the emotional attachment would force us to go for varied thinking and not having any mood or lost in the present life. Better to keep good friends near you and try to forget those issues which bother you again and again. If you are an avid book reader, surely your thoughts would be diverted. Likewise, go to some religious or spiritual discourses and seek more information on different issues, that way the original emotional numbness would fade away and new thinking on positive life starts automatically.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • This is a psychological problem in which a person thinks himself as useless. It can also be classified under the inferiority complex. We have learned about these conditions in psychology where it is said that when a person feels himself of no use he starts avoiding the work and loses interest in worldly affairs.

    In this condition the role of the family members is very important and a proper support from them is a prerequisite for getting the solution and getting rid from such condition. A psychiatrist can also help in the matter and advise some mood enhancing medicines. Counselling is also beneficial in such conditions. Those who remain active in life and are engaged in work generally do not suffer from such syndromes so essentially one has to make endeavour to keep oneself busy and occupied. Life only becomes interesting when we take interest in its activities.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Psychological problems may aggravate because of bad companionship a negative environment where the members of the family try to find out faults such as the concerned lady is ill tempered, not good at cooking etc and such constant torture of either of sex may create Emotional numbness. This can be tackled with the tips given below-
    1) There must be someone in the family taking care of wellness of the patient. He must be sensible, well tolerant and can understand the psycology of the patient in different circumstances and has the ability to redress the same.
    2) Since the negativity sets in the mind of the patient, frequent session of the psychiatric would be required to deal with the patient. With the benifit of such a session, number of visit can be curtailed. To get a faster result an experienced psychiatric is required.
    3) Such a case occurs with the low level of confidence and hence confidence of the patient has to be restored by reminding his / her good jobs done, his/ her notable achievements etc.
    4) Nutritive diets such as Walnuts, Apples, Almond if offered regularly in moderate amount may heal up this disorder.
    5) Brahmi and Aswagandha would restore the mental health with the suitable dosage provided by an experienced Vaidya.
    6) Create an oppurtunity to sustain his/ her interested activities such as sewing, cooking of her choice, gossiping with her/ his favourable friends.
    7) Encourage the patient for healthy talk.
    8) Regular Yoga or Pranayama would help but it must be done with a proper trainer.

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