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  • About no objection certificate

    Planning to to take up another government job while undergoing training? Wondering whether it is possible to apply or does one need NOC? On this page you can go through the advice provided by experts for your queries.

    During training in ALP.,I want to join in another department of railway. Do I need any no objection certificate?

    If someone is in training in one job but not posted and wants to join in another job, does he need any NOC?
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  • If you are a trainee in a government organisation, you might have signed an agreement with them before joining in that training. What are the conditions? Based on those conditions you have to decide whether you require a NOC or not. Within the railways you want to change the department. So the terms of appointment for which you are undergoing is very important. If there is no binding for completing the training you can resign and get relieved. Then join in the job you got in another department. You can keep the relieving letter with you as proof that you have resigned from the other job.

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  • Generally training will be only after the appointment in the particular post. Before training the department will ask to submit an undertaking or bond to ensure that the candidate do not break the training in between as the department spends substantial amount on training of the individuals. You have to see what bond you have executed with them or what are the terms and conditions of the undertaking you have given to them. The department will follow these conditions strictly and everything will be governed by it.

    Though you will be joining another department in the railways, still you will need a NOC from the present department. There are some formalities to be done before you leave a department and join another one even in the same organisation. Now in your case one thing is to be seen whether you applied for other post before joining this training. If so, then you can bring this fact to the knowledge of the head of your department so that he will not ask you as why you did not apply through proper channel. In case you had applied for that post after joining the training then you have to now admit that you were not knowing the procedure of through proper applying and had applied directly but due to administrative reasons will be requiring a NOC now. As your parent organisation is going to be the same I do not think that you will have any problem in this regards. Talk to your head of the department and request him to release you from here to the other post.

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  • I think you are mentioned under training in the meaning of under probation. In that case, if you are under probation, you will not get a NOC in normal conditions. In this case, the option infron of you is once you get selected to the second post, you can resign from the first post and then as per the norms and rules of the particular department, they may issue a NOC to you. Also please note that different organisations have different rules. Some department may ask the NOC certificate at the time of the interview itself. So you have to check correct information about your present and applying departments which you can do easily as you are already in.

    In any part of the world, no one can restrict you from resign a job and ifsome one does that to you, you can go legally against them.


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  • Since you have already joined in ALP and still you are under training period and hence you have to follow the standing order of the training rule. Please go through the governing procedures. In case of any doubt, you may seek the clarification of the personnel department but so far my knowledge goes, you might have furnished a bond of of a reqisite amount on a non judicial stamp paper indicating your willingness to serve the company for a specific period in the cadre for which you have been provided the appointment letter.
    Now you are under the probation period and in such cases, the only option lies in the entire refund of the Bond - money and request the personnel department to offer you NOC so that you may join the next post.

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