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  • Want to selected for Telangana u19 team

    Aspiring to make a career in cricket? Looking out for how to join the Telangana U19 team? Here, find suggestions from experts for joining the team and making a career in cricket.

    I am 18 years old and from middle class family. I want to join in a team.
    I am a left arm bowler and batsman. I am passionate about cricket. Can you suggest me a good way to join in the cricket>?
    Currently I am studying polytechnic final year.
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  • If you are passionate about cricket and want to make it a career then the first and foremost thing is that you should be ready to do the commensurate hard work to achieve this target in your life. Cricket is a game of strength and skill. So, it is imperative that one has to keep a good health and physique to pursue this line. Regular exercises and good food habits are essential for a good health composure and it is a also a primary requisite for any sport especially like cricket.

    It is also necessary that you have to keep the practice of this game continuously in the facility whatever available to you ranging from an open playing area to professional cricket stadium. Find out some information about the local sports club and cricket academy, if any, in your area or other nearby places easily accessible to you. If you can show a good game the club manager may take you in their u19 team or take your test for inclusion in the local cricket team which generally play with other teams as per the schedule of local matches arranged by these sports club. Some beginning in this field has to be started in that way only. Once you complete your polytechnic course you can also think of joining some reputed cricket academy in our country to learn and sharpen your skills in this particular arena. In your spare time you can even watch the playback of some good matches and pick up some techniques from the play style of the renowned players.

    In Telangana state, there is one cricket association known as Telangana Cricket Association which has a mission of finding the cricket talents in the state in urban as well as remote locations and bring them to the forefront of the cricket playing. You can definitely try to give your demonstration to them after applying there for the same. If you have good playing skills they will definitely consider you as they are also interested to form a strong team for the state. Sometimes it will not be possible for a new player to get such great opportunity but if you are playing on behalf of small clubs and your performance is observed and noted by some managers or officials of Telangana Cricket Association then there is a possibility that you may be called by them for an interview or sample performance. Of course you will have to fill the player registration form for first registering there as a cricket player.

    In essence there are opportunities but it mainly depends on your performance in the cricket game at different levels. Please remember that it is not only the academics which are competitive today from career point of view. The area of sports is equally competitive and I will even say that it is more competitive than academics so it definitely requires very hard work and persistent efforts to get success in it.

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  • 1. First of all, you should improve your skill in the game. Try to join a good cricket coaching club. There are many such clubs in Hyderabad. You can select one join there and improve your skill in the game. Participate in the local games from the club that are played locally.
    2. Participate in various tournaments that are being conducted at various levels in the State and show your skill to the people who will be observing these games to identify the talent available in the State.
    3. You have to keep up your fitness and strength. Eating healthy and strong food, doing exercises as much as possible and playing the game as much as possible will keep you healthy and fit.
    4. Telangana State Cricket Association will be asking for interested players to apply for selections and you have to participate in the selectins and see that you will demonstrate your skill there in the games for selection so that the selectors will take you also into the team.
    5. The secret of success not only in games but also in any other field also is hard work. You have to do a very tough practice and show your commitment to the game. Be focused always. Then you will have many chances to get selected to the U19 team of Telangana.

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  • To join cricket firstly you should practice cricket daily. You should also join a local cricket club. As you have mentioned that you are studying , there may be some cricket competitions organised at college and inter college level. You can participate there. You can also participate through cricket club on district level competition. But for this you will have to work hard.
    Further, in State of Telangana, Telangana Cricket Association is promoting talent in the State. You can apply and get yourself register there. If you have good cricket skills you will be able to get selected in U19.

  • If you are sincerely interested to make cricket as your career. You may consider the following points.
    1) Look out the locality where you are residing and you need to trace out the players really interested to devote their time regularly in this field.
    2) Make it a point to play in such a team selecting your option as Batsman, Bowler or as a cricket player. Consistent practice would give you an edge in your playing skill.
    3) The other way could be to initiate a talk with your game teacher if you are in a school and ask him to allow in the cricket game or still better, join some cricket - academy close to your area to horn your skill. In that way, you may be selected to play for the District tournament if you maintain superb performance.
    4) You have to look your fitness regime and every effort should be made to take sufficient milk, fruits both seasonal and dry nuts such as Pistachios, Walnuts, Almond etc in a little quantity so that you can maintain sufficient energy - level.
    5) Partcipating in the cricket team in the different city and being a winner in such matches would boost your confidence - level.
    6) Telangana State Cricket Association invites application for the newcomers so as to induct new players. This association would closely examine your performance in the test organised by the Association. If your demonstration is above the average, there would be every chance of your selection.
    7) Success in the inclusion of the team is not enough, you have to show your best shots consistently thus offering you to chance to play in the U 19 and ultimately you will be the winner with your skills and get selected.

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