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  • PGDM with specialization Marketing and HR

    Wondering what to do after PGDM? Looking out for detailed career related information to decide how to make the best of Marketing and HR? Here, on this Ask Expert page of ISC you can check out the advice provided for your queries.

    I have done my PGDM in year 2012.
    Since then I have worked in many companies but not seriously did anything.
    I visited gulf also but returned in 6 months.
    After that I worked in pharmacy career for almost 2 yrs.
    But now I don't find any growth there.
    In which field will I get my career back on track?
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  • My congrutulations to you on having completed PGDM in 2012 but you have not indicated the stream with which you persued your studies of Management.
    Rate of success in the Management - field would entirely depend upon your attitude and inclination. Hence it would be better to hear your core of heart in choosing either of the options.
    Now let me explain the advantages of these professionals in brief and probably you would appreciate my suggestions-
    1) While talking to Marketing - field, this area offers you faster growth but here two parameters are important your innovativeness in the area of approaching the concerned people or firms and must have ability to persuade the client to achieve your target in terms of your bussiness. Here you need to apply the Bussiness - intelligence, Strategic - planning, Choice of the people for a particular product and in this direction you would require to know the superiority of such a product for its intense liking. Your model or the product must match the expectations of the consumers. If you don't have the specific qualification in this particular stream, take atleat a course from a distance mode preferably with IGNOU because of its quality - materials apart from a contact - session for two months to alleviate your doubts in your study - session. In the marketing area, there is the cut throat competition where you would find so many professionals to push their products in the market and hence your communication - skill to convince the clients would enhance your growth.
    2) While speaking about HR personnels, they do have a lot of jobs such as their participation in the interviews Sosa to judge the interviewers, to train the employees in some specific assignments, offering appreciation - letters for their commendable jobs and so on.
    This area looks fine provided you have deeper passion to motivate the employees and believe in strengthening the human resources. However, the openings in this field are fewer, but it does not mean that the right candidates are denied the legitimate promotions.

  • I suggest you to join any reputed HR or Manpower consulting firm where you may find growth. You can apply via online itself. There are numbers of requirement for the HR related posts. I can suggest you to stick with any HR post than Marketing, or HR related marketing post.

    You have often left the company within the shortest time period (few months or less year work experience due to some circumstances) that might affect you for the next job while interviewing it. So, you have to give the smart answer in the next interview to be chosen you there. So, be prepared accordingly.

    HR department in many industries across India or every city would help you to enter and enrich your career for sure. Sometime few local and international Manpower organization would help you to grow together too. Try it.

  • After completing your PGDM you have put up some experience. You have mentioned that you have some pharmacy experience. For a PGDM candidate, a career in Pharmacy may not be suitable and you may not find good growth there. The best for you ids HR department or Marketing department.
    If you are selecting a marketing job you should be able to make trips, meet customers and convince them so that your product can be sold. You have to travel quite a bit. The growth in the marketing department will be faster than in another department. So you will have good chances in many areas of marketing in private industries and go on applying for those posts.
    If you want to go to the HR department, you should have a passion for interaction with people more. You Can Apply for the various posts that are in the HR department of many private companies You can apply for those posts and continue.

    always confident

  • Hope you completed PGDM in marketing. As you are already an experienced guy in the pharma sector, why don't you continue there itself? I know many friends working as a sales manager in pharma companies. It is a good reputed work once you become a sales manager or Area sales manager or regional sales manager in pharma industry. They are giving a high salary and other packages. Also, you can work near your city.
    If you are not interested in the pharma sector, you can join in the shipping industry where I am working. You have good opportunity in shipping line sales and freight forwarding sales. Both are providing a good income for you.


    Winners are too busy to be sad,too positive to be doubtful,too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.

  • After PGDM you can get a job according to your specialization. If your PGDM is in marketing than go in marketing field. Pharma company have lots of scope for marketing jobs. However, various options are available on the basis of specialization like HR, Finance etc. Apply for job accordingly.
    Besides, you can also start your own consulting firm.

  • You did your PGDM in 2012 and after that you have some mixed experience in various fields. Now you want to start afresh in some career line. There are many options and alternatives but you have to find out where your interest lies and what type of job can give you satisfaction of delivering goods under its ambit. The reason for such an analysis is essential as a person can stay long only in the job of choice and interest and not any job which comes in our way on its own. So this thing is to be finalised by you by introspection and talking to yourself and deciding the line of action. We can only suggest some possible options for you in this situation.

    1. Assistant Manager/ Manager/ Project Manager - There are these positions in many industries and organisations where a PGDM holder can apply. They are general type of positions managing the day to day affairs of a group or department of a company and if one can put good performance there are ample scope of rise.

    2. Entrepreneurship - Can you think of something to start on your own or with the help of some like minded people. Something in the nature of consultancy or any business activity related to some new innovative product or service. Many people are now a days working in this arena by raising loans from Govt Mudra loan scheme or angel funds. Give a thought to it.

    3. Logistics - This is an area which is growing in leaps and bonds in our country and covers everything from transport to warehousing. There are various branches and sub faculties here and depending on one's interest one can search a position or job for oneself. Even management of inventory and input planning and procurement actions are covered under this umbrella for better supply chain management.

    4. Sales and marketing - For PGDM persons these are tailor made openings and one can definitely try in these core areas. You may not find much new things there but it is a line worth to explore for employment.

    5. Teaching - Have you some interest in teaching? This is one area where one can have an academic life and also can pursue your own study interests. Though B.Ed. is essential for this but one can even try without B.Ed. by searching jobs in coaching institutes and tutorial centre.

    6. Finance and accounts - For this one may have to do some short term course in finance and accounting but this is the backbone of every organisation and these people are required everywhere. So from that angle it is also a prospective line. Only thing is this line is a bit strenuous as continuous job load will be there for such employees. Anyway this is a good prospect in my opinion.

    In addition to above there are some other areas which are emerging fast and very lucrative but require additional efforts and enhancing skills by doing some certificate or diploma courses in them. Some of these are digital marketing, data science etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have mentioned that you have completed PGDM with specialization in marketing and HR. Do not worry you have plenty of opportunities. HR, as well as marketing, are too much in demand. Getting a job should not be too much problem.

    You can work as an employee relation manager whose main job is to hire professionals. Mainly work is to interview candidates. Also, he has to counsel and advice managers regarding different laws and policies.

    You can work as a training and development manager whose main job is to train newly appointed candidates.

    Likewise, there are plenty of other opportunities for you. All you have to do is visit various websites and job portals. Whenever there is an opening, you can go for interviews and secure a good job. There is high demand in both the public and private sectors. Multinational and global companies often search candidates with MBA or PGDM having specialization.

    Some other options for you are-
    1) Staffing director
    2) Brand manager
    3) HR Generalist
    4) Sales manager
    5) Digital marketing
    6) Compensation Manager
    7) Public relations manager
    8) Start consultancy
    9) Market research analyst
    10) Industrial relations manager

  • Basically you need to first try to work on few things like what is your positive or strong points, what is your weakness , limitations. Once you have determined these , you can focus on opportunities available. Try to understand your interest and then work on various options available to experiment. People get confused about what is their interest like and that's the reason they really are unable to choose the industry and type of job role.

    I would really suggest to go with Marketing as all the products require marketing and the strong hold on customers base can help you to grow personally and professionally. Since you have already into Medical Industry, its better you continue in same domain as the Sales and marketing people are valued for the industry and contact knowledge what they have.

  • Sir, your query is not very clear. You have not mentioned whether you have experience in Marketing or in HR. You have gone abroad, but to a destination where the practice of most advanced Management Concepts is not so good at all.

    Presumably, you are just not even a decade old in your career. However, you can now have a very big career focus and here is how you can do it.

    1. Even if your experience is in HR, junk it. Jump into any small job, even in a small organization, manufacturing a FMCG product, like a cool drink that directly competes with the MNC products.

    2. Marketing in such organizations simply means both Supply Chain Management and just pushing the retailers to sell more. The personal relationship between the customer and the retailer can make a huge difference. I have personally seen how small retailers push the sales of a product, which is very well known in most of Tamil Nadu. It is called Bovonto.

    This product competes directly with the MNC products and is very good value for money. So, chase such jobs, spend at least 12 hours per day and keep on researching consumer behavior. For example, can we push party sales? IT guys have parties day in and day out. They often tend to booze on the eve of wedding receptions and the gang is as big as thirty members. The sales of such a product can be huge if you try.

    3. Go for such a job. Otherwise, chase a detergent manufacturer who manufacturers a brand in your State and gets it sold through small retailers, that is, small shops. Please do note that this is far more formidable than even the super-market sales. The villagers mostly buy such products, since they are cost-effective. The intelligent housewife would happily buy a small sachet of a bigger brand, soak all clothes and then use this smaller brand of detergent to smash whatever dust is there in the cloth.

    4. Study such practices and even suggest new products. You can learn everything. Production, sales, marketing through advertisements in local TV channels, the sales push through small retailers and so on. The learning through sales in the rural areas and semi urban areas is far better and more holistic in a smaller organization. In this fashion, you can happily learn the entire gamut of marketing, and of course, supply chain management.

    5. Once you are clear about your career goals, it becomes easy for you. A big career focus is now essential. Never go towards HR. Please do note that in today's condition, you can do quite well only after 15 years of experience out of which at least seven should be in a big manufacturing plant, where you have to confuse unions, break trade unions, fight with the workmen, do all sorts of cost cutting, engage with contract labor of a very tall order, with all attendant complexities and should at least sign four long term settlements. If you do not do all this and have vital experience in other areas like performance appraisal, grievance handling, welfare practices and so on, your career will go for a six.

    6. It is wise to stick to one career goal. In Marketing of FMCG products. Get to understand everything. Do not worry about salary at this stage.The name of the game is value addition and you need to do very well here. If you do so, your career will have a big focus.

    7. Do not, repeat do not, get into Industrial Marketing. Here, everything is supply chain management. This is not a good career at all.

    All the very best.

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